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July in Review

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

new (to me) movies I watched:
 • The Three Stooges. This would obviously only be funny to you if you were a Three Stooges fan to begin with but this movie was SO FUNNY. My whole family loved it. I'm already ready to watch it again.
The Black Balloon. I can't get this movie out of my head. It was so good.
Running Mates. Just a silly movie with a bunch of good laughs.
Nobel Son.

a few of my favorite posts from July:

exciting happenings on and offline:
Elycia came out and stayed a week. It was a blast. It totally confirmed our best friend status. I normally get sick of people reeeeal quick and I'm not really a big fan of having house guests but Elycia totally could have stayed another week and I wouldn't have minded. We had so much fun! If I had one wish right now it would definitely be that Elycia was my neighbor (ps. Elycia, there is a house down the road for sale! It's cute too!)
• I saw two of my favorite bands, Murder by Death and mewithoutYou at the Grog Shop in Cleveland. Both were amazing. At the shows I also fell in love with two of the opening bands we saw - Ha Ha Tonka (I've kind of been listening non stop since!) & Buried Beds.

a tiny (and incomplete!!) list of things I'm thankful for this month:
• my hair • Tommy's & their delicious food • flowers • beautiful weather • long visits with friends • four perfect cats • Lloyd, Carl and all the other awesome strays who visit • my parents, the coolest people ever • Elycia, the best friend a girl could ask for •  living so close to the beach • Roma Pizza • spinach sandwiches • sunshine • film • spotify • a clean house • Boylan's Birch Beer • books • family time • estate sales • my tattoo artist • instant film • craigslist • Murder by Death • mewithoutYou • living near a pretty decent city • USPS •

I can't believe it's already August already! July flew by in the blink of an eye.

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18 thoughts

  1. July went by way too fast, I'm always excited and anxious about August, it seems so mid-year, time is running out, and most of all it's full of birthdays around me. Love all your posts as always and looking forward to another great month in blog land with ya!

  2. You always have cool posts' but July had a lot of SUPER cool posts' :-P

  3. Every time I see your pretty bike on here it makes me wish I had one! :)


  4. I love how positive you are, especially by adding what you're thankful for! it cheers me up and makes me a bit more optimistic about my own life.

    <3 Melissa

  5. sounds like a fun and whirlwind summer; live music and (fun) house guests are the best!


  6. What a great blog-month. i love your bicycle and I've made your peanut-butter ice cream many time now, so addicted, even though the weather here has been mostly cold:-)Thank you for the great content

  7. Looooove 'The Black Balloon' - watched it last month for the first time and it's such a great example of Aussie film. It's surprisingly realistic and shocking, though lovely and almost nostalgic. Cried like a baby - did you?

    1. I surprisingly didn't, it was definitely a fight not to though.

  8. I've just started following your blog though I've been following you on Instagram for a while. I love that picture of your cat! xx

  9. I love these little updates on how your month was, they're so cute.
    Seems like you had a wonderfully relaxing July. :)


  10. I love that post about the girl in blue! Jes and I love anything about ghosts or or places that have an interesting past. It's also a funny coincidence that I just sold that same deer figurine that you have to a girl in Australia. It lived on my shelf for a long time :) I hope you and Kevin are having a great summer!


  11. Love it! How did you like "Noble Son"? I <3 Alan Rickman and thought he was such a swine of a father in that film. Oh and I loved your bicycle makeover!

  12. Yay!! I'm sooo glad you like Ha Ha Tonka. Lovely boys. Great band. I think I might take one of their albums with me to work today so I have something fun to listen to. =]

  13. I totally agree it comfirmed our best friend status! I have a hard time being around people all day everyday but as we have already discussed I did not get sick of you either!! We should totally buy it as a vacation home! ;)
    Love you friend!!!

  14. Ha Ha Tonka is amazing! I grew up near the state park they are named for, and I cannot explain how much their music just feels like home. If you are ever near Missouri, you really should visit the park. The castle is just... incredible.

  15. I just had to let you know I mentioned you in my blog post today!


  16. I love that you're thankful for the USPS :) (My husband and sometimes my employer). I'm thankful for your blog ~ n.n ~


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