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November in review

Saturday, December 01, 2012

 I cannot believe it's December already! Each month of the year seems to go by progressively faster, it's crazy. I can't believe I'm already having to plan end of the year recaps (which is actually pretty darn fun!) It feels like it should only be April or May not December 1st!

a few of my favorite posts from November:

 exciting happenings on and offline:
• My mom and I painted my bedroom! One of my new year's goals was to finally decorate my bedroom because three years later it still looked like I just moved in. I still have yet to hang things on the wall but getting rid of that blue paint was definitely a step in the right direction. (Wait, I just realized that that was actually the very end of last month, but I'm seriously still super stoked about it so I'm leaving this!)

• I saw O'Death play at the Grog Shop. I never really went to a lot of concerts or shows growing up and this year alone I've already seen more live music than all my years combined. It's such an awesome feeling to be see the bands you listen to everyday less than 10 feet away from you playing their hearts out. I don't know, it makes me feel so...alive? I can't really think of a better word but all I know is O'Death was AMAZING (I seriously can't even listen to them without getting shivers now) and one of next year's goals will definitely be to see more bands I like live.

• It only snowed once and only a little bit then. That's pretty exciting to get through November like that. The longer Ohio can go without getting lots of snow means the quicker winter will feel.

a tiny (and incomplete!!) list of things I'm thankful for this month: • the beach • living near Cleveland • O'Death • cookies •  my family •  Crum • bubble baths •  the mail man •  the cats •  thrift stores • having a washer and dryer • my tattoo artist • spotify • my camera • Lloyd & all the other stray cats • food sent home with me by my mom • the fact that vanilla wafers never seem to get stale • books • Mary Roach • ebay • having a great job • the internet • fuzzy blankets • the Grog Shop • instant cameras • the park • the beach • beach glass • netflix • sunny days

Well since it's December 1st and I don't have any Christmas decorations up yet I guess should get on that today. For some reason it just doesn't feel real that it's so close already. Hope you have a great Saturday!

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12 thoughts

  1. I used to love going to see bands play when I was younger, wish i still did it as often now. Definitely is just the way you describe, for me at least. It was also how I found out about lots of other amazing bands!

  2. Never mind where did November go, where's my whole year gone?! Love your blog, very inspiring x

    # ❁ teen dreams...
    Musings of an indecisive cat lady.

  3. cute pictures :)
    ive followed you, maybe follow back?

  4. I miss going to see bands live, I used to go realy often but I've fallen out of the habit! I'm looking forward to the snow - hopefully it'll snow for christmas :) xx

  5. Great pics. Sadly it seems the older you get the faster time speeds by.

  6. Awesome posts this month! (I love the kitty ones)


  7. Live music is simply the greatest, it does make you feel so alive. I've never heard of that band but I went to the link and I'm diggin it, and also I see they are touring with World Inferno Friendship Society, did you get to them?? I LOVE THEM!

    I've seen them once and it was amazing but A: the sound people at the club goofed and took forever to get things right and their set got cut short and B: No one knew who they were except me and the two people I was with and we sung and danced and rocked out while everyone just nodded their head to the music, the lead singer noticed us in the very small crowd and came off the stage and sang to us and touched our shoulders. Heee! It was pretty incredible. Anyway yes to live music and I'm excited for you to really get into seeing bands live!


  8. I just loved you Aye Aye Captains outfit, and the weekly nail you choose was also my favorite of the month.

    Hope you have a nice entering in December *

  9. I'm feeling the same way about Christmas...only because it hasn't snowed here yet!


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