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what I wore; channeling Ms. Frizzle

Monday, May 14, 2012

the details
sweater - Target
dress - c/o Modcloth
belt - Modcloth (a few years back)
tights - thrifted (originally from Target)
shoes - Forever 21

I might have squealed with excitement when I realized what was on this dress while browsing Modcloth's newest items. This is totally something Ms. Frizzle would have worn. It's such a fun print! I wish there were more awesome dresses like this one, with random objects, on it. 

If you couldn't tell this little bridge is my favorite place to take outfit pictures. (Uh, ya know, because I'm here almost every other outfit post.) It's at one of my favorite parks and the lighting is almost always just right. I try to mix it up and take outfit pictures in new places but something always draws me back to this darn bridge.

Here's me sniffing my armpit mid-jump, apparently...
Hope you're having a fabulous Monday!

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37 thoughts

  1. I really like your style :) There should be more dresses like that too!
    Greetings from Finland :)

  2. The print on that dress is amazing! It looks inconspicuous from far away and closed up looks quirky and sweet. :)


    Lauren xxx

  3. You look fantastic in that dress! I too love the print, very fun.

    Also the bridge is adorable, I like seeing the places you frequent for your outfit shots. They always look like they have a little story behind them and are filled with little mushroom people and tiny gnomes.

    Have a lovely Monday!

  4. The dress looks fab on! I remember seeing it in your other post when it arrived and was hoping to see it in an outfit post sometime, it looks great on you! I'm so in love with the pattern! :)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend! x

  5. When I saw the title to this post in my feed I may or may not have gasped. Out loud. Alone in my kitchen. love it.

  6. I love that dress! And your jumping shots are always amazing :) x

  7. Is that pencil shavings? That dress is awesome, I absolutely love interesting prints like this. Also I think I want to steal your entire shoe collection, the cut out detail on these ones is adorable xo

  8. It's a lovely bridge! I can see why you go back, I've recently found a picture taking spot that I think is a new favourite! :D

    Dresses and clothing items with weird/cool details and prints are honestly the very best!

  9. I loved The Magic School bus when I was kid! Also, I adore that sweater.

  10. omg!!!! i love your shoes!!!! i want them!! :D

  11. Love that outfit- the cardi+belt combo is so cute, as are the tights! You look like a hip librarian or something. :D

    Rose Eva

  12. What a cool dress. I love the little bridge too.

  13. As freakin' adorable this outfit is, I am most excited about you referring to Mrs. Frizzle! I loved her and her crazy outfits when I was a kid. :)

  14. OMG that dress has pencil sharpenings as a pattern!!! As an artist, I'm totally dying to find that dress! can you tell me how did they name it? :D

  15. I am so absolutely in LOVE with that dress! It's such a wonderful color and since I was a child I loved pencil shavings themselves! Soooo cute. Also, I love your bridge that you take your photos out, it just always seems perfect :)

  16. I'm such a huge fan of your purple hair with that green cardigan! I'm a sucker for those two colors together... though my fiancé never ceases to point out that I'm wearing "supervillain colors" when I wear them. ;)

    - Kayla ☆ http://www.kaylanaut.com

  17. hello! I found your blog and I love it!
    I can not see everything!
    have one more follower :)
    your tattoos are beautiful!
    kisses from:

  18. interesting dress, is made for you ;)

  19. ahaha Kaylah,you crack me up! And I love that cardigan! Have a great day,girl! :)

  20. I love how the top sheer part looks with your tattoos!

  21. Love this dress, it looks amazing on you!

  22. That dress brings back such great memories of The Magic School bus. Mrs Frizzle is definitely one of the best style icons of all time. I mean, she had a personal style to rival the best and she was super smart. I totally think this outfit would get a nod of approval from her. Very cute!
    C Marcia (Sequins)

  23. I'm in love with your dress <3

  24. absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and the jumping photo! :D

    love, polly

  25. I love that dress. And your chestpiece is absolutely stunning!

  26. So cute, and I really love your hair colour!
    Lovely blog :)
    http://t0astandtea.blogspot.co.uk x

  27. Eeee! That dress is so perfect and wonderful and makes me want to go play with colored pencils, or buy that dress, or read (or watch!) The Magic School Bus!

  28. The print is so cute! And I love how you can see some of your tattoo as well. :D

  29. I am in love with this dress. Goodness I love Ms. Fizzle I had tottaly forgot how awesome her style was. I have to go back and read the book and watch the show to get some insight on style. I also have been trying to find dresses or anything with crazy little prints but I have'nt had any luck.


  30. Such an incredible dress!!

  31. Your shoooooes !! ♥

  32. Yep, that's totally a Ms. Frizzle dress! I've been reading the Magic School Bus Books with my kids and loving them!

  33. That dress is so beautiful!! I found something that would match it perfectly: http://www.etsy.com/listing/93347751/pencil-shaving-collar

    xx PC

  34. woot i love ms frizzle :)

    such a pretty dress i like the neckline



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