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what I wore : aye aye, captain!

Monday, November 26, 2012

the details
hat - thrifted
sweater - c/o Jupe Boutique
collar clips - handmade
shirt - thrifted
shoes -c/o Wanted Shoes (last year)
camera bag - Jo Totes

How fun is this jacket!? I was a little disappointed (because I didn't read the whole description) to find that it's actually sweatshirt material instead of jacket material so it won't be able to keep me warm this winter. But I just can't get over how fabulous that collar is! 

We got our first real snow of the season yesterday so these pictures already seem like a lifetime ago. I mean, we didn't get a huge snow but everything was white! (sadly it's all melted already) The weather had been so nice lately it kind of felt like it was spring instead of fall and I was not so secretly hoping that maybe Ohio could just skip winter this year but it clearly doesn't work like that. I hope we get a few more nice days to play outside before winter really hits.

Hope you have an excellent Monday!

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22 thoughts

  1. It snowed here in Michigan yesterday to! I was so excited! and then it was gone. :C

  2. I think you would look amazing in that jacket with tangeriney/tomato red hair!

  3. stop. this. look. is. awesome. with every layer you peel off it gets even better!!!
    love your little bug brooch too!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  4. Great outfit as always! I am totally smitten over your cardigan and oxfords (basically I fall in love with anything that has elbow patches or a tweed pattern). Enjoy the weather before it gets too cold! :)


  5. I like snow, but only if I'm indoors :P Traveling through the snow can be such a pain sometimes.

    I love your dimples, and your bright hair goes so well with your outfit~

  6. The jacket is super cute. I really like the shoes as well.

  7. I absolutely love this outfit! It so cute, and smart. The details, like the colar clips and elbow pads on the shirt are so lovely. I really enjoy the close up detail photos you include in your posts. I think my favorite is the shoe close up with the mossy log. :)

  8. Perfect colors! Collar is adorable, and those shoes are just perfect!
    Here (Serbia) is about 16C (that is about 60 F ) everyday... I wish it was wintery and snowy already :@

  9. Wow that looks amazing. No snow here in the UK but I am popping to Boston and into Montreal for new year and I hope there will be some snow then. I am rubbish with coats I feel really claustrophobic in them so can never find one I like but that one looks amazing!

  10. Kayla, you are so adorable! I've probably said this a million times, but it's true. :)

  11. What a gorgeous jacket! I bet sweatshirt material will be perfect for spring, though!


  12. That coat is too cute!! I also really love that cardigan and those beautiful collar clips.

    <3 Melissa

  13. Love the yellow of that bag! We are still so warm I wish I was worried about winter coats.

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous holiday giveaway right here.

  14. OH my gosh! That jacket is too amazing for words! Can I have it?! just kidding...kinda.

  15. Love the colors & tailored fit on everything, not to mention the bees :) Awesome outfit indeed!


  16. Great look! Ant the location is super inpiring! Great blog also!

  17. you have the cutest smile! and I looove your collar bugs!

  18. I LOVE that jacket! OMG do I ever!!

    And I am jealous about the fact that you have snow. I have been waiting patiently, and still nothing!

  19. SUCH a cute outfit. I love, love, love elbow patches - I'm obsessed with that cardigan. The jacket, of course, is to die for. :)

  20. oh you look so cute, Kaylah! :) I love both your coat and your cardigan, those elbow patches are amazing!

    Drawing Dreaming


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