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Friday, October 5, 2012

 These handmade shoes by goodbyefolk are GORGEOUS.
(via: goodbyefolk)
Of course I'm crazy about these brooches from I Don't Give a Flying Fox!
(via: I Don't Give a Flying Fox
I am melting over this little guy! I've never wanted to hug a pig so bad. 
(via: brittney williford )
Emma Lamb makes the prettiest crochet garland. She chooses such pretty color schemes.
 (via: Emma Lamb)
I love Flapper Girl's lady ties but I didn't know she had a kitty one! Isn't it the cutest?!
 (via: Flapper Girl)
This little display is so charming. It's interesting to me to see what other people keep in their collection of special things. (Here's a peek at my collection of special things)
(via: Misma Andrews )
I already own a handful of really neat record players but I can't help that this record player is drawing me in and begging me to buy it. That color is irresistible.
(via: Modcloth)
This looks so pretty. I wish cities around here looked like this.
(via: Jeanine Caron )
This coat is so dreamy. I love the color and those big buttons. I'm getting really excited about coat season. Last year I thrifted so many awesome coats that I'm dying to wear again.

(via: Modcloth)
This little white pumpkin Alex of Blue Feather Style is the cutest. I love the idea of using a pumpkin as somewhere to display flowers. Why have I never thought of that?!
I hope you have an excellent Friday. It's supposed to be a nice weekend here, albeit a bit chilly. I'm excited to get outside and enjoy the fall weather and scenery! I hope you get to do the same! (Well, ya know, if where you are in the world is Fall, if not - have fun in your fun spring weather!)


  1. The City is Reykjavik! its even MORE amazing in reality!!

  2. Oh I always love these posts! My faves in this one are the white pumpkin and that record player. You're right! That color is the best!

    Happy Friday :)

  3. I have so many doilies. Now I know what to do with them! =D

  4. I love the shoes ans the tie is cute!


  5. Well this post sure made me want to yell "take my money"!! Those brooches are amazing. I love anatomical illustration in jewelry or fashion, I had planned on going to school for medical illustration before I decided to take the theatre route. It still holds a special place in my heart! My very favorite necklace is an anatomical illustration of a heart in red resin, too bad the company closed shop not long after I bought it.
    I am greatly looking forward to a weekend in the woods taking long walks and photos and reading :)

  6. That pumpkin vase is so cute! As is the wee pig. I seriously want a pet teacup pot belly pig but alas, city laws prohihit them. Phooey! Have a great weekend Kaylah.

  7. That coat is so perfect! *dies*


  8. Where I come from it's getting close to winter already!! We had our first snow yesterday. It's melted already ... but you get the point. Brrr. ;)

  9. *swoon* That little city/town! It almost looks like it's not real. So cute.


  10. Oh the little piggy! I love pigs so much. I really, really want one!


  11. So many gorgeous pictures. I love the crochet, such a pretty idea to hang them all, and the kitty tie is so cute. And that city! So bright and colourful.

  12. Oh my God oh my God oh my God a Northern Hemisphere blogger acknowledged that it's spring down here! I know it sounds so ridiculous, but this actually means a lot. So thank you! It's nice to be remembered.

  13. I keep coming back to your blog but now that you posted a photo of Reykjavik I thought I should also drop a line :) Loving your Friday Favorites!

  14. Just found your blog today and I see you've posted a picture of my hometown Reykjavík, which I miss tremendously at the moment. Lovely blog!

  15. That kitty collar is unbelievably cute!

    <3 Melissa

  16. I really REALLY want a tiny pig. I've wanted one for years and I crave one now more than ever. That picture is too cute for words. Can you imagine the noise a tiny pig makes? *melts* And the long, green coat is just gorgeous!


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