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what i wore : first coat of the season

Monday, October 22, 2012

the details
hat - thrifted
coat - thrifted
brooch - c/o Sea Of Bees
shirt - c/o Asian ICandy
belt - c/o Asian ICandy
skirt - thrifted
tights- amazon
camera bag - Jo Totes
shoes - c/o BAIT Footwear

First outfit post of the season to include a coat! I'm actually not sure if I think that's exciting or not. On one hand, since collecting a bunch of jackets last winter, I'm excited to wear things that actually match my coat instead of my coat just being something I have to wear to stay warm. But coat weather also means that outfit pictures get tougher. I don't want to be without my coat for very long, you have to shoot rings and things first because fingers get all red and cold quickly. Cold weather outfit pictures are all about getting it done quickly and I don't really like that.

I've had this outfit planned out for a few weeks but just wasn't feeling it every time I put it on. What I wear a certain day all depends on how I'm feeling. One day I can be very into a 50's housewife look, and the next I might be into something loud and colorful and the next something completely different. No matter how I feel like dressing a certain day I can still appreciate and pick out a pretty awesome outfit from another kind of style. That's how it was after I had picked this out, I just kept wanting to wear loud and colorful things instead of something reserved like this.  I wanted to wear this outfit so bad but knew I wouldn't feel confident in it unless I waited. Finally last week the day came when I knew it was perfect to wear it. The shoes make quite the clip clop noise when you walk which normally makes me feel like tiptoeing around but I felt fierce in that day. I loooove this outfit so much!!

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday. I'm pretty excited to get to work today, it always feels nice to get back to work on Monday, at least I think so!

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31 thoughts

  1. I just fell in love with those shoes. They are so pretty even though I don't wear pink x.x


  2. I love your skirt and belt! beautiful xx

  3. super cute shoes, i have to admit i do love the cold



  4. That coat is such a wonderful colour!

    Alli xx

  5. What a delightful outfit :). And, as a fellow thriftier, I am bedazzled that you thrifty your pretty mint coat! Stunning :)

  6. Your coat is such a pretty color! Cute belt, too.

  7. I love the coat! It's such a beautiful colour :) And your shoes are super cute too.

  8. I love your coat, I've got a couple but they tend to just be thrown on as an after thought. I love this mix of colours, very beautiful. I love those shoes too, so pretty xo

  9. I find the clip clopping noise itself makes me feel pretty fierce! I get all Tyra Banks up in my head, reminding me to smize :P. Oddly enough, it's mostly flat shoes I have that make the noise, but then I don't tend to wear heels on a regular basis, so perhaps I'm just unaware of the fun noises I could be making with my shoes, haha.
    I love this cute little outfit! And while the colours are a little more subdued, something about a light blue micro suede jacket says anything but boring to me! But maybe that's because I recently picked up a similar colour/texture shirt. Fun little memories of summer to carry into the cold weather.

  10. You look adorable! If these pictures were in blank and white you might look like you were from the 30s. :D I feel the same way, though. It's hard to set up a great outfit with coats--but you did such a great job with this one.

  11. Ack! The shoes are adorable! And I am loving the nylons with seams. I wish I could find them without the black sock-looking bottom, but I've had no luck. I think they are suuuuuper sexy, in an old-fashioned way, pin-up kind of way.

  12. I think I love this outfit about as much as you do. Those shoes are literally kickin'. Checked out Bait and I'm loving everything on the site. Work your fierce self.

  13. Goodness! You have such cute outfits. <3 :3

  14. I love it! I'm still wearing shorts out here so I'm jealous you have coat weather.


    1. So crazy! We haven't had shorts weather in what feels like forever.

  15. What a great thrift find!!! Love the color.


  16. Those shoes are so pretty! Very ladylike.

  17. I love pastel colours! This outfit really suit you, you're so elegant ! xxx

  18. This outfit looks straight out of the past, but in a very good way. I love it! I can see a classy actress wearing this in a Hollywood movie.

  19. that coat is the prettiest colour! and how fun is that 3D bear pin! raawwwrr.

  20. I love all of your looks! I especially like matching a coat to an outfit, it can be tough! Oh, I saw you featured on a Modcloth tumblr post just a bit ago.

  21. I love the color of that coat & your shoes. Definitely want them both!

    <3 Melissa

  22. Oh man, I've never been more jelly of your thrifting finds than today…a mint coat?!? Lovely...

  23. I love the little details in your outfits. That brooch! And the belt is lovely too! :)

  24. All the blues you have in your outfit plus the color of your hair has me positively swooning! I love the details and accessories the most, though; the bear pin from Sea of Bees is stunning. Also, I totally commiserate with you on feeling like you have to "wait" for an outfit. I usually plan out things way in advance but have to feel confident/sassy enough to pull certain things off. Can't wait to see more coats!

    Triple Thread

  25. Ah, I love everything about this outfit!

  26. Beautiful, such lovely colours <3

  27. Oh woooow! Everything about this outfit is so cool! THAT COAT!

  28. I absolutely love this outfit! that coat is a serious winner! fantastic colours!


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