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Monday, September 17, 2012

We've been so busy lately that I'm kind of behind right now. Most weeks I work on planning the next week's content but with two busy weekends (Chicago two weekends ago and a family camping trip last weekend) I spent my week days preparing for the weekend instead of for the next week of work. So needless to say, I really had nothing planned for this morning which definitely stressed me out more than it should. While looking through photos I have for other posts I found a bunch of miscellaneous photos of some other things that have been happening around here lately and figured it would be neat to just post of those to show a little bit of what's been going on...

Everyday when I water my plants on the deck I pick off the dead heads and throw them in this spiderweb in the corner of my deck. I love the way it looks, the colors are so pretty but I also enjoy bugging that spider. I hate that he makes webs in my plants! We're definitely enemies.
 I got a new camera bag! A little while back Jo Totes had a sale and I had to grab this beauty. I definitely didn't need a new camera bag but they're the one thing (compared to shoes or dresses) that I can always justify buying because I've ALWAYS got a camera bag attached to my side and I enjoy matching them to my outfits. This might be my new favorite. It's pretty roomy.
A biiiig cocoon. My parents found this sucker in their garden so I brought it home and set up a little area so I can watch it hatch. I'm pretty excited and I've definitely got my fingers crossed that a moth actually comes out instead of some parasitic wasp like the last time I hatched one.
My dad scored me some new camera for my collection. My parents and Kevin and I met up after everyone got off of work at an auction a week or so ago. It was a blast. There were just rows and rows and rows of boxes. Auctions that have box lots instead of selling each individual item separately are my favorite. I also got a bunch of Halloween decor that I can't wait to get out for the season.
I babysat my niece alone for the very first time last Thursday. It was just me and her (well, and of course the cats!) We played Polly Pocket, walked to the playground and pretended the tiny pebbles were sharks and then came home to watch some Tinkerbell movie. It was pretty darn fun. I had worked it up to be some big scary thing to be alone and completely in charge of her and it wasn't even a quarter as bad as I had anticipated. I really look forward to doing it again. We need the bonding time.
 I've been baking lots and lots of goodies! I love when I haven't baked in a while and then I throw myself into it and remember just how much pleasure baking is to me. I've made lots of breads, LOTS of cupcakes and two multilayer cakes. The smell of something baking in the oven is way better than any air freshener could ever be.
Mushrooms season seems to be in full swing! I've been spotting so many lately. My yard is full of these ones, little clusters of them are everywhere. It's wonderful! I'm hoping to get to the park this week some time and look for some there.
And of course there has been lots of kitty time! Actually, so sad, last weekend we boarded them for the first time. Normally when we go away my mom or sister in law comes to takes care of the cats but since it was a family camping trip everyone would be gone. Thankfully our vet boards animals and we really love our vet, everyone there is pretty awesome. I was fine with it until we got home early on Sunday and the house was so quiet and lonely. Sleeping without them at home is miserable. I love the weight of a kitty on my chest as I drift off to sleep. We just went and picked them up less than a half an hour ago, I'm so glad to have them at home!
And that is a small peek into some of the things happening around here lately!

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21 thoughts

  1. I actually quite enjoyed this unplanned post! Fun and refreshing to see something different and get a peek into your more everyday life! ;)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this unplanned post as well. Lots of wonderful images and so many fun things going on!
    Happy Monday xxx

  3. That kitty is so darn cute! I love when they're sleepy, it just seems so peaceful!


  4. Such pretty mushrooms! I went to the park yesterday and had great luck in my mushroom hunting endeavors. I'm trying to identify an orange one that is currently my favorite: they are always growing out of a log, are orange, and have super smooth tops. Any ideas?

    (You can see a picture of a small one at the end of this post: )

    - Jana

  5. Love these pics! It's nice to have a spontaneous post I think.

    I remember being so scared to watch my nephew and it was never too terribly bad!

    That bread looks amazing and I am jealous of your mushrooms all around you!


  6. I have that same Polly pocket! I just got so excited lol

  7. Love the cameras! Those mushrooms look so pretty almost fairytale like, wow! Glad your cats are back home!


  8. Aww I'm feeling all nostalgic for Polly Pockets now xx

  9. Did you know that inside of that cocoon it's pretty much goo in there? They totally melt themselves down in a way and build themselves up from scratch! It's such a cool process, but I definitely want to know more about it. Definitely keep that posted ;D

    And an empty house without cats is the most disheartening thing ever. It just feels so empty. But I'm glad you were able to get your kitties back!!

  10. Polly Pocket is such a throw-back! I've been really sick lately, and throw-backs to my childhood always make me feel a bit better so thank you!

    <3 Melissa

  11. I love the shirt you are wearing in the photo with your new camera bag, is it thrifted?

  12. OMG I hope it's a butterfly. I just saw the linked post. How scary!

  13. That bag is gorgeous! Great find.

    And that bread looks delicious. :D


    Mostly Lisa

  14. What a beautiful post! Heh, kudos for showing that spider who's boss. Better luck with the MYSTERY BUG (I feel like it deserves it's own music) cocoon hatching this time around... and hope your kitties are doing okay!!

    Oh, and those mushrooms are just gorgeous.

  15. OH MY GOODNESS! I had that same Polly Pocket house when I was younger and I loved that thing! I miss the old school Polly Pocket stuff.

  16. I recently babysat my niece and nephew for the first time. I was totally terrified, but like you said, it's not as bad as you'd imagine!
    They were so much fun to be around, and while it's totally knackering, it can be so refreshing to see the world from a child's point of view. That, and having the chance to have an influence on their life is a real privilege.

    Morgue x

  17. Great camerabag - I wonder if you have a recap/ recommendation list of camera bags, since you own so many :-)

  18. pleaaaase! share one of your bread recipes!!! hope they're vegan ;)

  19. I was fine with it until we got home early on Sunday and the house was so quiet and lonely. Sleeping without them at home is miserable.

    Oh my gosh, I totally know this feeling! I don't have cats now (just a little rat), but it makes me feel so sad when they are with someone else right before/after I go on vacation. It happened to me last weekend and I couldn't wait to have my animal friend back at home making noises, running around or begging for food. Animals make my house feel like a home.


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