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what I wore; black and white again!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

the details
shirt - c/o Modcloth
skirt - Forever 21
brooch - a gift
sunglasses - Target
camera bag - Jo Totes
shoes - c/o Modcloth

I'm still going through a black and white obsession. I only half jokingly told Kevin the other day when I was wearing this that I wanted to dump out my closet and only have black and white clothing. I would really get sick of it after a short amount of time because no matter what colorful things will always have a special place in my heart but it's still fun to daydream about it. I really don't own that much black clothing (cat hair shows!) or white clothing for that matter (I'm a chronic spiller of things, but mostly only when wearing white!) so I've been wearing this outfit, this one and this one like crazy lately. (That dress especially, I've even considered buying a second so I'll have a spare when I inevitably wear that one out.)

This is my new hair! Blue, purple and pink. In these photos you really can't see the definition between the purple and pink, but in person it pops! I also have some pink underneath my bangs which looks super neat and the blue runs into it while I shower so it's turning a pretty purple. I really dig it. As much as I liked having four colors and as awesome as I thought the green looked this is what I really, really feel comfortable in. It's my natural color.

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous day. I'm going to get back to work. I have a craaaazy amount of pictures that need sorted through. I've been putting it off for way too long and I'm ready to just get it done. Plus it's supposed to storm today and I really love popping in one of my favorite movies, cuddling up under a blanket with a kitty and looking through pictures while it storms.

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30 thoughts

  1. Your brooch is too cute to be true :)

    I need to say it: you have a super pretty face. Hope you're smiling like that everyday because it's a pleasure to see it ^ ^

  2. I love that you called this your natural colour :). It does suit you! And I know what you mean about all black and white. There's something so classic about it, and I feel like without any colours in the mix, you can really mix and match prints to your hearts content!

  3. Love the blog! I found it when googleing nail polish ideas :3 I love your sense of style, it is so original compared to all those other fashion blogs out there.

  4. I love black and white too, but can't wear them too often for exactly the same reasons! I don't know why I spill things more when I wear white, but it sucks! x
    Sirens and Bells

  5. I love that top; I almost bought it myself! Black/White is a good look with crazy hair, but don't give up on color!

  6. That tooth brooch is adorable!! x

    Rose Eva

  7. I do love this hair color on you! It just reminded me of how I discovered your blog, I was searching for hair inspiration on Flickr and found you and this was the color your hair was in the pictures!

    I LOVE that top, and it's so cute with the polka dot skirt!


  8. I love the skirt and very pretty hair :)

  9. I love that last photo. I want to picnic there <3

  10. So adorable! You can never go wrong with black & white ;)

  11. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and say that your tooth brooch is the best, it's so cute! Perfect for a black and white ensemble!
    Faye x

  12. Love the blue so bright! I have a card to send you in response to your email, I'm so slow! lol

  13. Your hair looks lovely :)
    I really love the last picture, it seems so wistful.

    Lauren xox


  14. Black and white is always a trusty combo! I really love how you've teamed the skirt and shirt together, I thought it was a dress at first!


  15. Ever since dying my hair fire engine red, I have gravitated towards black & white. I think you can never go wrong with it. I would wear all of this in a heartbeat.

  16. Love that brooch! How adorable! ♥



  17. I really adore your black and white outfits! I totally get comfort colors. My hair seems to be turning green on me and blue/purple is what I feel best in!

  18. The new hair looks great! Don't you love how vibrant it always is right after you've dyed it? Bangs with one color on top and the other peeking out beneath are my favorite.

  19. Adorable brooch! I love how the patterns are different, yet similar to make a wonderful outfit. Very cute!

  20. oh my word!
    first time visitor... and now follower!

    the tattoos, the hair, the quirky writing! you are beyond fab.
    lovin' it all :)


  21. Love your new hair {easy to see why its your fave} & I absolutely covet those shoes!

  22. Your hair looks fantastic, it's so vibrant! I love this outfit too, so pretty! xo

  23. Black and white looks great against your hair.

    I really love that little tooth brooch. How cute!



  24. this isn't my etsy shop... but i thought of you when I found this:



  25. Love your style & am especially coveting those shoes :)


  26. The back and white looks great with the hair.

    I became obsessed with wearing black white and red when I dyed my hair red, I also started wearing red lipstick for the first time ever. But you are right I could never abandon my kaleidoscope wardrobe

  27. Pretty smile :)



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