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what I wore; deer sweater

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the details
sweater - c/o Romwe
dress - thrifted then altered
ring - c/o DondaLee's
tights - c/o Modcloth
shoes - c/o B.A.I.T. Foowear

Let me just start off by saying I am in love with this outfit and these pictures! These were actually taken at seven in the morning. We headed over to my parents for the day so Kevin could work on his car and I decided to take outfit pictures while he did that since the puppy was sleeping and I had nothing else to do. I was skeptical about taking pictures so early in the day but after a few test shots I knew I had to. I'm just smitten with the lighting.

This lovely little dress used to be four or five inches longer and have long sleeves. I bought it because I couldn't resist the color and the collar and as always when it comes to thrifting - if the price is nice I basically have no self control, even if there are big red flags. Ones like I normally think long sleeve dresses are awkward on me unless the sleeves are form fitting. The ones formerly on this dress - big and billowy. After getting it home, trying it on and realizing how ridiculous I looked I decided I would just add it to the ever growing Circus Bear stock pile but there was just something about the color that I couldn't let go of. So I figured if I altered it and it looks dumb I'd only be losing a dollar or so, so I went at it. Let me tell you, I am so happy I did! I love this dress now. It's inspired me to take the scissors to lots of other pretty dresses that could be a whole lot prettier with just a little tweak.

Hope you're having a great day!!  
PS. Did you notice in the second picture you can see through my septum? Hah!

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33 thoughts

  1. That's so funny the picture caught your septum :) I'm so jealous that you can still wear sweaters!! Florida is so hot.

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous! I've always wanted the jukebox tights from modcloth, and I'm so jealous you've got them!!

    I agree; the colour of the dress is beautiful. It'd have been a huge waste if you'd written it off. :(

    Also loving deer prints. So cute.

    Love it! :)

  3. I am also in love with this outfit! The color of that dress is amazing and I am now convinced that every sweater should feature a deer print. So cute!


  4. You wear everything I wish I could! Unfortunately my sewing machine's bust so no pretty unusual outfits for me!
    Stunning as usual :) x

  5. Wow it's so pretty! The color (and collar!) of the dress is so pretty.. I have a dress with long, billowy sleeves too but have no idea how to alter it properly D: Any chance you could make a little tutorial on how to alter dresses? Or any tips?

  6. Such a cute sweater! Love it!

    Greetings from the Midwest :)

  7. You are so cute!!! I love that color and that sweater, meep! ♥

  8. I agree about the colour of this, looks great on you! And the tights are awesome!


  9. kaylah, by taking a risk you created something you love, what could be better than that? :)

  10. I LOVE that dress, what a lovely color and that sweater is just fantastic. I wish I could wear sweaters in May!

    I'm new to altering clothes and let me tell you, it's an amazing thing! I'm also new to thrifting clothes and now I look at things in a whole new light when I know I can alter it a bit if it's just not right :)

    Also! YES to morning light!!! Isn't it lovely!? Evening light is beautiful too if you want a warm glow, I've been seeing a beautiful glow in our backyard every evening and I haven't gone out to take pictures yet cause it's always at an inconvenient time, I should plan to do it this week!

  11. Ahhhh I'm SO excited you're wearing my cat ring! lol! It looks awesome! And I adore your deer sweater!!!

  12. I have that sweater!! What a cute idea on how to wear it :) Lovely!

    Rose Eva

  13. Love that sweater! (says the girl wearing a dear necklace today)

    That color is pretty fabulous, and well done on saving it. I bought a dress that needs an almost-identical makeover. Chop off the sleeves and pull up the hem a bit! If it's on sale/cheap enough, it's fun to know you have wiggle room to potentially destroy it (but hopefully make it just super awesome instead!)
    C Marcia (Sequins)

  14. Love the outfit, I'm also jealous that you can wear a sweater right now... It's practically summer in Texas :<

    Also the colors are perfect, I love how you kept the dress as the center of the outfit by keeping everything else monochromatic :)

  15. That color looks fabulous on you! How did you do the sleeves? I have found that sleeves are the hardest things for me to tailor myself and have an adorable vintage dress in desperate need of tailoring.

  16. That sweater is probably one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. :)

    I'm a big fan of altering thrifted goodies (I'm just no that good at it!) But you did a fantastic job and that color looks stunning on you!


  17. OMG that cardigan is way too precious!! and the colour of the dress is fantastic, you're right!
    may I just say I love those two pictures together (I guess it's the 6th and the 7th)? Amazing!

  18. Your outfit is lovely, as is the lighting. Some of my favourite outfit posts were taken really early in the morning. The cardigan is absolutely adorable xo

  19. Probably my favorite outfit of yours!

  20. There's something I really love about the photo of you walking away.

  21. Oh man, I need that deer sweater in my wardrobe! So cute!! I also adore those tights.

  22. Whoa, those plugs are awesome, what gauge are you on?

  23. I adore this outfit so much!!!! The colours!

  24. I LOVE your sweater and your tights :D

  25. The perfect outfit. I am so envious of your colouyred hair, it adds that extra somehting to every outfit.

  26. fifth picture! your braces.. I'm melting <3<3<3

  27. Loving the colour combination and clashes of print ~ especially that cardigan!

  28. I have a tiny septum (20g) and I love it and I'd LOVE to see a few pics with yours in!

  29. I want everything about this outfit. I love that sweater and that dress.


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