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la sardina // at the beach

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's time for more La Sardina photos! These ones are from the beach. If you haven't gathered it already - my favorite place to shoot film is the beach. It's a great place to play around with double exposures aaaaand I really just love the beach!
These were shot with lomography's color negative 100 ISO film and developed at Discount Drug Mart.

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9 thoughts

  1. Nice shots, especially the last two!! Wish I lived closer to a beach..

  2. Good work :D I like a lot the two girls

  3. This la sardina pics are always so interesting. I esp. love the 2 last ones, is this a mix of 2 pics? also the place is beautiful <3

  4. SO pretty, Kaylah! I really love that first picture. I'm a big fan of texture work and it's amazing that you can "add texture" with a film camera like you do. A+ and since I'm apparently grading this, I also give you a smiley face. ☺

  5. Beautiful photos! I'm loving all of these experimental film photos of yours. And I love your black and white nails! :D

  6. lovely pics! so cool! watch this video. it immediately reminded me of you! they collect trash off the beach and make art out of it!

  7. Sigh, looking at your beach photos always make me miss my time at Lake Erie. It was such a fun place to visit.

  8. Gorgeous pictures! You are very talented. I need to pick up an analog camera myself some time!

  9. Such beautiful shots! They look so dreamy!


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