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what I wore : starry knee-d

Thursday, December 06, 2012

the details
dress - vintage
belt - estate sale
brooch - handmade
tights - c/o Modcloth
shoes - UrbanOG
camera bag - Jo Totes

In retrospect this outfit is kind of an explosion of statement pieces. Those shoes, the hippo belt, star knee-d tights and a bright yellow cardigan! I actually love it though! I don't think I've ever been one to shy away from wearing lots of crazy things at once. I just can't help but keep adding all my favorite things to an outfit. I certainly could have worn plain brown shoes but the kitty ones seemed more fun. The belt could have been plain but that silly hippo belt always makes me smile. Pantyhose with stars on the knees are so much more fun than plain ones, although if you hadn't noticed I really love the ones with seams up the back just as much (seen here, here, here and here.) But even more than all those things - I REALLY love this cardigan. Modcloth currently carries it in 16 different colors which I own four of. I currently have honey, charcoal, sage and brown. I'm trying to convince myself I don't need to add two or three more colors to my little collection but they seriously are the best cardigan I've ever found. They fit so nice! It's kind of a challenge for me to not wear this "honey" colored one all the time. It matches everything!!

Happy Thursday!

PS. Look at that, I'm not wearing a hat for once! I feel naked! 

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39 thoughts

  1. I love those tights so much! Looking super cute :)

  2. I love love love all those details.

  3. I sort of love how individually these pieces all look so bold in personality, but together they make quite a nice comprehensive outfit.

  4. I adore this outfit!! That hippo belt is the best thing ever.

  5. Check out those stars! Your first sentence describes exactly what I was thinking.. and that's awesome you're not afraid to pile the statement pieces together - you can pull it off any day!
    Nice to your 'naked' blue doo too. ;o)
    needle and nest design

  6. Lovely outfit! I love the brooch and the tights! And the shoes just make it.

  7. I love it when you wear all your crazy things at once, you pull it off beautifully. That vintage dress is really amazing.

  8. The cardigan goes so well with your hair! Yellow&blue ROCKS!

  9. This outfit makes me want to get dressed :) The hippo belt is adorable and I also really like the buttons on the sweater

  10. I love everything about that outfit! The shoes are darling and the shirt and cardigan are both timeless!

  11. I havent been blogging for the past couple of weeks and yours is the first one I've looked at after that break. My reaction was very much 'Oh yeah! I really do love clothes and fashion blogs!'

    This outfit is amazing! I love the butterfly brooch on the collar -and how it goes so well with your cardigan. Also -the hippo belt is adorable! I don't think I've seen anything like that before. It's always more girly things on belts that I've seen.

  12. I love this cardigan every time you wear it! I'm also guilty of buying the same piece in multiple colours. But when you have trouble finding things you like, you really want to cash in when you find something that fits well! But then, some time down the road, you have 6 weathered shirts that all have to go at the same time, rather than on a rolling basis like a normal person. C'est la vie.

    OH! And, I know you'll appreciate this: I work in theatre and we got a huge donation of 50's-70's clothes that we couldn't use (they'd never hold up on stage!) so I got a big box full of vintage clothes for free. There are some patterns and colours (and skirt lengths!) that had your vibe to them. I feel like I'm channeling your thrifting karma, and I hit the jackpot! So thanks for lending me your cosmic thrifting energy for the day, you're a champ Kaylah!


  13. totally understand where you're coming from with all the statement pieces :) i do the same thing sometimes

  14. That outfit is perfect. I love yellow so much, but I am always afraid to wear it. I am olive toned and very pale, so wearing yellow makes me look jaundiced :( Maybe one day! Also, I love your hair cut!


  15. oh!! This brooch is fantastic! Lucky you!

  16. LOVE the tights, well everything about the outfit really - i agree that putting lots of things you love together is more likely to make it an outfit you love :)

  17. You kinda look like a teacher in this outfit. A bit like a modern Ms. Frizzle. ^.^ The cardigan is simple but not understated in its awesomeness :) Your brooch is lovely as well.

  18. I love this outfit. So many cute little details that make it really unique!

  19. The hippo belt is more than I can handle. The majority of my accessories are animal-related So damned cute. Also, rock on, my fellow blue-haired lady!

  20. everything about this outfit is subtle and magical!!! kissing rhinos, star crossed lover knees, kitty toes, and a fluttering brooch . . . <3

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  21. I got myself a custard cardigan a couple months ago and it really is tough to not wear it with evvvverrything.

    You are the cutest!


  22. how lovely!


  23. Your hair looks incredibly blue in these :) I love your hippo belt!

    xo Ashley

  24. Love, love, love, love, love! This outfit is devine!

    And your hair looks so beautiful! Or maybe it just stands out more because of the lack of hat? ;)

  25. I love that cardigan. I've been looking for a solid, basic one, and
    this one is perfect!

  26. Your hair is looking really nice - love this cut and colour for you :)

  27. Haha, for a moment I thought the stars were new tattoos! I was so busy wondering how they were so raised and glittery that I failed to link tights-with-stars to stars-on-knees for an embarrassingly long time.

  28. This look is really inspiring because I tend to shy away from wearing bold items, and you've done it so much here! I love it.

    <3 Melissa

  29. What an adorable outfit!! I love your hair color! You remind me of Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs the world! Very cool!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  30. I have so many things in that mustard yellow color and I find a way to incorporate it into almost every outfit. It's my favorite!

    Love those kitty shoes!!!

  31. I really love this outfit- something I could definitely see myself wearing! :) love the belt and those cute shoes. I might get a pair of plain old tights and do a DIY project with stars or something. Thanks for the inspiration!


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