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what I wore - little black dress

Monday, April 30, 2012

the details
dress - thrifted then altered
sweater - c/o Glamour Kills (last year, it's currently on sale now!)
belt - came with another dress (from Target)

How amazing are these shoes?! I love shoes with cut outs and I definitely don't own enough orange. My wardrobe consists of mostly blues, purples and the like (seriously, over half of my dress collection is blue!) So orange is a nice challenge for me, I really had no idea what to wear them with other than a plain black dress. I think they'll look really great with a some of those sheer polka dotted socks I can't get enough of, a pair of shorts and a solid colored shirt. I can't wait to wear these all summer long.

Can I just talk about how much I love my hair right now? I get bored with blue and purple sometimes. It seems weird that I could get bored with such bright, fun hair but something about seeing it every day, seeing it when it's not done up all nice, having it not match things on a daily basis bothers me. But there is just something that keeps me buying the same colored dye and doing those darn colors over and over again. When I see pictures like these where the colors just look amazing I can't help but think "Yes, that was a good choice!". Sometime later this year I would like to venture back into other colors - red, orange, yellow, etc - but for now blue and purple have a rein on me!
While taking these pictures Kevin and I found a new trail to explore and take pictures on. It was kind of windy and cold out so there wasn't very many people at the park but I'm hoping that these trails stay empty and abandoned all year long so I can use them whenever I want without being watched. It has a magical looking entrance made from an opening between some trees. I love it.

Hope you're having an amazing Monday!

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28 thoughts

  1. O my, I love the shoes and the tights. They are really interesting. Great choice of outfit, again.

  2. Oh those stockings are divine! And I love the shoes too!

    Great outfit!

    Sharleena xx

  3. You're amazing girl!:D

    With love,Mia

  4. I absolutely love the socks and the hair!

  5. I love finding new places for outfit photos! The more abandoned they are, the better. I do not enjoy strangers staring at me. Love those tights!


  6. yes! i am so glad i found your blog. Not sure if you remember be, i was on IAM aggggess ago, used to follow you via Flickr, but i dont use it anymore.

    super stalker.

    Glad to see you're still posting amazing things


  7. can i just drool over those tights? wooo hoo to finding a new path to explore. :)

  8. Love the tights and the hair!

  9. AMAZING tight!! You always look great and it looks so nice around where you live. I always like your happy outfit posts :)

  10. Fantastic tights! They work really well with those funky shoes :P

    I always like your hair haha, always have! But I must say I love the tones in it in these pics!

  11. I'm pretty envious of those shoes and tights.

  12. I thought you looked really cute with orange hairs. You look good in any color!

  13. My 6 year old is in love with you :) She LOVES ! your shoes in this set. Too bad they don't make them in a size 10 little. She is also begging me for purple hair (right now she has pink highlights)

    You are absolutely stunning !

  14. Oh my... I love everything about this post Kaylah! Love shades of grey together, love the pops of colour (including your hair!), L O V E those tights and adore the look of your new trail, I'm a tad obsessed with finding secret paths myself!

    Im still holding on to the hope of finding a secret door in a wall and disappearing off to some new land one day, some sort of mash up between The Secret Garden and Alice In Wonderland is constantly going around my head... far too often infact ;D

    Thanks for sharing, as always :)

    Jen xx

  15. love the outfit, I have shoe envy! :)


    please visit x

  16. I have been obsessed with those tights for some time now. I need to just go and buy them already.

    You're right on with the hair color. I have a hard enough time putting together an outfit, so when my hair is crazy colors, it makes things even tougher. What kind of color do you use? I'm Pravana for life, the Vivids stick like nobody's business.

    I just did my first little photo shoot similar to this the other day and was completely unnerved by the teenage girls screeching down by the creek. I don't want anyone except the dear man holding the camera to see me attempting to "model." How do you handle it when you are happened upon by people during these sessions?

    Love you love the blog love everything. Please don't ever stop.

  17. I agree, the hair color really suits you :] I also am loving the shoes. The orange is such a fun pop of color. I also like that you paired them with those tights!

  18. Those shoes are rad and they look so comfy. I love how the orange gives the outfit a nice pop of color and the peacock design on the tights is a cute surprise too.
    Also...you have parks with trails over there? That's so awesome. If I want anything with trails here in L.A. I have to go hiking (not that that's a bad thing)


  19. I almost screamed when I saw those shoes! Even before I saw how amazing those tights match with them. Wow! And I agree, your hair looks fantastic:)


  20. Can't believe those tights <3 Just perfect <3

  21. might i just say, i love your hair!

  22. My God, those shoes are absolutely amazing! They really give just the right pop of brightness to an otherwise muted outfit! I can't take my eyes off your feet!

  23. Those shoes are absolutely incredible! I love the design, and of course, the bright orange. They go perfectly with your cute tights & your hair!

  24. those shoes are fucking awesome


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