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what I wore : blue and green all over!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

hat - thrifted
sweater - Modcloth
necklace - c/o Yellow Heart Art
dress - Dear Creatures (via Modcloth)
belt - thrifted
tights - Target
shoes - Modcloth
camera bag - Brooklyn c/o ONA

I'm so happy to have finally gotten my hands on this dress. It was one of my favorites from Dear Creature's fall line. Honestly, I really just like how simple it is. I have a lot of patterned dresses and literally only three or four that are a solid color. I'm not trying to convert my whole wardrobe into things that are one solid color but I'd definitely like to add a few more. This dress will be perfect for summertime, I so desperately wanted to wear it without a sweater and tights alas the weather wasn't permitting. Yep, I'm already daydreaming about summer. I'm not looking forward to winter - at all. We actually got our first snow on Tuesday. Eeep!

On the day I took these pictures I wandered down to the beach to get some photos of my beach glass collection. I found a nice spot on the beach and set down my camera bag. When I looked down to my bag to get out the beach glass I spotted this beautiful dragonfly right beside it. Other than a bent wing, which I'm pretty sure I can fix somehow, it's in amazing shape for being found dead on the really, really rocky beach. I carefully brought it home so I could pin it. I've been reading and watching lots of videos on pinning insects lately.  I have a pretty cool collection of dead bugs I've found that were just too neat to leave behind. Pinned insects are one of my favorite things to look at at the Natural History museum so I'm pretty stoked to have my own collection soon! I just bought the final things (pins and a pinning board) I need to get started yesterday.
Hope you have a great Thursday. I'm back to work now. I'm going to spend my day editing photos, drafting up new posts I've had on my mind, cleaning house and looking for tasty recipes to try out.

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25 thoughts

  1. The detail on this dress is just so perfect and you kow I am a sucker for blue&green.

    You have such a neat collection of different colour hats :)

    Good luck with the pinning!

  2. Can we trade days please? That sounds sublime! And that camera bag is so ridiculously gorgeous, I wish it wasn't so far out of my price range! You always put together such sweet looking outfits :)


  3. That dress sure is a beaut!


  4. This is my favorite dress from the Dear Creatures collection, too! It looks lovely on you :)


  5. Perfect dress indeed! Love that dragonfly find! I found two dead butterflies in my backyard recently, I had no idea what to do with them, I sat them on my shelf of naturey items. One of them closed it's wings up and the other did only slightly, I put it under a book with some flowers pressing (thanks for the tips) and it flattened his wing span out just perfectly and stayed that way! I guess next I need to look into pinning!


  6. Beautiful dragonfly...I found a neat grasshopper last week but I didn't bring it home, which I regret. I'd like to pin some insects too. I actually found a really awesome deer skeleton yesterday when I was hiking though so that makes up for it!! :D

  7. Cool dragonfly! His eyes are gigantic! We've got tons of amazing butterflies here right now, and I always feel sad when I see them dead in the street - such intricate beauty going to waste. It's nice you're preserving some :)

  8. I love your cute wooden necklace and that dragonfly is stunning!

  9. Love Dear Creatures! Looks great on you.

  10. Your hair is so beautiful!


  11. You look lovely. As usual. I would really love to have a glance at your closet - how do you store all of your beautiful clothing and accessoires?

  12. Lovely dress! Not gonna lie, bugs kinda creep me out, but even I'll admit that that dragonfly is pretty cool. :)

    - Samantha

  13. Hi Kaylah! Just wanted to say how much I've adored your quirky style! I recently started my own blog so take a look around if you get a chance. It's super small and new right now but hopefully growing. Thanks!


  14. This is REALLY adorable! I adore that dress!

  15. I've been eying off that dress on ModCloth! Dear Creatures is such a reliable brand... Maybe I'll take the plunge!

    1. I'd say go for it! This really is a great dress. :)

  16. That dress is really pretty! And I've been eyeing those cardis off for ages, are they a thicker cardigan that holds it's shape or a more loose floppy one? You know, one that stretches over the day?

    On a side note, I love the location you chose, I'll satisfy myself with looking at your pretty weather and you can check out my summer if you'd like ;) Though it's a wintery day today here as well...

    1. They're fairly thin but they do hold their shape, they definitely don't stretch out over the day! I LOVE these cardigans. I want one in every color they come in.


    2. Thanks! I have a few that lose their shape and it's really annoying :)

  17. I love this outfit, and the bag is just my style I love it!!

    Please check out my latest post if your have a few minutes spare




  18. So envious of that dress! :) x

  19. What a cute dress! I love the modernish white lines at the top. Nature is so beautiful, isn't it? Dragonflies have the coolest wings (I tried to draw them once, their wings are super intricate). Anyway, I love your posts, keep it up :)

    - Sasha

  20. Love your dress and your necklace!
    I love dead bugs too. One day, I have found a dead blue dragonflie in perfect condition, I have keep it in a little glass box but this fall, I have put it under a globe with other things in my working place and she's turning into ashes... :(
    I can't wait t osee your collection! :)

  21. Great look well captured. Dear Creatures made an appearance this week on Atlanta Street Fashion.


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