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what I wore : little ponies

Monday, August 20, 2012

shirt - c/o Romwe
skirt - thrifted
shoes - Neo c/o Blowfish Shoes

I love my gypsy flatforms from Blowfish, but these shoes are my new favorites. I am absolutely crazy about everything about them. They're comfortable and ridiculously adorable. I've been looking for a simple pair of flats with straps like this for a little while now. I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of these shoes from now on. I can't wait to pair them with tights soon. (I'm also just super excited about tights weather in general!)

The weather certainly is changing quick. I'm thinking this will one of the last outfits this year in a sleeveless shirt. (I could have gotten away with a sweater on this day too but I liked it better without.) In a way it's a bummer because these photos look so nice and summery which makes me wish it would stay like this forever. But I sure do miss layering and not sweating while just standing around. I normally say fall is my favorite season but I'm starting to think this is my favorite time of the year, the end of summer when I'm excitedly waiting on autumn to come.
Well, I'm off to unpack from an awesome little camping trip we took over the weekend with Elycia and Ivan. Then it's time to paint some shoes and start a new book. I'm always overly excited to start a new plus I got two new ones in the mail over the weekend! Hope you're having an excellent Monday!

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22 thoughts

  1. Gorgeous outfit! And I agree totally about the favorite season– that late-august-through-mid-september area when it's just cold enough to wear jackets, but warm enough to want to be outside.

  2. That shirt is adorable and I love those shoes! I've been looking for some strappy flats myself, but I have trouble with the heels of flats rubbing a blister. I guess I have oddly shaped feet, I don't know!

    This weekend we had amazing weather and it was very straight for Texas to have such cool weather in mid-August. It was glorious and made me yearn for Fall...which won't sneak back around until late November usually. Boo.


  3. I love that last shot. Maybe because men's shoes are so awesome!
    I have a pair of strappy flats like those and they have nearly been worn through, I love them so much! I should really get them resoled before they completely fall apart, or they'll leave a mighty big hole in my heart (and my closet!). I just picked up a whole pile of books this morning at a book sale at work, I can't wait to dig in and read my heart out!


  4. I have a dress with the same print as your top, I love animals on clothes. :) I think this is my favourite time of year too, autumn always feels like the start of a new year for me somehow!
    Faye x

  5. Love that top! And I'm always excited for new books as well. And I'm awaiting fall like nothing else haha.

  6. That blouse is so cute! You look so lovely.

    Everyone seems so excited for autumn, but I feel like I haven't even had a summer yet (damn Scottish weather) I wanna take advantage of the last of the sunshine before it gets cold and wet again xo

  7. that last shot! you have a stylish man friend! and you look so cute all bokeh-ed out in the background.

    and i LOVE this top

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  8. Those shoes are adorable! Thanks for sharing, I was looking for some perfect black cute pair of shoes too. <3 And they look so comfy. Oh and not to forget: I love your whole outfit! <3

  9. I'm in love with your shoes <3 Aw, just realised that your hair have same colour like your skirt ^_^ <3

  10. That skirt matches your hair so beautifully!

    I love starting a new book too. I've just been reading like a crazy thing this summer!


  11. This skirt is such a beautiful color! I love your last two shots, very different and unique.


  12. You're sad for summer to be over, but I'm sooooo glad it's ending! Texas is WAY too hot and I can't wait for the cool weather to come!

  13. Awww, you look adorable! I don't want summer to end...though I do miss my cardigans!

  14. LOVE the color of that skirt. So cute.


  15. I too love the end of August, beginning of September. But for the opposite reason of you. For me it is the end of winter and the beginning of spring, time to peel back the layers and feel the warmth on your skin.
    Love your shoes! I have never been a heel girl, so always love finding cute flats.


  16. That blue is so fabulous and looks awesome on you!!

  17. such cute shoes! and i love your skirt too!


  18. Yes! A my little pony dress to match your my little pony hair!

  19. SHOES! i've been looking for an exact pair to replace my near-death buckle flats. xo

  20. love the picture of you in the background and Kev's feet!!

  21. I adore your hair and the outfit is very cute also!!!


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