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10 things making me smile...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1 // This toothy keychain.
Thank you so much Mary!
2 // Smens and the fact that the yellow one is banana scented (my favorite scent ever!) and not lemon as almost all yellow scented things tend to be...
3 // Finding this little guy on the second row up of drying clothes...
He's kind of made it a habit to sleep on my drying rack, I want to make him stop but to be honest he doesn't leave much hair (nothing the lint brush can't handle) and he just looks so cozy that I can't make him leave.
4 // This guy who doesn't quiet grasp the fact he doesn't need to be so close to the camera when I get it out.
5 // Jack-o-lanterns with antlers!
6 // Finding a new mushroom!
This is an "old man of the woods"
7 // These two! 
I catch them snuggling the cutest positions ALL THE TIME but it still melts my heart every time.
8 // This bracelet from Jess.
 She included all my favorite things! What an awesome surprise!
9 // Finding Lloyd chilling in a chair on my deck.
I not so secretly love how the strays are taking over my deck.
10 // Pretty fall leaves!
I've pressed so many so far this fall. I can't wait to organize them all and photograph them.

What's making you smile today?

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34 thoughts

  1. You have the cutest pets ever, especially your dog. What a lovely list :) xo

  2. That mushroom is so neat and craggy looking, it has such a perfect name! I've been taking more photos of mushrooms around my house, but I certainly don't know much about them yet! Things making me smile today include my new oxblood jeans, comfy slippers, a giant batch of homemade fish soup (without any fish, but with tofu!! The name still stuck) and that I think I got an extra week off because my boss thought I wasn't back till next Tuesday.
    Yeah, it's a good time!!

  3. ahh the dog! ^^ reminds me of what happens when you pull out a camera in front of a baby...they always end up reaching out for it, haha!

  4. Awww your dog wanted to show its clean teeth :) and your kitties are the best

  5. I hate banana scent and flavour but it's my 3 year old's favourite also, she also loves real bananas, she may be part monkey :P
    And that little mushroom looks like a burnt marshmallow! A cute one though :P

  6. Thanks for blogging about the keychain, I'm glad you liked it. Also, I am *loving* that dog!

  7. That bracelet it too cool! Love the little mushroom on there.

  8. That dog is the best! haha totally made my morning
    Also it is nice to see other cat fanatics :)
    I have only managed to get 2 or 3 cats in my neighborhood to trust me enough to let me snuggle them (my cat scares them away).

  9. Great roundup, but the second photo of the dog is killing me. My cats don't understand the proper distance from a camera lens either and I'm constantly sorting through super blurry photos of their faces ;)

  10. That keychain is awesome! I also love smencils but I haven't tried smens yet because I'm super picky about the way my pens write. (Fun Fact: I'm convinced my Root Beer scented smencil is lucky: I've passed every test I've ever taken when I used it, no matter how little prepared I was.)

  11. Such lovely things, the antlers in the jack-o-lantern is just...oh my goodness, I just stared at it with my mouth open, wishing I had some antlers!!!


  12. Hahahahahaha omfg that dog. Mine is exactly the same~! Nightmare to take photographs of ;D

    Alli xx

  13. This is a very fun list! I have a strawberry scented pen and a banana scented pen and I use them at work all the time ^.^ The leaves are just now getting into their perfect fall colors here and I love it. I hope snow comes soon!

  14. Kittehs! My kitty loves to lay on the dryer when it's running! I guess the warmth + vibration is soothing! And I love fall leaves!

    carelessly graceful

  15. Hahaha, I laughed so much when I saw the photos of your parent's dog! Really cute, especially knowing my dog does the exact same thing. pollyhail.blogspot.co.uk x

  16. You lucky person, two thoughtful gifts - how very nice!

  17. Love the tooth keychain and ohhh that leaf has the prettiest colors.

  18. I'm loving your body mod keychain :)

  19. I love the second picture of the dog (Crum? Is that his name?) And when you press leaves, how do you preserve them? I want to do something with the pretties I've found this fall, but I dont want to lose the colors. Any tips (cuz you're like the plant pressing queen ^.^)

  20. Oh those cats (yours and that cutie stray)!

  21. Aww, all of these things are so lovely!
    And I know what you mean about the strays taking over... I have a mama and her son who live in my back yard and the mama's sister and yet another kitty that live in my neighbor's yard. They are all strays but we've gotten them to become so friendly over the years. It's nice having their company while we're outside. :)

  22. Awesome! I am glad the bracelet makes you happy! I have been making custom ones for friends of mine. I will need to make a custom bracelet option on my etsy page.

    I am also enjoying the leaves down here in Maryland! (I have been etching them into copper)

  23. Such nice pic's, love the puppy ones, and the kitties too! And I love the toothy key chain, like the BME key chain also. My eye's didn't know witch one to ogle first.

  24. We sell those 'smens' at the toy store I work at. My favourite one is the caramel corn one! Yum!

  25. That dog is too adorable, and Lloyd's black hair on his head is funny. :)


  26. Those goofy puppy photos are making me smile today! Too cute! Wish we had more fall leaves, the heat is really lingering this year.

  27. The photos of your parent's pup are so cute and actually made me laugh out loud. So many cute photos, I love your '10 Things' posts. x

  28. I love that the dog tries to eat the camera! So cute.

    <3 Melissa

  29. My dog does the same thing!!!
    At the moment I'm loving this cup of tea I'm drinking :)

    the making of things

  30. That second photo of the puppy is so hilarious! Genuinely made me smile, and I'm not even a fan of dogs! :)


  31. Your blog post is making me smile! The animal pictures are the best :)

  32. Love the dog pics...my dogs always look away when I try to take a picture, like they are too good for a photo shoot


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