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Photo an hour // July 10th

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

While Elycia was out near the beginning of the month (I can't believe it was so long ago!) we both took a photo an hour. Here is our day through my viewfinder...

7am // I watered all my flowers while Elycia worked out.
8am // Breakfast and brainstorming. Elycia came out of the shower with a killer idea and we immediately started planning.
9am // Still brainstorming, writing notes and dreaming up silly ideas.
10am // A quick stop at Sheetz for drinks before heading out to get supplies.
11am // Browsing for said supplies at the thrift store.
12pm // Picking out flowers at the craft store to make pretty headbands.
1pm // A tasty lunch of Roma pizza, salad, the best creme soda and cold coffee (....? ew!)
2pm // We started shooting a video and were joined by Doctor Octopus.
3pm // Packing up to head to the beach. Elycia and I spent a crazy amount of time at the beach over the course of the week. It was the best!
4pm // Relaxing a minute before heading into the water to play in the waves.
5pm // Still at the beach. We had so much fun letting the waves crash into us.
6pm // THIS IS A BIG DEAL...Squid made friends with Elycia while she was out!! Squid likes all of about four humans total (Me, Kevin and my parents) and she used to spend all of Elycia's visit in the bedroom closet (her safe place) but she decided to venture out during this visit. She even flopped for Elycia and let her rub her belly.
7pm // Tacos for dinner!
8pm // No evening with Elycia would be complete without some time spent painting nails!
We ended the evening taking some photos outside (which we'll be sharing another day!). All in all it was a fabulous day. I have such a blast with Elycia! Make sure to check out Elycia's blog to see what the day looked like through her viewfinder.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday. I've got plans with my mom today, so I'm pretty excited about getting the day started.

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25 thoughts

  1. LOVE that shot of the flowers- so pretty! x

    Rose Eva

  2. Looks like a great day with a great friend :)

    xo Kayla

  3. Looks like an amazing day, I love that photo of you guys in the water xo

  4. What a heavenly day. As I said to E, you guys are very lucky to have such awesome friends with so much rad/silly stuff in common.

    Can't wait to see the craziest video ever.

  5. I love Boylan sodas! They are so hard to find around here though.

  6. I guess I really miss this type of post. Enjoy reading again. You are an awesome blogger !

  7. I love these photo-an-hour posts, I like using a nice camera to document those little things we might otherwise never have record of. I'll definitely be checking out Elycia's take on the day next!

  8. Awww isn't it such a great feeling when your super shy cat finally comes out to meet friends?! Both of my girls are very skittish and hide when company is over, but I'll never forget the day our friends K&S were having dinner with us and Morgan came down from the loft and jumped on the couch between them. Shocked, happy faces all around!


  9. Super cute as always! That is so sweet that your shy kitty ventured out and made friends!!! Can't wait to see more!


  10. Sheetz is THE BEST. I went to college in Ohio a few years ago, and Sheetz was just beginning to pop up that far west. I'm glad it's still going strong!

  11. What a wonderful day!! PS Squid is SO cute!!! xo

  12. Photo an Hour Day sounds exactly like something my sister and I would do when we can manage to get a sister-date into our busy schedules.

  13. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :)

  14. Aww, I love these Picture an Hour posts, especially when they feature fun activities and good friends! You and Elycia always seem to have the best time together! This post makes me ache for my best friend, who is away on vacation and coming back in 4 days after being in Europe for a month. A MONTH. I miss her so much! Thanks for reminding me of fond memories.

    - Samantha

  15. #1, yes!! boylans creme soda. yumyumyum.
    #2, i LOVE sitting in the waves like that - but HATE what it does to swimsuit lining in the nether-regions!

    looks like you two had a blast :)

  16. your photos are so bright and pretty! :D

  17. What an adorable picture of you two with the floppy hats in the waves. I still need to get one of those!

  18. awww, I really enjoy this idea. You took such lovely photos too, it looks like a great day!

  19. Can I just say I LOVE the hats you both are wearing in the one photo?! :)

  20. I am just tickled pink that your photo-an-hour happened to be done on my birthday! That must be why you had such a great day. Just kidding just kidding! But it is really cool for some strange reason to see what other people were doing. I'm glad you guys had such a great time together.

    And I totally know how amazing it is when your kitty accepts another person. My kitty (who is also black) is exactly the same way.) I guess that means Elycia is a keeper ; ]

  21. The photo an hour posts are so fun :) your nails look AWESOME btw :D


  22. Love these pics!


  23. no way.. is that ketchup on your tacos?? I looove ketchup on tacos and everyone always looks at me like a crazy person. Its probably not ketchup and your going to think im crazy too! very few people will even give the ketchup taco combo a chance..what a shame.


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