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what I wore: stripes

Thursday, June 28, 2012

dress - Ruche
belt - thrifted
camera bag - Jo Totes
shoes - Salt Water Sandals

I apologize for the small number of photos of this outfit, I at least normally try to have more a variety of photos, especially of the details. But it was SO hot, and I was not feeling so fly. I'm sure I'm not the only one but it doesn't matter how cute I really look, it's all about how I feel. On the day we took these it was the kind of heat the instantly makes you feel like you wasted time trying to feel pretty, feel like your hair is plastered to your head, and in turn you just want to go home take a cold shower and pretend you never even tried. I love summer, but humidity and I aren't friends, at all! 

So Kevin and I took quickly took some photos, abandoned plans to wander around the cemetery and hurried home to sit in the air conditioning. I figured we wouldn't have gotten any photos that I would like since I was so miserably hot but to my surprise there were a few that I really liked! I'm super stoked we took the pictures we did and kind of wish I would have stuck it out a little longer to get some more. I absolutely love this simple outfit. Dressing for summertime can be tricky because I'm used to layering but being able to just throw on a dress and shoes is the best! By the end of summer I will learn to embrace the hot weather!

I've been wearing my Salt Water Sandals basically non-stop since I got them. I just can't over how awesome they are. Any pair of comfortable/cute shoes I can get wet and it's not a big deal at all is pretty awesome by me. I also really like how they can dress down an outfit. I kind of avoid this dress in my closet because I feel like it's just the tiniest bit too fancy to wear on any old occasion but the sandals bring it down a notch making it comfortable enough to wear anywhere. 

Hope you're having a fabulous day!

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32 thoughts

  1. I know what you mean about that humidity! I live in Texas and right now it's 100+ degrees PLUS humidity! I haaaate it, it's so hard not to sweat your make-up and hairspray right off. I haven't been doing outfit post lately because of it :/


  2. those sandals are kickass!
    greetings from vienna

  3. I'm with you-- both on dressing by feel & hating the heat! Today we are supposed to roast, so I'm looking forward to doing nothing lol


  4. You look great, love that dress! I hate the heath too, it's killing me. I don't go out before 9 PM hahah. So glad I'm on holidays :)xx

  5. aw man, i sympathise with the humidity! only we haven't even got any sunshine to make up for it, just clouds! i really like those sandals, i'm not a sandals person but i'm so tempted to get some like that! xo

  6. That dress is lovely, the length looks fantastic on you. Love how summery this outfit is as well, I'm super jealous of the sun - we've got flood warnings today in the UK xo

  7. Oh my ... Every time I visit your blog I am reminded of why I am trying very hard to add more colour to my mostly black wardrobe! This outfit is fantastic, and one really wouldn't know you weren't feeling as fresh as a daisy in these shots. Seriously, you're as cool as a cucumber!


  8. Great dress, and still very much loving your beautiful hair!

  9. That dress is adorable! You look so good in bright colors. I totally understand the heat issue. It's so hot here its stupid. Being outside of any length of time isn't something we do right now... At all...

  10. Love the dress, bag, shoes, belt and pleats (ah!). Very cute and so simple and casual for a summer's day!

  11. I'm in love with that dress and I am in such need of those sandals, in EVERY color! I have trouble with sandals cause my feet are picky about uncomfortable shoes, and I also need sandals that will dress things down.

    Also, Texas heat is the WORST! I hate it so much, I grew up here and you would think I get used to it, but ever summer is hotter and more humid than the last. What really blows is that my birthday is in August, so I NEVER have good pictures of me at birthday parties because I'm red and sweaty and not happy haha. I try to deal, and I am definitely glad I am now so in love with wearing dresses!


  12. The heat, ugh, the heat. I step outside to take photos for 5 minutes tops, and I'm done! You look lovely in these stripes! And the butterfly belt is adorable!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  13. Love this dress, the colours, the fit, everything. I have sandals like that in green :)

  14. You look gorgeous. I wouldn't have guessed the weather was so unpleasant. i hate humidity too & we have PLENTY or it right now in Mumbai. Very unpleasant... especially when I travel halfway across the city to meet someone & I'm sweating like a pig.

  15. I love those saltwaters! I still have yet to get a pair, that dress is so pretty, I love how simple primary colors look so well together.(of course there are some others thrown in there)

    twitter: cincy_cindrella

  16. Despite the heat, these photos are still lovely, that's a fantastic dress. :) I have the opposite problem right now because here in Scotland it's been raining non-stop which makes it hard to take pretty pictures of anything!
    Faye x

  17. I know what you mean about it being tricky to dress in summer. I really like layering and wearing things in different ways, but in summer it feels too hot with even just a dress on. We're going to Thailand in 2 weeks and it's very hot there, so maybe I'll get some good warm weather clothes there.

  18. I'm the total opposite, I can't stand the dry, it makes me feel so darn crappy! I'm totally jealous of your weather, it's freezing cold here in South Australia :( freeeeezing! Your outfit is wonderful, it makes me long for summer!!

  19. Love that striped dress! Super cute!

  20. LOVE that dress!

    You're adorable. As usual <3

  21. The humidity is totally killer. Even living down by the lake, there are some mornings I walk to work and feel like it's just plain too hot outside for humans! And that isn't even at the hottest point of the day, welp!!


  22. That belt is so cute with that dress!

  23. Awesome look! I adore that belt :)

  24. This dress is really so lovely.

    I feel all hot and stuffy today too, though I'm sure what we're experiencing is absolutely nowhere near as hot as you!



  25. This outfit is so fun and if I ran into you on the street, your colorfullness would make me super happy :) I am not friends with humidity either! I live in Phoenix so I can deal with super hot, but throw in humidity and I'm not a happy girl. You look awesome!

    1. I'm with Lisa! I can deal with the heat in Phoenix, but when it gets humid. I'm done! It's getting difficult to take outfit photos outdoors. That's why all of mine are in my carport! I can just jump inside the house to cool off, if I need to!

  26. I remember belts like that and love the yellow shoes.

  27. I think this is the quintessential Dainty Squid dress! LOVE!

  28. oh, how nice your hair is <3

  29. Yooo, I have the same dress :) Check it out! http://valentinaduracinsky.blogspot.fr/2012/06/italy-part-2.html

    I love your hair. Good idea with the belt!! Hadn't thought about it!




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