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what i wore : life's a beach

Monday, December 10, 2012

the details
hat - thrifted
belt - from another dress
tights - Hansel From Basel via Fab
shoes - Nadki c/o Blowfish
camera bag - Jo Totes

I love these tights so much. They're from the same company as these awesome tights - Hansel From Basel. They have the cutest designs. I mean c'mon knee pad tights are amazing! But are definitely a little on the expensive side (I'm really not one to judge, I just hate paying more than $5 or $6 for tights) so when I saw they were going to be on Fab earlier this year I wrote down on my calender to check it out. I grabbed these and another pair. But these glorious tights got a run the very first day I wore them. I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away though. I tucked them away for a while and forgot about them until the other day when I was looking for the perfect pair to compliment this outfit. Run be damned, I decided to wear them again. They're just too cute! I wish this pair came in a black pad like these have. They're a totally different material which have surprisingly held up to a lot of wear.

Enough tights talk though! I am so crazy about these photos. I decided to take photos at the beach instead of my normal woodsy setting to take advantage of the brightness and lack of trees the beach has to offer. Trees are great, obviously, but they block the light which makes it look so much darker in photos than it really is. With it getting dark around 4:30pm I need all the light I can get. Plus it's so easy to get into a pattern with outfit pictures - go to the same place, do the same poses, take the same photos. It's something I've been trying to work on for a little while now and switching up the location to another one of my favorite places definitely helped. I'm crushing on these photos - hard!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday! I'm excited to get today started. I have so many photos from this weekend with Elycia to go through.
PS. You can see more photos of my nails here.

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19 thoughts

  1. The tights are so adorable!

  2. Love that bag and those tights, your outfits are always so well put together!
    And I love the photos, the beach is one of my favourite places too.

  3. Oh wow! Such lovely pictures and ensemble :)

  4. So so cute, as always! You have such amazing natural settings close by! I'm jealous. Although it's probably truest to me and my personality to use urban settings.

    Girl, that last photo with sand in your shoes is pinging so many uncomfortable feelings in me. Sand in your shoes is the WORST. Whyyy

  5. Oh my goodness, weren't you freezing?? I don't really know what the weather is like in Ohio! We're in the depths of winter already in my hometown, your lovely photos make me miss the days before parkas and snow suits, can't wait until I can pull out my dresses again! :)

    1. Oh, it was COLD!!! It's not super cold here in Ohio yet but at the beach it certainly is.

  6. love the tights ...something a little different :)

  7. I kind of just love everything about this!

  8. Great pictures as always! Funny enough, when I saw this dress from A Beautiful Mess on ModCloth you were the first person I thought of. It totally suits you!


  9. You are so lucky to have the beach and woods so close by! Such pretty backdrops :) Love this look- those tights are so fun!

  10. This outfit is lovely! I especially love your tooth ring, it compliments your outfit very nicely!

  11. Lovely!


  12. So cute, those tights are gorgeous!

  13. So cute! I love the way you styled Elsie's dress. The photos are beautiful too! I wish I had a beach nearby.

  14. This is pretty much my ideal outfit. Love it so much, and you look so cute! I've been eyeing that brand of tights for a while, I guess I need to finally join Fab!

  15. I love every bit of this outfit down to the insides of the shoes! Super cute!


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