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TIM // part two

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Earlier today I shared some older photos from TIM which you can find here. Now it's time to share some more recent photos from the camera, and ones that are much more my style (natural lighting as opposed to flash.) These are my two absolute favorites from my second roll. If every photo from this camera looked like these I would never put TIM down!
I like this one too but the flare in the second frame makes it not quite as awesome as the other two.
Here are a few more happy accidents from the roll. This is what happens when you're bad at lining things up...
My only guess on this picture is that I accidentally jerked the film advance harder than needed and that's why it's off center and you can see the beginning of the next photo.
And this is what it looks like when both the "eyes" are open, same picture on both sides but from slightly different angles so you can view it as a 3D photo. (hey! look! I just noticed that the end right side of the photo above is what's missing from the one below!)
After my second roll I immediately loaded TIM back up for another round. But if you recall a little while back me mentioning I dropped TIM in Lake Erie for a few seconds while shooting. The photos turned out decent, they just look a little more aged than normal. I rather like it.
The last one is my favorite from the third roll. It seems kind of spooky to me.

Anyone else have a TIM? I'd love to see your photos!

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23 thoughts

  1. Amazing! I could not resist and just purchased one myself <3

  2. Oh, wow; these are fantastic! I really need to look into getting a couple toy cameras. You've inspired me!

  3. Oh these ARE much better! Nothin' like some daylight to make a photo seem to have some soul! I LOVE the after lake-drop photos, those look really neat, and the last one is very cool, I love the little glare, very Eerie...haha...get it?


  4. I love that last lighthouse photo. I agree with the spooky thing, it feels like those pink splotches ought to be apparitions of some kind! Neat!

  5. very cool camera :) you have introduced me to so many toy cameras that i wouldnt have thought to try. thanks lady ^.^

  6. I like the pics after it was dropped. That last pic does have quite the ominous feel.

  7. I liked all the pictures, including the accidental one, and specially the first one. :)

  8. Yeah, I agree! The aged look works really well for these images.

  9. Yes! The last one's my fav too! What is it? A lighthouse? It's so much fun experimenting with film!

  10. these photos are beautiful! I really think that the slightly damaged film has such a wonderful look to it.

    <3 Melissa

  11. Ooh these look so amazing! You always inspire me to try out different cameras.



  12. love the last picture, spooky! I love your picnic hamper too.

  13. Wow, drop the camera in the lake every time because those aged photos look fabulous.

  14. You have such an amazing collection of cameras!
    I like all of the photos, they're brilliant :]

  15. I actually love the second round of these photos; I love photos that look aged, it makes them look like they have a real story to tell. Awesome!


  16. These pictures are really sweet. I've been dying for a beautiful beach day like this!

  17. Wow you're lucky with the results of dropping it in the water! They're in tact and look super awesome!

    Don't forget that when you take a shot with both the eyes open, you can look directly at the middle of the image(s), go cross eyed, and you've got an instant 3D experience!

    You've inspired me to go fish out my TIM now :)


  18. These are great! I really love that you get two complimenting photos on each print rather than just individuals. So fun!

  19. Great photos :) love them :) such a great camera :)

    Jo. x

  20. The colours are amazingly gorgeous... you look like you had so much fun!

  21. Wow, who'd have thought dropping your camera in a lake could make the photos even better?!

  22. cool!



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