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instagram lately...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

1 // Professor and I snuggling. This cat is obsessed with being in my face. He just can't get close enough. It's the best!
2 // A silly deer sweater and a record spinning.
3 // I had plans of getting lots of work done on Thursday but my internet crashed so I spent the day reading. It was great, I got so much reading done - ya know, when Professor's butt wasn't on my book.
4 // A cute outfit all laid out to wear to the orthodontist. Hopefully only four months or so left!
5 // No instagram post is complete without a picture of Lloyd! ;)
6 // The view from my desk.
7 // My painting pal! Doctor Octopus LOVES to be up on the ladder. Whenever it's out you can bet he's sitting on the top of it.
8 // Taking self portraits in my freshly painted bedroom, not that you'd be able to tell anyway since the photo is black and white.
9 // Pretty fall leaves are becoming more and more scarce. Winter is creeping up quickly.
10 // My two helpers.
11 // Skeleton leggings on Halloween.
12 // My bike basket and super cute bag from Hannah Zakari. On the day I took this picture I had just gotten back from taking a ride in while it was sprinkling out. It was so refreshing!
Hope you're having an excellent weekend!

You can find me on instagram as thedaintysquid, of course! If you don't use instagram but would still like to see all my pictures you can view them here.

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16 thoughts

  1. I love your skeleton leggings!


  2. I think i might have fallen in love with your bike! lol xxxx

  3. do you think the professor is like that since you got him as a little baby? my cat murray is the only one we got when he was tiny and he is always in my face too! he especially loves to get in my lap and up on my shoulders when i'm going to the bathroom! haha, weirdo.

  4. Wow, how can even your Instagram pictures look so amazing? I love the skeleton leggins!

  5. Oh! Those leggings are amazing! And your cat pictures just crack me up. I'm not even a cat person, but your cats make me giggle! xo

  6. Love those leaves all laid out and your skeleton leggings are to die for! I'm still kind of figuring instagram out...Sometimes I don't think to take a picture!

    Also I found this blog and I thought it might be right up your alley! I don't know if you've seen it yet, but it's so so interesting. It's all about pre-anaesthetic medicine. Pretty gruesome and fascinating!

  7. Doctor Octopus on a latter is adorable!

  8. I really like those skeleton leggings! I want a pair.

    <3 Melissa

  9. wow, your hair looks really nice on that skeleton picture :) not to mention how cute u are! :)

  10. Your cat and that owl purse are so cute :)

  11. Those leggings are hilariously awesome! I love your home! These little tidbits are so cute. And your cats! The best.

  12. Sometimes a internet crash is necessary :) Great pics!

  13. Love those leggings, I pinned you!

  14. I'm new here and have serious bag, leggings and cat envy! x


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