Sabine Timm takes the most wonderful photos! Faces made from inanimate objects never fail to make me smile.
(via: Sabine Timm)
This living room looks so cozy and that couch is just beautiful!
(via: decor8) 
This photo makes me want to play with bubbles and photograph them. 
This dress from Modcloth is so cute even if it does feel like we're going into the wrong season to be wearing it. Not that I ever have things set aside for certain seasons because of color but I am certainly finding myself drawn to browns, greens and other darker colors right now.

Wooly Walter White is basically the best thing ever! If you're in the Los Angeles area you should definitely go check out the Breaking Bad art show at Gallery1988. It looks pretty darn awesome. The exhibit runs until Sept.1st.
(via: Casey Weldon)
Lomography just released this Diana Baby 110. I absolutely love 110 film, it's one of my favorites to shoot with. I'd love to give this little guy a spin!
(via: Lomography)
Dear Creatures fall 2012 line is AMAZING. Everything is perfect! I'm not even sure I could pick a favorite.
 (via: Dear Creatures)
This satchel/backpack is adorable. I love when bags double as backpacks. I don't like backpacks for everyday use but a small, cute backpack is essential for bike rides. (Geez, how many times can I say "backpack" in one tiny paragraph?!)
(via:  Ruche)
I'm always a sucker for sweaters with animals on them like these two from ASOS!
 (Both via ASOS)

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. I want to buy everything in the dear creatures fall line! Absolutely love it :)

  2. I'm so excited about the Diana Baby too! If only I could justify buying another camera... ;)

    Love those animal-set-tables!

  3. Oh yeah loving the faces from the objects, makes me smile too! The couch's colour is beautiful

    The Young Bridget Jones

  4. this kitty cardigan from asos is on my wishlist!

  5. Oh my, the navy blue dress with the white trim from Dear Creatures is my favorite!

  6. Your Friday Favourites list is dangerous for my purse, love it!

  7. Baby Diana is so adorable!


  8. Oh man, I'm loving that Dear Creatures line as well, and the kitty sweater! Eee!! Love FF!

  9. I love the tables with faces. How funny. It must be so wonderful to have an imagination where they get to see faces in every day things.

  10. The tables are my favorite, for sure! I love looking for faces in inanimate objects all the time. You'd be surprised how easy they are to spot once you actually start looking!

    - Lindsay

  11. Loving all of this! The table faces had me gasp and so did the Wooly Walter White, OH MY GOSH! That's amazing!

    Loved your backpack rant, also I just got an adorable backpack purse at Goodwill yesterday and I am so excited about it!!!


  12. The Dear Creatures line is so adorable! I love the colors, pattern, style, everything!


  13. A kitty sweater! I love that!


  14. Holy cow that Walter White magnetic personality is AWESOME! I love it. Like seriously love it.
    Also, Dear Creatures are you kidding me??? SUCH a fantastic collection. I want every single one of those items.

  15. I agree with Anna about your Friday Favorites putting a dent in the wallet.

    Awesome list today!

  16. Oh my.. I NEED to have something or maybe just everything from the Dear Creatures line! I normally don't really like skirts, but I need to have one! <3

  17. I must have the original walter white!

  18. Hi! I found your blog the other day and I can't stop trying to click back to the beginning to catch-up. I am in LOVE with just about everything you post. I can't wait to go paint my nails later. I love baby animals. I love cats but can't have pets because I'm allergic. I live vicariously through your animal photos.

    Your style is amazing and your blog definitely is gorgeous. I can't wait to keep reading. Thanks!

    p.s. love Breaking Bad and I just might have to hop over to check out that gallery.

  19. I l♥ve everything about that couch image.....the pink with the black & White, the record stand, all amazing! Makes me want to search through art history books and listen to records!

  20. I am loving the Dear Creatures line! Thanks for sharing :)


  21. haha, the first two photos are really cute and that sofa is a beaut!

  22. Soooo many awesome things on this Friday! I'm in love with the living room look, you can always go right with a pink couch. :)

  23. those tables! i'm giggling the most! i love my diana mini 35mm. the 110 is probably amazing, too!

  24. I love the bubble photo!! :D
    The Dear Creatures collection looks really awesome!
    And the Diana baby is too cute !! :D

    love, Saar

  25. Like everyone else here, I'm now in love with the Dear Creatures line, especially the dresses with the white detailing. Those cat sweaters are adorable's too hard to pick a favorite!

    - Paige

  26. That kitten sweater is the best sweater ever.

  27. I need that Diana Baby! You always have the best Friday Favorites! Have a great weekend!

    Peace <3 & (A)-
    Lefties are Lovers

  28. I love the Deer Creatures line! It's so precious, I want to wear all of it.

  29. Hi, I found your blog over at Editorial by Tori Spelling. I love those tables! It's so creative.

  30. The Dear Creatures collection is lovely. I would wear those coats all the time, if I got one. The backpack/purse would look cute with most of the collection too. (:

    And the bubble photo is fantastic! I feel like I should pull out my hula hoops, bubbles, and all my children's toys for a day out. ^^

  31. I love the Dear Creatures stuff! Aaaand that satchel/backpack!
    xo Heather

  32. I spend the entire afternoon (yesterday) to read your blog ! Your "friday favorites" is an awesome idea, I've found perfect things on Etsy thank to you !


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