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Gizmon iPhone Case Review!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Around a month or so ago as an early birthday present to myself I bought something I've been drooling over for quite some time, this gizmon iphone case! I had ordered one a while back from amazon, but they sent me the wrong one (this all black one as opposed to this one) When I returned it they gave me a refund instead of exchanging it so I just figured I'd forget it, no big deal. A few weeks later I saw Fred Flare had an even more awesome one at the same price, so I snatched it up!

This one comes with five different color options for the grip, which is 100% awesome because this way I didn't have to decide which color I wanted to buy - when I get sick of a color just switch it out. Not to mention, the colors are even better than the three I saw on amazon. Here's what each looks like...
I've been using the beige one the most. But the black is still my favorite. 

While the case its self isn't as high quality as I would have hoped, it's still the coolest phone case I've ever owned. It comes apart quite easily which would be handy if it stayed together when I wanted it to. Often the top piece (the part with the view finder) comes unattached in my purse or in my bike basket no matter how careful I am and believe me, I'm very careful with my electronics. Since that's the part that attaches to the straps, it is quite risky to use the strap.
The photo above show what the set comes with. Five grip color choices, the main camera body/phone case (which breaks up into three pieces), a strap so you can wear it around your neck, tripod mount and two lens choices (neither of which like to stay on either!)

All in all I'm quite undecided on how to feel about the case. On one hand it's so so awesome looking and I can't help but love it because of that. On the other hand, it's not top quality at all and I can't in good faith tell you to go out and buy it right now! But it you are just smitten with the look (like I am), think you're careful enough, and want to take a chance with the case then definitely go for it!

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17 thoughts

  1. It's SO awesome looking, I agree. But not completely worth it, IMHO if it's not safe.
    I own a few but have been using a super cheap casette tape one. It gets a lot of fun reactions, & since it's silicone & thus chock proof, I don't have to worry even if I drop my iPhone down.

  2. I like how it looks but I'm more for the practical side of things and well, I don't want a case that comes apart haha. But it does look awesome.

  3. so does the tripod mount actually work? or is it just to look cool? I'd be really interested in something that could connect my iphone securely to a tripod since I use time lapse and long shutter apps!

    1. You know, I'm not sure! I've never tried it.

  4. They sure are pretty! I love the colors...I would want something top notch though!


  5. I spotted a case very like this not long ago and nearly bought an iphone just so I could buy the case. It's so cute! xo

  6. These cases are seriously freaking awesome. I adore them and am putting it on my wishlist for sure!

  7. Very cute stuff. Unfortunately, this isn't something I can use since I'm a bit accident prone and I even end up breaking things in my quest to be more careful.

    My friend, on the other hand, *must* get one!

  8. This is fantastic, I've never seen anything quite so cool!

  9. WOW this is so great! I love that you can change the colors and they are all awesome colors. :)

  10. I actually just bought the black case on the four corner store website a few days ago! My husband found it when he was looking for a new phone case and thought I'd love it. Since mine is not going to be the kind you can change colors on I really hope it doesn't come apart so easily!

  11. Oh! I love this! Pretty much everything in my life is camera-themed lately. I think I need one or more of these!

  12. I love this! Pretty much everything in my life is camera-themed lately. I think I need one or more of these!

  13. These cases looks nice, specially the colors. If I have to choose from this I will go for blue as it looks perfect and even my favorite color.

  14. lovely =D different case options is definitely a plus.

  15. All these cases looking wonderful really this one is awesome post with great pics


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