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what I wore : a new favorite

Monday, November 12, 2012

hat - thrifted
scarf - Infinity Party Scarf c/o Modcloth
coat - c/o Knitted Dove
brooch - handmade 
cardigan - c/o Knitted Dove
bag - c/o asian icandy
jeans - Karaoke Songstress Jeans c/o Modcloth
shoes - c/o Oasap

I've found myself a new favorite outfit, or at least another top contender (because this one still rules hard even if the weather doesn't agree) I've basically been wearing this same thing for a few weeks now, or at least some version of it, always including the jeans, coat and hat. I think I've discussed it before but I'm ridiculously picky about jeans. I only own a few pairs and the last time I bought a pair was probably back in February or so. I just feel like they all fit strange. But I'm thinking these might be my new go-to pair, like I might want three or four pairs of them. The fit is awesome, and they're soft. But best of all they don't get weird and baggy toward the end of the day, which is literally the worst thing a pair of jeans do. I've always been skeptical of buying jeans online because I have no idea what size jeans I wear. But a few of the other reviews included their measurements so I was able to pick a pair that fit perfectly!

I'm going to be so sad when all the leaves are gone. Right now all but a few trees have lots all their leaves so the first few test shots from outfit pictures this day turned out really blah. Naked trees don't make the best backdrops. I feel like fall was so short this year. I mean, technically it's still fall but it really doesn't feel like it at all.

Hope you have an excellent Monday!

PS. Knitted Dove does not currently have their webstore up and running yet. You can find the coat here and the cardigan here if you're interested.

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45 thoughts

  1. What a lovely coat!
    That broach is super cool.

  2. I have the exact same problem with jeans. I own 5 pairs- 3 I never wear, 1 I only wear if my favorite pair is dirty, and all other times I'm wearing a skirt. Or sweatpants, I can't lie.

  3. I love all the green! And the hat looks great with that coat!

  4. I love this coat, it looks so comfy. I have a hard time buying jeans too. My waist is small, so most of them are really baggy around my back. It's amazing when I find a good pair that fits well.

  5. You're wearing pants! I love it. You look adorable :)

  6. How amazing is that cardigan!? I want one! Also I love how your coat and bag kind of match :) I can see why the outfit is a favourite!

  7. yes, i agree about jeans. i have one pair at the moment and it's quite enough. more a skirt and pants person.
    i really like color combination today, just perfect and it fits this weather.
    have a nice day :)

  8. I love this outfit Kaylah! As a redhead, this mossy kind of green is always my go-to, and my winter jacket is a similar colour. I just feel so snazzy wearing it! I also really dig that bag! I've been meaning to make myself a camera bag with some dobby dot vinyl I have at home in a very similar colour to the leather bits on your bag. It looks so lovely paired with the green, as well!
    Alright, well, I'm feeling good and inspired to make something nice, so thank you for that!!

    And as for backdrops, I have recently been scouting nice walls around my town to use once winter hits, even if that means outfit photos have to take 5 minutes or less or I'll freeze my butt off! You're lucky to have such a cute little home to take photos in when the snow rolls in.

    Predictions for the Past

  9. I looove everything about this outfit! Especially the colour of your jacket. Such a good colour combo :)

  10. I sooo love the bag and scarf!! <3 They are perfect for the weather!!

  11. Lovely outfit, I especially love the cardigan -so cute <3

    I totally agree about the jeans! I literally own four of the same jeans. I definitely prefer jeggings over actual jeans but am so knit picky about my jeggings (I don't like the too thin and they need to look like jeans, of course). I've found that altering (bleaching a pair slightly, adding rips here and there) each pair a bit helps it look like I actual change my pants LOL.

  12. Your post's reminded me that I need a new coat!!

    I love the colour co-ordination between your hat, coat and bag too. :)

  13. THOSE BUTTONS! The outfit is so cute :)

  14. The coat! The bag! The cardi - I'm in love with your outfit! And you look so pretty in those pictures!

  15. The coat seems so cozy! And loved the broach!

  16. I really love your coat. I've been looking for one like that for ages! The scarf looks really cozy too.

  17. Gorgeous cardigan! That moth pin, OMG! LOVE!

  18. I love your coat! It's gorgeous!!!

  19. Oh wauw, knitted dove has the most amazing things! Too bad it's so pricey :/ I would love this outfit too, I can see why it's a favorite of yours! xo

  20. I really love this so much! That coat is gorgeous. Also, the dragonfly brooch looks like it belongs to that coat.

    <3 Melissa

  21. That coat is lovely, those big buttons are amazing! Lots of the trees are already bare round here, but it has happened so fast there are still leaves of the ground so it isn't too bad,, I'll be upset when all the colour is gone xo

  22. I am so in love with this outfit! The colors are just fantastic and it looks like it's perfect for a walk in the park.

  23. oooooh I love that coat, the big buttons are gorgeous and it looks so cozy!

  24. Can I please have that bag? It's too cute!!


  25. That moth pin is so beautiful (is it a death's-head hawkmoth?).

    I'm going to be sad when all the leaves are gone too- fall is too fleeting!

  26. Hello! I don't know how crafty you are but I saw this pattern on Ravelry and thought of you.



  27. Such a cute and cosy outfit! I'm te same with ordering jeans online - it makes me super nervous/anxious hahah! Smitten with that gorgeous cardy too!
    Love love,
    Sway x

  28. Your hair and that jacket are a match made in pretty color heaven :)

  29. I love that cardigan so much!!! Great outfit!

  30. good jeans are something to get excited about! I'm super picky about jeans too, and I never know what size I am... but maybe I'll give these a try!
    also, that scarf looks SO COZY and wonderful.


  31. Like always, perfect outfit, perfect color palette! That coat is simply amazing!!!

    Olive xox

  32. I feel exactly the same way about jeans. I love to wear them, but so often the fit is completely rotten. I'm short and my waist is a fair bit smaller than my hips, not to mention, I walk a lot so my legs are very muscular, I can just never seem to get jeans that fit correctly without any weird loose bits, or even worse, too tight bits! Perhaps high-waisted is the step forwards? I was thinking I'd have to permanently switch to skirts or jeggings at this rate!


  33. You're such a babe!! I love that coat with your pretty hair color :D

  34. I know how you feel about jeans; I'm the same way! This coat and bag are super uber fabulous by the way.


  35. Love this whole outfit! Especially the cardie and bag :) x

  36. That coat is beautiful on you (and in general). I love the entire outfit.

  37. I have the Karaoke Songstress jeans as well! I absolutely adore them. Mine are the darker pair, but I think I want to get a pair of the lighter stain as well. They make everything look just perfect.

    Lovely outfit as always. [:

  38. so lovely! grrreat coat!


  39. Oh my. I really, really love that coat and those shoes!


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