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what I wore: black and white stripes forever

Monday, September 10, 2012

the details
jacket - thrifted
tooth pin - Rachel O's on etsy
rainbow tooth pin - vintage
tooth with hat pin - c/o Modcloth
socks - Target
shoes - Neo c/o Blowfish Shoes

This is one of my all time favorite outfits. It's something I find myself grabbing for just about every occasion and above anything else in my closet. No matter what I feel confident and cute in this outfit and that's what matters the most to me in the outfit. It was the first thing to go in my bag last week when packing for our little trip to Chicago over the weekend.

Modcloth recently asked me to be a guest judge in their "Chic in a Snapshot" contest. All you have to do is take a head-to-toe photo of you in your most fabulous outfit then post it to instagram with the hashtag #fashionforall. Myself and two other bloggers, Katie of Skunkboy Creatures and Bonnie of Flashes of Style, will each be picking a favorite to win a $100 Modcloth gift certificate. For the full contest details, check out the post on Modcloth's blog right here.

Hope you have a fabulous day! I had a TON of fun in Chicago but I'm so excited to be home and see my kitties. I'm also really excited to look through all my photos of our little trip and of course, share them soon!

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28 thoughts

  1. I love your tooth pins. So adorable!

    Very exciting about the ModCloth contest. I'll have to get involved!


  2. I absolutely love this dress! I can definitely see why it's your go-to outfit! Stripes are just so classic!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  3. That hat looks so cute when you wear it :)

  4. Love that dress so much... I used to hate black and white stripes (cause the mess with your eyes a bit) but they've been growing on me lately. I don't know about the tooth pins tho....love your blog!


  5. Nice outfit! One of my favorite summer dresses actually looks very similar.

    And the pin with the tooth and hat is adorable!


  6. what color did you use for that purple/lilac???

  7. This look looks great on you! I can see why it's one of your favorite outfits. :) And I love how you did your hair. <3

  8. That owl belt is too cute! I'm looking forward to seeing pics from Renegade... I'm so jealous of you ladies, but glad you enjoyed yourselves. :)


  9. Totally adorable!


  10. oh i LOVE your hat - it's so cute on you and is just the right amount of charm. and all the buttons on your jacket are precious - i love pins like that.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  11. i'm in love with this! all of it. every part. and your hair is looking even more perfect than usual! xo

  12. I saw this post earlier and then I just got the email from Modcloth about the contest and saw one of these pictures in it! Good luck with the judging :)

  13. Ah! You came to Chicago! I hope you visited some of the many awesome places here :)

  14. That dress and denim jacket look great together!

  15. such a fun dress! I love that the stripes change directions:)

  16. Love the dress! I have only ever bought 1 dress from Modcloth, but I was so disappointed with the quality of the fabric an the fit of the dress I have never bought anything else. But this looks so cute on you.


  17. Love this entire outfit! Send it this way, please :p The tooth pin is to die for!

  18. Is a nice-nice outfit! :)
    and I love the shoes!

  19. Your hair looks amazing! And, I love the dress with the denim jacket.

  20. you are so cute.. I love this whole outfit! the dress, hat, shoes.. everything. so cute.
    Oh, My

  21. So cute! Love your dress!
    xo Heather

  22. I saw you on the ModCloth blog today wearing this outfit, which was a pleasant surprise. I LOVE this hat -- I'm actually really bummed that it isn't available on ModCloth anymore. :( And my, what a beautiful collection of tooth-themed pins you have. :)

  23. I just know I can always trust on you for an animal detail in your outfit haha, I love the belt! And I'll definitely be posting a photo for the contest :) xo

  24. Love the outfit. Your hair looks extra awesome too :)

  25. Stripes are my new favorite!!!

  26. love this outfit! especially the owl belt :)
    - aubrey

  27. those teeth pins are fantastic!!

    <3 Melissa


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