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A little list of May goals...

Saturday, May 05, 2012

May is going to be a busy, busy month. My eldest brother and his family are coming out to Ohio to visit before they move to Germany for three years at the end of the month. We are going to be cramming in some seriously family time this next few weeks.

It's weird because since he's married and had children they've almost always lived a few states away and we'd get to visit maybe twice a year. It isn't much but it was nice to know that they're there, they're close - they're only a day's drive away. But Germany is a pretty intense flight away from Ohio and we'll probably only get to visit once - if that! - while they're there. Meaning my three nieces will be significantly older (okay, my chin is officially quivering now...) the next time I get to squeeze them.

Here is a short list of goals I wrote for this month...
Some explanations of my goals...
1.  Shoot with land camera - a lot.  I haven't touched my land camera since last summer, I'm not sure why. But I'd really like to get reacquainted with it this month so I can capture some precious moments. There isn't a single picture another camera can take that would turn out more special to me than ones from this camera, there is just something about that camera...

2.  Take family pictures - jumping ones too!
We absolutely need to take family pictures. The last ones we had done were at Christmas and they were pathetic. I'm not even sure how to say it nicely ...but the photographer needed a bit more practice before taking on clients. I'm not saying mine will be amazing but I know I can at least get a decent one and of course, we need a group jump shot!

3.  Take Grace and Noah skating.
I really want to take my eldest niece and nephew roller skating. I had so much fun when I went with Noah that I'd really like to go with just Noah and Grace while they're still young enough to think we're cool.

4.  Shoot lots of film.
Film always seems so much more special than digital. I'd really like to get some adorable shots of all six kids together. (Both of my older brothers have three children, if you haven't already gathered that.)

5.  Be available.
This is where I admit to being a terrible person. I've ignored phone calls (serious phone phobia over here!) and I often forget to respond to texts (normally not on purpose) This month I will answer the phone, I will respond quickly and I'm going to try my hardest to always be available in case there is a spare moment we can spend time together.

6.  Go to playground with all six kids.
I live close to a really awesome playground that my brother (the one who lives in Ohio) sometimes brings his children to play at, while my other brother is here I'd really like for all of us to go play there.

7.  Take initiative.
Plans are so up in the air right now. I have no idea what we will be up to the next few weeks except for a few things that have been planned for a while. But I'd really like to be the one to make some sort of plans with my brother instead of just waiting to be invited to do something.

8.  Make lots of memories.
This doesn't exactly need explained but I'm so nervous my nieces will forget about me while they're in Germany. While I know that won't really happen I'd like to do things with them that will always remember about us while they're away. I foresee lots of swinging on swings, throwing rocks in the pond and like in the next few weeks.

9.  Be patient.
I have five nieces, and one nephew all under the age of 9 - this is going to get crazy, no doubt about it. I want to be patient with them, always. I can only think of a few things worse than realizing I wasted time being mad or annoyed at one of my nieces while I could have been having fun with them.

10.  Cherish every second!
This doesn't need to be explained...right?
Today we're having our first little family get together somewhere special, I can't wait! Hope your day is as awesome as I predict mine will be.

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23 thoughts

  1. I love this post. I should really make monthly goals. The only goals I really set are yearly goals (then I forget them). I DO have an never ending to-do list app on my iphone, whichis very handy... but a to-do list and goals aren't really the same. Yours are lovely.

    Okay, I have worked it out: to-do list = stuff you have to do; goals = things you want to do.

    I am going to go and have a think about goals. Thanksfor the inspiration. :D

  2. I appreciate seeing your family oriented goals.

    I am an American living in Germany! You should visit me too when you come to visit your cousins! I'll take you around Heidelberg!


  3. Taking a lot of inspiration from your amazing organisational skills.

  4. your plans for May are amazing! it's so important to make time for the ones we love :)
    and if I may say, German is such a lovely country, they're gonna love it! I loved it when I was there and I still have such great memories! the language isn't easy at all but at the same time it is really challenging to learn and I think that's a great point :)
    Have fun!

  5. May is always a busy month for my family too! We have all the birthdays and gatherings. We even have one today, than the 9th and mine is on the 14th. So its pretty busy! Most of your goals I agree with, like shooting with film. I haven't really tried that one yet. I shoot digital all the time, maybe its time to do something different! Also taking jumping photos have always been my favorite. Being patient is a huge factor in life, if you are patient than you can cherish a moment better. The moment will mean much more when you are patiently waiting for it. Great list!
    chamomiledealer.blogspot.com Just started a blog. One of my goals of May!

