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photo an hour : september 30th, 2012

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I'm a little late sharing my photo an hour for September but I don't even care, I'm just happy I didn't forget. With September down I've only got three more to do before I complete my goal of doing a photo an hour post per month. Taking a photo an hour is such a relatively easy task but for some reason when trying to do it it always seems so much harder than it should be. They're always worth it though, I love looking back on my older ones.

7am // Stepped outside to check the weather and decide how appropriate my outfit was for the temperature.
8am // Writing the next day's to do list in my new notebooks while waiting on Kevin to get ready.
(Pssst. I've got a new favorite pen! Seriously LOVE writing with this thing.)
9am // Hung out with this smug little guy a bit before leaving the house for the day.
 10am // Car ride reading material. 
(I am loving this book so far!)
 11am // Waiting in line at an estate sale. Despite arriving late we still had to wait to get in, it took nearly an hour before we got to explore the place.
12pm // Leaving the estate sale with our loot!
1pm // A very tasty lunch from the co-op.
2pm // After leaving Erie we headed to my parents to hang out and enjoy the great outdoors.
 3pm // Searching for mushrooms with my good pal, Crum. Whenever I wander off from everyone looking for mushrooms he happily follows.
4pm // Trimming up Baby Kitty's nails before heading home.
(My mom's cat is probably the one cat I think is equal in awesomeness to my cats. He is so chill getting his nails trimmed, it's actually fun to do them.)
5pm // Home at last and greeted by a cat with Walrus whiskers.
6pm // Kevin and I both went outside to do some chores. While he weed-whacked I straightened up the deck and cared for my flowers.
7pm // Admiring my new plant (thanks Mom!!) before heading in the house for the evening.
The day ended with some reading on the couch then watching The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (oh my goodness, I actually at a loss for words about that one...) 

All in all, it was an excellent day!

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32 thoughts

  1. I really, really enjoy those posts! Keep 'em coming!

  2. The whites of West Virginia blew my mind!! I can't believe how crazy their lives are. I cracked up when I saw their weird dancing, and could not believe the one that had a kid was taking drugs literally RIGHT after giving birth.

    Your parents pup is the cutest.


    1. I knowwww, I couldn't believe she did that! Totally blows my mind that those people are real.

    2. I'd be so terrified of them.

      I'm going to watch this next, its the dad!

  3. Walrus whiskers! How cute! Also Crum looks like such a sweetie.

  4. Kitties!! They are so cute, the walrus whiskers thing is funny. I like these posts a lot.

  5. I agree! really enjoy these posts :) xx

  6. Great pictures! You can never post to many cat pics!! ;) :)
    I have seen that documentary too.. it made an impact on me of some sort, that´s for sure!

    Have a nice Tuesday!

    Hugs from Norway :)

  7. I love it when my cats have Walrus Whiskers (we call them Serious Whiskers, your name is cuter). And YES! that documentary is INSANE!

  8. love your kitties with all my heart, your lunch also looks so delicious :)

  9. I always love these! Whenever I get my new camera, one of the first things I will do with it will be a photo an hour day! YES!


  10. Fantastic photos as always! I love your photo-an-hour posts.

  11. Haha Quality Sale. That's a description I usually never see for Estate Sales and Garage Sales. Too fun!

  12. Duuuuuude the pillow on your armchair is TOO perfect. Such great browns and still totally psychedelic without being too bonkers. :)
    Love it!

  13. The Whites are a crazy family. But I like that they just dgaf.
    The oldest White son was a totally stud when he was younger. *checking out old dudes* haha!

  14. Wow, I was so excited to see your comment on my blog :) It's weird to think of you seeing my blog. Anyway, thank you, it made my day.

  15. Oh Carl, it is true love. Such a sweet little face he has! Hey, what do you use to trim the cat's nails? A friend suggested using fingernail clippers, but you are the cat lady extraordinaire, so you might do things differently. :)

    Sending you a scarf today!

  16. I have totally loved seeing pictures of your parents dog as he's grown! I've always been a large breed person, and seeing what a sweet guy that dog has been thus far is really making me want to go for a BIG dog next! I'm unfortunately living in company housing where I can't have any pets, and my family dog passed away about 6 months ago, but I just wanted to say that these little updates on that big pup have made me feel more hopeful for the future pup of my dreams, and less sad about the lack presently.

  17. I LOVE those sharpie pens. Discovered them last year and now I hate using anything else. I'm definitely going to have to check out that documentary...

  18. Such a cute cat with his walrus whiskers! :) Lovely photos

  19. I met one of those crime scene cleanup guys. My landlord died and his family hired a cleaner. I spent an hour or so with him for some reason and he gleefully answered any questions I had for him. Really interesting guy.

  20. Ha! I totally read books like that all the time. Have you read "Down among the dead men"? That's another of similar ilk!

    Alli xx

  21. It sounds like a lovely day, what do you do with the mushrooms you pick? I like all the pictures of kitties ;)

  22. Sounds like a great day! I really want to check out an estate sale someday. How do you hear about them?

    <3 Melissa

  23. My boyfriend introduced me to The Wild and Wonderful White of West Virginia. I was very skeptical to watch it, but was oh so happy that I did!

  24. Walrus whiskers is such a cute name for that! I call them whisker puffs. Isn't it the best thing to see?

  25. Crum is actually the cutest dog alive! Love this idea for a post :]

  26. The dog is beautiful <3
    I'm french, sorry for my bad english...

  27. Sounds pretty perfect. You take such awesome pictures of cats - I love them.

  28. I bought these pens after I read this post and I am in love!! thanks for sharing them :)

  29. i think you and kevin are such an adorable couple. can't wait to see your wedding in the future!


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