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what I wore; black, white and sheer

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the details
belt - Modcloth (years ago)
skirt - thrifted / vintage
ring - handmade by me
socks - c/o Romwe
shoes - Emma c/o B.A.I.T.

Aren't these sheer socks the best? In the summer time I always have a really hard time figuring out what to wear on my feet since it's too warm for tights and all my socks aren't very fancy and look strange (at least to me) with dresses but these will be perfect. They're super cute, really thin and breathable and will be perfect to wear with dresses and skirts all summer long.

Not that I really need to be worrying about that right now, it's pretty chilly out. I'm still upset that the weather teased us like that. Giving us a few 80 degree days and now we're back in the low 40's. It's also like in those few really hot days I forgot how to dress for the cooler weather and have been picking out all the wrong outfits. I am so ready to just wear a dress - no cardigan, no layering.

Did you notice what my ring was?! Teeth! I finally got a tooth ring and couldn't be happier because I made the thing! I bought a base on esty and filed down some ceramic teeth I had bought from ebay a while back to put in it. I'll post better pictures of it another post soon.

It certainly is becoming a habit to end with a jumping picture and this little habit won't be ending today...

PS. Stop back a little later today for a chance to win your own shoes from B.A.I.T.
*PPS. As always, you can use rep code: DAINTYSQ for 20% your first order from Omerica Organic. I don't think it's far fetched to say that they're my favorite company ever. I've literally been buying for years and years!

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25 thoughts

  1. I love this outfit so much! Those socks are so cute ♥ also I am envious of your jumping skills, I don't think I've ever managed to take a good jumping picture!


  2. I do love those socks! I have been on the hunt for a breathable floral pair for spring/summer, but these might just do the trick. Keep jumping! :)


  3. You look amazing, Kaylah! I totally love your shirt (and matching plugs!), my name means 'Star' so I gotta confess I'm quite found of everything with stars! :)
    oh and it's so great you were able to DIY that ring, it totally suits you!

  4. I just love how your socks match your blouse!

    Like Juli, I'm also really jealous of your jumping skills. I try but I just end up with my chest hitting me in the chin. Sad times!



  5. I love those socks! So adorable and perfect for summer!

  6. I think this is one of my favorites! It's classy with just enough spunk :)

  7. Hi, I don't normally comment (I'm shy even on the Internet :p ) but I wanted to thank you. I put my first ever order in to Omerica and because of that fancy code I didn't have to choose between getting bunny plugs or bicycle plugs! I got to get both! So thanks to you I'll only have to choose which ones I'm putting in that day.

    P.s. You're pretty fantastic.

  8. I love the whole outfit (and plugs,too) but seriously,can I just have that shirt?! ^_^

  9. Hi, I don't normally comment ( I'm shy even on the internet :p ) but I wanted to thank you. I put in my first ever order to Omerica an because of your fancy code I didn't have to choose between bunny plugs or bicycle plugs. I got to orde both! So thanks to you I now only have to choose which ones to wear first.

    p.s. You're pretty fantastic

  10. I loooove this outfit! I wish I could pull off this length of skirt! Damn my short legs! You look amazing though :)

  11. Man oh man those plugs are awesome! I wish I had known about Omerica a few years ago when I was gauging, I probably would of never stopped. <3

  12. I love the star pattern on the shirt. Stars rock.

  13. Mmm gurl I love how your hair is fading. Gorgeous.

  14. Ooh, I have a skirt that's that exact colour and length, but it's knitted :)

  15. haha i have to point out that the way the second photo morphs into the third photo - your arm is lined up pretty spot on so it looks like an extension of the top photo with a super oversized hand. hahah sorry. i just thought it was funny and now cant stop looking at it.

    ps. the whole outfit is pretty kick butt =)and i love those plugs, i think i asked before, but what size are you at? i'm at 22mm and im itching to stretch again to 26mm.


    1. Hahaha. I didn't even notice!! That's great!!

      I'm at 38.1mm

    2. haha i showed my mister after and he was laughing too - it was great.

      and again - so jealous of your size. i stopped because my right lobe didn't seem to be very happy and seemed too thin, but since having my omerica plugs my ears are super happy and healthy and oddly don't look as thin- so im thinking of making the leap to 26mm.

  16. I love love love that skirt!! It's perfect! And goodness I love stars!! That top is so fun!!

    xo Jenny

  17. You could punch someone and bite them at the same time!

  18. I love this star print shirt! So beautiful, and it looks amazing with that skirt.

  19. That skirt is gorgeous! It's so cute with the elephant belt, wow. Possibly one of my favorite outfits from you.

  20. I think we are skirt twins. I have a skirt almost exactly like this except a little more green (here). Awesome! Anyways, I love this outfit, and all the sheer aspect, especially those adorable socks! Also, you made that teeth ring!? I love it.


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