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photo an hour // october 27th, 2012

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Just like last month's photo an hour I'm a little late on sharing. I've apparently made it a habit to take my photo an hour near the end of the month. I took October's photo an hour while Ivan and Elycia were out for the weekend. Here is our Saturday through my lens...

9am // Hitting the road! I brought no bake cookies for everyone to snack on while we drove.
10am // We stopped in Target and tried on silly sunglasses while waiting for Ulta to open so we could get hair dye supplies. I made Elycia's hair oh so pretty!
11am // Some thrifting at Unique...
12pm // Tommy's for lunch! Yum!
1pm // After eating at Tommy's it's a necessity to head over to Big Fun and take photo booth pictures.
2pm // Heading back home from Cleveland.
 3pm // We stopped in at the Miscellaneous Barn and filled the trunk with awesome finds.
4pm // Came home to find this pretty dress waiting by my front door!
5pm // Lloyd stopped by for dinner. I ran outside and pet him real quick while Elycia and I waited on RuPaul's Drag Race to buffer.
6pm // We decided we wanted to go skating so Elycia and I started watching Drag U to waste some time while the boys finished making mead in the kitchen. While I was anxiously waiting I noticed how quickly my popcorn rock is growing.
7pm // After stopping for dinner at Subway we finally arrived at the roller den.
8pm // Skates on! It's was definitely one of the most enjoyable nights skating ever. The roller den was empty except for us and about ten children (who were all ridiculously talented skaters). It was great!
Between many rounds of air hockey and skating my butt off, I was exhausted when closing time came around and we had to finally go home. All in all, it was an amazing day! We had so much fun. I really wish Elycia was my neighbor and we could have these fun adventures all the time instead of a few times a year. 

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22 thoughts

  1. I love these shots! I'm pretty sure Elycia would want to be your neighbor too, if only to be closer to you and all those awesome thrift shops! Southern Ontario seriously has nothing on some of the stores you've posted previously. I am way jealous. But then, I dream of taking a thrift and vintage road trip across the states. Rummage through trash looking for treasure in nearly every state. Dreams, dreams!

  2. Wow, sounds like you had a super fun day, and the food in these photos looks really yummy. I am very jealous of your vintage finds, I sometimes wish I could go vintage shopping every day! :)

  3. The Big Fun photo booth is the BEST.

  4. I love these photo an hour posts of yours! And I seriously need to make those no bake cookies.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  5. Your blog is always so fun to read. Big hugs from Kim, southern Sweden( where we have kind of same climate as you seem to have)

  6. I have a stellarscope!! They're amazing!!

    1. I have one too ^.^ I just wish I could use it at night... It's always too dark. Do you use yours?

    2. Mine came with a little light to shine in front of it so you can use it at night.

  7. Aww looks like so much fun! And you guys watch Ru Paul!? I'm smitten, I love watching those catty bitches :)

  8. i love this post so much, the kitty is so cute

  9. I love these posts, you always seem to be doing fun stuff! I've tried to do a couple of photo an hour posts but I always either forget, or I end up having such a painfully boring day I don't want to force anyone else to live it too. Also, the carpet at the roller den is absolutely amazing, so 80s! xo

  10. I laughed at your comment about the skating kids. I remember when I use to go skating, I was always jealous of the kids of the people that worked/owned the skating rink because they could do soo many tricks and whatnot on their skates. My best trick was going backwards. ::rolls eyes:: I'm glad you and Elycia share your visits. Its really cool to see how blog friendships can grow =)


  11. Those no back cookies look delicious! Glad you had a super fun day :)

  12. Looks like a fun day for everyone!

  13. wow, those looking like amazing finds in your trunk!
    big fun toy store seriously looks like the coolest store EVER. I may have to take a road trip to Cleveland next summer :)

  14. I miss roller skating. I used to play roller derby. But upon moving back to FL I found out the local skating rink is now only open at certain times on certain days and closed on the weekends. Sounds weird but the times during the week are never convenient to my schedule :(

    Also, if you decide you want to get rid of that ridiculously cute yellow train case it would look lovely in my room! ;)


    1. Haha, you're gonna have to bug Elycia for it, it's hers! :D

  15. I saw that you've been interested in skating now, have you ever thought about Roller Derby? I play and its the love of my life. I dont know where you live but surely there is a team around you. You should go watch and support local athletes, and maybe you dig it!

  16. Seems like you had a fun day :) I really need to try these no bake cookies some time, they look oh so yummy! I wish there were as many awesome vintage and thrift stores in my area.

  17. Looks like you guys had an awesome day! I love reading your blog, I have only been to Cleveland once last January (I live in Boise, Idaho). However I just had to share, your day seems like one of mine, I went Tommy's in Coventry and Big Fun. I had such an amazing time in Cleveland and hope to make it back someday, I have to go to Melt and Happy Dog at least once more in my life. Til next time. Kristi

  18. I freaking love RuPauls drag race. Though I'm always so affected by it. I get all these big ideas on wearing more make up, and heels, and being all glamorous... Then I remember heels hurt, and make up is itchy... I'm so un-glam!

    Alli xx


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