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Weekly Nail

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Supplies used...
COATS Cherry Blossom
Revlon Hot for Chocolate
OPI A Taupe the Space Needle
Seche Vite as a top coat
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here)

I love when I forget about a nail design for a while. I haven't done nails like this is SO long, I forgot how pretty they look. I think the last time I did them might have even been these nearly a year ago. (drooling over those colors, I'll have to replicate that soon!) Plus these are so easy to do and that's always a good thing.

If you're not quick with nail designs here's a little how-to on this one. First paint your whole nail a light color, let it dry completely. Once it's dry place a piece of tape diagonally across your nail and paint above the tape your next darkest color. Let it dry completely then place another piece of tape diagonally across your nail the opposite way as before and paint above the tape in your darkest color. It's super simple. The only thing that takes time is waiting for your nails to dry. I'm not sure I've mentioned it in a post, but I have in the comments, I do the base color before bed (obviously making sure it has time to dry before I hit the pillow). In the morning I do my second color, while I wait on it to dry I do my morning routine of answering emails. Later in the day or sometimes even the next night I do the third color. Writing it out and rereading it makes it seem kind of tedious and strange but in reality this makes it so much easier for me. I just squeeze in a coat of polish whenever I know I have time to let them dry. There's no sitting around for an hour or more waiting on each layer to dry so I can put down the tape.

Hope you're having an awesome Sunday!

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11 thoughts

  1. Love this nail art, it's simple but so pretty! I'm definitely going to try this, thank you for the inspiration x


  2. I do this too! my Husband thinks I'm crazy for taking a day and a half to paint my nails. something I found helps set the coats faster is holding my fingers in front of the air conditioner for a minute or two. it won't set it completely but usually keeps me from smudging on accident.

    love the color combo by the way, very fall-ish.

  3. Ha, I wondered how you have so much time to do your nails even though you seem to be busy all the time. This makes much more sense.

  4. Pretty! These just scream "Fall" to me! Love them!
    xo Heather

  5. Ack! So pretty. Those colors are great, and are making me very hungry for sweets, heehee. I must try this.

  6. So pretty! I've wanted to do kind of geometric nails like this for a while but wasn't sure what order to do them or how long to wait before I could tape out the guides. Thanks!

  7. You explain so well I almost think I can manage it. Now- to grow nails!

  8. not tedious and strange at all! i too decorate my nails with multiple colors. people always say, "you must have a lot of time on your hands!" to which i reply that my nails can sometimes take 2 or 3 days for a finished design. i just add a coat when i can :)


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