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what I wore: hearts

Monday, July 30, 2012

the details
dress (worn as a shirt) - c/o Romwe
skirt - thrifted
headband - handmade
suspenders - ebay
shoes - Blowfish

I love these flatforms from Blowfish so much I went out searching for more colors. After looking for a while and being disappointed by prices (why are they so expensive on ebay?!) I finally found some in red and better yet, they were on sale! I wish these came in even more colors (and a closed toe option for fall/winter!) Flatforms are the only shoes other than flats I feel comfortable in, they're so easy to walk in.

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday! Today I'm going be taking lots of before photos for a little living room project we'll be working on later this week. Yesterday we went and picked up a snazzy new (errr, old! It's marked 1963 on the inside) credenza for my living room. It's so fabulous, and just what I've been looking for for around a year. It couldn't have come at a better time, my birthday week! I can't wait to see my living room finally come together.

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26 thoughts

  1. Super cute outfit!
    I love your shoes and headband ♥

  2. This outfit is so adorable! I'm so jealous of your growing flatform collection, these ones look so nice. x

  3. Love the outfit and I want to see this credenza! The hubby and I have been looking for one we both like for a while now for our living room.


  4. I am diggin on the suspenders!

  5. Love those suspenders, they look adorable with that skirt. Yay for birthdays and living room makeovers! Have a great week :]

  6. The skirt is awesome!! nice color combination

  7. So cute! You're totally rockin' that outfit :-P

  8. I'm digging those suspenders! My little sister bought me checkerboard suspenders as a gift and I am at a total loss on how to style them. I think I'll have to look to my skirt collection, now! Good idea :). And isn't it so lovely when decor things start to come together? Total magic.

  9. Nice!
    Your hair still looks amazing!


  10. Great outfit, the braces are a sweet touch :)

  11. I just told my hubsand, "This girl always has the best hair!" - great outfit. I like to see how people wear suspenders because I keep thinking about getting my own set or 2...

  12. Oh lovely! I think my favourite part of your outfit is the skirt. The colour is gorgeous! Also, as silly as this may sound, I never knew what a credenza was before... until I googled it! :P


  13. That skirt is so adorable! This outfit is making me want to pull out my suspenders again. Love it!


  14. I love your hair and your photos. You look happy and it rubs off on me. I only wish I would have read your hair tip posts before I put in some blue highlights. I guess I didn't bleach enough because some of them came out green...-__- lol


  15. I'm totally making grab-hands at that skirt. Love this outfit!!

  16. This is unrelated, but I saw this today and thought it would be something you'd like!: http://lilysu.com/artwork/2753019_Teeth_Tea_Cup.html

  17. Cute! I've been on the hunt for flatforms! :)

  18. Beautiful pictures, and love the oufit!!!!!


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