  6. Oh my, I totally get how you feel. My brother and sister have a lot of kids too and I can't even imagine how much it would suck not to see them for that long (I didn't see my brother's kids for almost two years, I didn't even get to see two of them when they were born), so heartbreaking. But, you shouldn't worry, kids are smart and they knów you love them, which you obviously do. Have fun! xx

  7. This post made me tear up. So sweet of you to spend your time with your family. Those little girls, and the boy, won't forget any of the minutes you spend with them.

  8. Hope you accomplish all this & more... much love! :)

  9. shoot lots of film is on my to do too! I think soon as the sun comes out, it makes everyone want to take photos

    cant wait to see


  10. Wow Germany -what a move! That must be exciting for them but also very hard for everyone!
    I hope you have a fantastic time with them before they go :)


  11. " I can only think of a few things worse than realizing I wasted time being mad or annoyed at one of my nieces while I could have been having fun with them. " wise words. you'd be a great mama!

  12. These are wonderful goals Kaylah! We're way overdue for family photos - we seem to be in your brother's shoes among our family (married and live away from the rest of the family). I recently posted about my goal for May. I'd better follow through with my one measly goal if you can accomplish all of this! xx

  13. Nice ideas you have for May :D
    I understand your feelings, My sister lives in Germany with her husband (he is German) and my first nephew, and for us is not that cheap traveling there, but Germany is so cool, I loved there, I just went to Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen.

  14. What wonderful goals! Every single one of them is great! I am guilty of ignoring the phone too...bad things happen that prompt people to call you, and so I stay away. I figure if it's important enough they'll leave a message and then I can no ahead of time what they want to talk about, and not be so worried.
    I wish you lots of good memories with your family! I'm sure you will cherish every moment indeed : ]

    P.S.-Where is that adorable paper from?!

  15. Aw, Kaylah! I'm sorry they're moving so far. I can't imagine! My siblings and I are sadly not close at all, but if we were... Damn. That would be hard! I hope you all do, do get together even with the distance!!! Thank goodness for the internet too, ya know?!

  16. I know how hard it is to have a brother far away...it sucks! I'm missing out on my brother Scott's wedding this month :( He was the brother that was at the wedding, that flew out from Germany. If you guys fly out to Germany maybe we could go too! I hate flying and would probably cry the whole 8 or 9 hours it takes to get there...so I would be great entertainment! Nothing knocks me out either..lol.. I hate being around people as it is...and being smashed together, is far from exciting for me, But I would love to see Europe :)


  17. You have the most gorgeous handwriting. I love all of your goals, and that they're tailored towards making memories & having more family time. Sometimes it can be forgotten how good it is to spend time with other people. :)

  18. I love that stationary! Thats really cute! I love writing goals down, I really enjoy writing any kind of list to be honest. I love roller skating, and my son is quickly becoming obsessed with skating too! I need to get a film camera, I sold my minolta camera months ago, but i miss it! Maybe I willget around to getting a new one soon. I really want a polaroid camera as well though!

  19. Kaylah, I wish your brother and his family all the best for their time in Germany - I'm sure my country will do the best to make them enjoy their stay here.
    Also, I'm pretty sure your nieces won't forget you while they are overseas. When I was living at the other end of the world for almost two years, my family didn't forget about me either. In fact, we grew closer every second we were seperated. With today's means of communication, it's so easy to stay in touch, so don't worry about the distance!

  20. Oh, it is so hard to have family far away. I hope that you soak in and enjoy every minute with them and know that three years will pass in a snap!

    My goals for May: shoot a lot of food photos, blog every day from May 7 to June 7, stick to paleo, drink a lot of water, get a lot better with my injured back.

  21. Im on the same page as far as being "unavailable". I too have a weird social phobia maybe? Not sure what it is but I also ignore phone calls and maybe texts every now and then...it's easy to do huh?

    I also want to try to be more available :)

  22. This post is so heartwarmingly (totally a word) sweet that you almost made me cry!! I know you are going to make lots of special memories with your family this month.

    Sometimes answering the phone is suuuper hard and when my phone rings during the day I usually say out loud "seriously?!" or "oh, no, no, no, no, why?" but I have been sooo good at answering calls lately and it is never as bad as I think it will be.


  23. Love these goals! All such important things big picture wise! Hope you accomplish them all!

    Xo, Brittan & April


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