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what I wore // country mouse

Thursday, August 30, 2012

dress - Behold the Emerald c/o Modcloth
socks - Forever 21
shoes - Neo c/o Blowfish Shoes

How perfect is this dress?! I'm crazy about the color and fit. I felt like the sleeves looked a little puffy in the photos on Modcloth (which is hit or miss with me, normally miss) but I was super pleased to find these don't really look puffy on. I also love that they're sheer. Seeing my tattoos peek out of sheer clothing always makes me smile. Another thing that just gets me about the dress is the back of it, it's just perfection. I love nice little details like that. It's certainly going to be a dress I wear often. I wonder how many other great dresses I've passed up in the past because photos just don't do them justice.

We found a nice, quiet new place to take outfit pictures. This pretty wall is actually the back of a mausoleum. It's awesome because I've always really liked when bloggers take pictures in front of brick walls, probably only because it's different from what I'm used to. But I'm a country mouse and taking pictures anywhere where there would be one is a bit too intimating for me. This mausoleum is a great compromise, I get my pretty wall, no one is ever there and it's almost always shady against this wall - perfect!
I'm so excited to get my day started. We went to an auction last night were I got a bunch of really great things, cameras and Halloween decorations, that I can't wait to clean up. (Oh my goodness, I'm getting excited about decorating for Halloween!!) Hope you're having an excellent Thursday!

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36 thoughts

  1. The back of that dress is beautiful, such lovely detail! xo

  2. EEE I CAN'T WAIT FOR HALLOWEEN! It's my favorite holiday. :)

  3. This dress looks completely different than it does on the Modcloth website! Love it :)

  4. You look so genuinely happy in these pictures :) Your smile made me smile, thanks!

  5. Beautiful! I love that collar and the little cut-out makes it even better. That's one stunning dress<3


  6. LOVE this dress and those shoes! I don't know which Blowfish flats are my favorite, but those are certainly on the list. :-)

  7. You look awesome, love the dress! Pin is supercute :)

  8. I love your little mouse brooch. So pretty!

    I am so excited about decorating for Halloween too! It's my first Halloween since starting work so I can afford to go all out. Woohoo!


  9. Love this color on you! Plus, that pin is adorable.

    Such a cool spot, also!


  10. i love button back dresses. it is indeed an adorable dress - but i'm totally obsessed with that mouse pin

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  11. This is dress is too perfect!!! I love my tattoos showing through sheer fabric too, why is it so lovely??
    That pin is PERFECT!
    I actually discovered a great wall in my neighborhood recently when I was biking! I knew it was there but never saw it as something that would make a great background, it's right by a park though so I would have to find a time of day that no one is there I guess. Too embarrassed to do photos in public yet!

    Have a great day cleanin your goodies!


  12. the most perfect colour!!

    you should do you hair to match definitely


  13. Super cute dress! + that mouse pin is sooo pretty :-D

  14. Love your lace socks! And the sleeves are just puffy enough, not too much and not too little. I adore your jumping shots!
    Catherine Denton

  15. I don't think this dress could look more perfect on you. I totally agree with what you said about sheer clothing and tattoos peaking out. I feel the same way :]

    ♥ Emily

  16. You are seriously the most precious little thing.

    (Also check out the giveaway I am doing for a really cute cat purse!)

  17. I lovelovelove the little mouse pin!!

  18. That dress is super cute! I love modcloth dresses, but often they're so short! I like that this one is (almost) knee length!

    1. Oh, I agree! But I did find that 35 inches is the perfect length for me. It's not too short and not too long so before I buy anything online, especially Modcloth I just make sure it's 35 inches or longer. Modcloth surprisingly has quite a few, you just have to dig a little.

  19. I love your dress and how cute is that mouse pin. :)

  20. oooooh I LOVE this turquoise color. And who doesn't love a teeny mouse pin???
    Very cute!


  21. lovely dress! and the pin, oh, the pin!

  22. I love your hair. I adore that dress. and I want that little mouse. SO CUTE!!
    xo Heather

  23. Oh my lord those shoes, I'm blaming you for my shopping addiction haha

  24. love the pin and the dress! there's this sale I always go to (it's a senior citizen sale, funnily enough) and you buy a bag for $4 and you get it as full as you can, and I always look for really pretty dress and usually find some! the color of your dress is beautiful!

  25. Just everything about these series of pictures screams adorable. I love that little pin!

  26. That dress is adorable and the shoes are super cute. You look great!! ~Love Heather

  27. That dress is so pretty! I LOVE the back too! And what an adorable mouse brooch :)

  28. I love your little mousey and the lace socks! Beautiful detailing!

    Endometriosis my life with you

  29. Again, a lovely outfit. And I love the mouse broche! It's a shame though that I probably miss out on a lot of good stuff because of how it looks on photo.

  30. The colour of your dress is just perfect :)

  31. You need to do a brooch collection post so I can drool over them all.

  32. you are seriously so adorable! i just discovered your blog and i have been reading posts for the last 3 hours. love everything!


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