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Friday, September 14, 2012

So in love with this picture. Everything about it makes it feel so perfect and movie like - those huge fluffy clouds in a pretty blue sky, all the bushes and flowers and the fact it's a giant pink house. I'd love to live there or at least visit for the weekend.
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Love love love this dress. Gold is such a perfect color for fall clothes. Plus, did you see that collar?! SO snazzy! Also, on a related note - for the month of September if you sign up through this link and make a purchase of $50 or more you'll receive $20 off. Which I'd have to say is a pretty awesome deal, especially if you've just been waiting for the perfect time to make your very first Modcloth purchase. 

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I love this rug so much (and that living room too!) That blue is the perfect shade.
Melting over these little kitties, especially the white one. I've always wanted a pure white cat but I've certainly found that you can't choose your cats, they choose you. 
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This lunch bag is so adorable. I really wish I had use for a lunch box, this one would definitely be my first choice.

I wish I could stumble upon a beach like this in real life or even one with those neat little beach huts that are pretty colors - only to take pretty pictures though. I much prefer my beaches deserted.
These three shoes from ASOS are amazing! The fringe on the pink pair is what really draws me in on that pair - plus that is definitely the perfect shade of pink! But the flatforms on the bottom are definitely my favorite. I need some flatforms for fall and winter (closed toed - all my flatforms now are open toed) and those are just marvelous. The only thing I could wish for are more color options.
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Forever jealous of folks who live in a place where they can have giant cactus outside.
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These planters are so neat. The second one reminds me of this home we saw when we were house hunting for our first home (can't believe we've been here three years already!!). It was my dream home - except for the fact it was so very small. Perhaps if we were a couple who didn't enjoy collecting just about everything and didn't plan on having children it would have been perfect but it just wasn't big enough. But the decor was so dreamy. This house was straight out of the 70's. It had a spiral staircase with orange shag carpeting (just so you know, I totally would have left it!) up to what would have been my craft room. Anyway - long story short the house had a planter just like the second one in the living room and I loooved it.

Hope you're having an excellent Friday. Today is my day to catch up on emails and straighten the house. But before I get started I'm going to cook up a morningstar mushroom burger! Was that totally necessary to mention? Not at all. BUT I just tried them for the first time yesterday and I'm obsessed. They're SO tasty. I actually just had mushrooms for the first time in Chicago last weekend but I'm hooked. I can't wait to get some at the grocery store next week and try out some new recipes. (Of course, if you have any favorite mushroom recipes leave me a link!)


  1. I don't quite remember the recipe off the top of my head but I highly recommend making stuffed mushrooms!


    (I can't SWEAR by that recipe because it isn't the one I used when I made them before, but it does looks similar.)

  2. Love those platforms in black and coral pink, so cute! Those planters are amazing.

    Mushrooms! Yes! I tried them for the first time about a year ago and I love them so so much. A very simple recipe I love to have for lunch is sauteed mushrooms in olive oil and garlic salt and cracked pepper, melt Italian cheese on a pita or flatbread, top with mushrooms and then toast lightly in the skillet. Mmm I want one now.


    1. Oh shoot, that sounds amazing and super simple which is ALWAYS a plus! Thank you so much!

  3. How are the morningstar mushroom burgers? Im a vegetarian too, but a rather picky one :)

  4. http://www.theppk.com/2011/06/mushroom-barley-soup-with-fresh-herbs/



    Basically anything that requires "ground beef" in traditional recipes - you could easily substitute chopped mushrooms for, I find! :)

  5. My all-time favourite mushroom recipe is this Portobello Wellington:


    I made it for our anniversary dinner :)

  6. I LOVE mushrooms! I've never met a stuffed mushroom that I didn't like. I'm sure you could find a recipe to suit you!

  7. I loooove portobello mushroom pizzas! You just use a portobello instead of pizza crust and put the sauce and your favorite toppings on top!

    After you clean the mushroom, put it in the oven for 5 minutes, take it out, add whatever toppings, and put it back in for 20 minutes or until the cheese is all melted. SO good.

  8. I can't believe that such a mushroom fanatic just now tried them for the first time! :) My favorites are criminis, sauteed just like Mandy instructed. I'll bet they would be good in your famous spinach sandwiches too!

    Also, that first house picture is so lovely! Has an Edward Scissorhands quality to it.

    1. Oh gosh, I bet that mushrooms would be good on a spinach sandwich!

    2. I have to agree...mushrooms and spinach are the bees knees!

  9. Morningstar Mushroom Burgers are pretty bomb!

    Have you ever had their Spicy Black Bean burgers? They are AMAZING with two buns, vegan swiss cheese, some mustard and ketchup, and some alfalfa sprouts! So try it one day, I promise you and Kevin will love it. :]

  10. I bought those flatforms and they were not good on!
    The soles are completely rigid and don't have any give at all, så the shoes slip off the foot with every step :(
    Really too bad, cos they're soooo cute!

  11. Omg, yes! I hate grass, and would love a cactus and sand yard.

  12. You're so welcome for the recipe and I just HAD to share this with you cause I instantly thought of ya!



  13. Want those pink fringe shoes!


  14. that pink house & its garden is beautiful - it'd be magical to live there.

  15. I pretty much need that yellow dress.

  16. Great choices. I love that lunch bag! I just posted a recipe that includes mushrooms. It's a quinoa, corn and mushroom salad and it's delicious.


  17. I really love that dress! So cute for fall!

    Shiitake mushrooms are pretty good too! I love them, although the dried ones have a "distinct" smell. Once you get past that, they're tasty! I like to add them to my favorite Chinese sticky rice recipe. If that's not your thing, they're just good stir fried with Chinese cabbage (nappa) or bok choy.

  18. The pink ASOS-shoes with the fringe made me think of another pair of shoes, which I think you would like! They have the perfect brown/red-color, and also comes with a little fringe :) They are from H&M, and looks like this: http://www.hm.com/us/product/01268?article=01268-B
    (I am from Sweden, so I pretty much get all of my clothes from H&M).
    The shoes are even more pretty in real life; a little darker in the color. I have the smallest feet in the universe, and I was so sad to see that these don't come in children's size.

    I love you blog! I am always excited to visit, and see what you've been up to. You have the cutest pictures and stories :)

    - Marie

  19. Those kitty photos just made my day! Adorable!!! And I love the rug from UO!


  20. I have an enormous cactus garden, everything from things that are above the roof of the house... 16 feet... to tiny weeny ones in terracotta pots. As long as you have a pot and decent soil, cactus soil, easily drained, you could have lots in your house in any area that gets a bit of sun. Rabbits like to chomp on them so if you have them outside, you might want to raise them up somewhere.

  21. Totally agree with you on the cactus thing. When my boyfriend and I visited San Diego/Carlsbad, I took pictures of every outdoor cactus and succulent I could find. And that's not even total cactus territory.

    Also, you're a mushroom convert. YAY!!! It's pretty much my favorite food. I really want to learn to make mushroom risotto, since it's one of the best mushroom dishes ever.


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