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Weekly Nail

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Supplies used...
American Apparel Lopez Canyon
Coastal Scents Azalea
Seche Vite as a top coat
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here

How gorgeous are these!? I am smitten! I think I'll be repainting these again soon, maybe even in the same color scheme.

Sometimes I spend too much time trying to find fun color duos and forget that sometimes the prettiest color combinations are right beside each other on the shelf. (you can see my nail polish collection here) Also, I realized I need a good red polish, this one chips quite quickly. It's also literally the only red polish I own, which seems kind of funny since red seems like a really standard polish color. I normally tend to shy away from it but this combo has me itching to try red more often.
Hope you're having an excellent Sunday!

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21 thoughts

  1. Beautiful! I need to get my hands on those nail strips. x


  2. Oh they are looking simply great :)


  3. China Glaze has an amazing "pin-up" red called Hey Sailor. The formula is great and it took almost a week for it to chip on me.

  4. This is very sweet. It looks to me like the bottom of a heart, a very seventies heart!

  5. They're lovely, you must have a really steady hand! :) x

  6. Ahhh I am in love with these nails! Amazing. By the way, Zoya Maura is one of my favorite reds--it's a pretty bright red with a little bit of a throwback/40s kinda feel. Also, I never saw your nail polish display before and it is so awesome. !!!

  7. These colors are wonderful together!

    <3 Melissa

  8. these are soo great! I am horrible with getting my cuticle area to look perfect and with this I wouldn't have to mess with the cuticle area!

  9. So pretty, again! I found this today and it immediately made me think of you haha: http://www.ciate.co.uk/mini-mani-month.html
    I'm actually debating with myself whether to make this myself or not hah.

  10. Really pretty color combination! I always seem to love the designs that have some nude in them.

  11. These are so lovely! Your nails look so healthy and perfectly shaped!


  12. Omg, these are your prettiest nails yet!!!!!

    xx Cait

  13. I love this, they look so professional!


  14. I know it sounds strange, but the colour and shape of this nail art reminds me of vintage Pyrex containers. I love it!

  15. I love these! Nicely done!

    I wish I could get my nails done, but I bartend, and the sanitizer liquid and constant hand movement is murder on nails and nail polish, so it would never last.


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