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Weekly Nail

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Supplies used...
Funky Fingers Kingston
Funky Fingers 220 Volts
Fresh Paint Pistachio
Wet n' Wild Club Havana
Fresh Paint Hot Lava
Salon Perfect Sour Apples
Sally Hansen Shrimply Devine
Milani  Fresh Teal
Funky Fingers Pop Artist
Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint
Coastal Scents Gravity
Seche Vite as a top coat
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here)

For my birthday I got a whoooole lot of nail polish! I'm so excited to try them all out. All of the colors above, except for two, are new. Kevin bought me this set from Coastal Scents. So many great colors, and an awesome price! I am certainly loving the set so far. My mom got me all the Funky Fingers, Fresh Paint (which seems to only be available at Five Below - definitely the coolest dollar store ever) and other ones. Between what I had and what I got for my birthday I've nearly filled up a second nail polish rack. I took a bunch of new pictures to share what my personal nail salon is looking like now, I'll share soon! It's pretty ridiculous but I can't help but love it.

I'm clearly still having fun with using lots of colors on my nails (see last week's Weekly Nail!) Every time that I've tried to paint my nails all one color in the last few weeks I've ended up changing it the same day because it's not quite fun enough for me. I'm just smitten with this week's nail. I hope they don't chip for a very long time because if they do I'll probably just end up doing something real similar again.
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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26 thoughts

  1. Love, love, LOVE this weekly nail! Ahhh! Words cannot describe.

  2. I love chevrons! So awesome! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this! Black paired with any color always gets my attention. These are awesome and I love that you got so much nail polish for your birthday! I have a feeling at least a couple people will give me some for my birthday in a couple weeks! Squeel! haha


  4. Ah! I love this nail design! I need to get some nail stickers pronto.

    Happy Sunday to you Kaylah!

  5. AMAZING. Hello, fellow-nail polish addict ;) x

  6. You always come up with such interesting nail designs, lovely :)

  7. Looks great! And I agree, Five Below is a seriously awesome store. I buy so much stuff from there

  8. They're so ridiculously perfect! I love it x

  9. Oh my gosh, this design and the colors are completely gorgeous! You always paint your nails so cleanly, I love it! :)

  10. That nail pattern is awesome!


  11. Ahhhh I have to try that design! So pretty!
    xo Heather

  12. Wow I love this! I can imagine that if I tried this, it would end up looking a complete mess. It looks really awesome though.

  13. That looks so pretty! I need to try that one :-D

  14. Gorgeous! Love the black tips, and the hot pink colour. I need to get some of those nail stickers one day!

    - Sasha

  15. So envious! These look amazing! How long do your designs last? xx

  16. I LOVE those nails! So colorful and stylish!


  17. I wish I had the time to paint my nails so often like you do! <3


  18. Darn it! I just bought the 90 bottle nail hanging thingy from amazon today plus 25 new polishes. Got to fill it up was my logical reasoning. I've gone nail crazy since reading your blog. I do need specs to get a better job done...
    I use the same top coat as you, can't beat it.
    Currently on a glitter and blue phase.
    Dotting art with the new tools is next, neon dots over black.
    Those stickers are awesome. You do a really clean job with your nails, they are fabulous. x

  19. so colorful <3

  20. You are so colorful! I wish I was brave enough to sport blue/purple hair! I just feel too old to get away with it!

  21. Thank you so much for linking this set!!! I just ordered it. How does it go on? I've gotten spoiled by how great Zoya polishes are.

    1. It's not as awesome as Zoya, but it's still really great. I've only tried a few of them so far but I've been pretty impressed. My only complaint is the brush is really short so I've found it a little awkward to paint with.

  22. Want. Chevron. Nails. So fun!

  23. I just seen your nails on 'the perfect hiding place' blog and had to come and check them out. They are really great :)

    Loving your blog btw
    Brooke xx


  24. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm obsessed with chevron lately.

    By the way, click here to visit my blog and participate in my giveaway - you can get a bracelet from Gogo Philip's newest collection!

  25. I like how you did warm colors on one side and cool on the other.



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