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March in Review

Monday, April 02, 2012

new blogs I found & enjoyed:
Boys for Pele. I found Jessica's blog earlier this month through a comment she left on one of my posts and was instantly smitten with her photos!
Boringspice . I've known* Jillian for a little while now and I'm pretty excited she's decided to start a "real" blog. She doesn't have many posts up at the moment but I'm sure it'll be awesome!

*by "known" I mean that I've followed her on tumblr for a reeeeeally long time and creepily feel like I know her in real life.

new (to me) movies I watched:
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. If you can only watch one movie this month, watch this one. It is downright hilarious. I'll randomly think of certain parts of the movie and just bust out laughing.
High Road. This movie might have only appealed to me because of the cast. So many faces I recognized from other movies and TV shows.
Dive! A documentary that will have you looking at dumpsters in a whole new light.

a few of my favorite posts from March:

exciting happenings on and offline:
• I started a small new series on the blog - Weekly Nail! I'm really happy to have an excuse my nails every time I paint them. I'm also excited to show them off to someone other than Kevin. Hah!
• My grandma turned 80 and we had her a surprise party! Honestly, the party was terrifying! SO many people I didn't know but knew me from when I was young. I am not very smooth in social situations. Ask me what I've been up to and watch me stumble over every word - or better yet use the worst answer in the book "nothing". Yes, I have been up to nothing for the last 17 years. ANYWAYS both of my mom's parents are now the big 8-0 and I think that's pretty neat!

a tiny (and incomplete!!) list of things I'm thankful for this month:
• a clean house • long car rides • thrift stores • early spring • days I can pass without wearing a coat • crocuses • bubble baths • my kitties • sunshine • my parents • my mom's cooking • netflix • pandora • chocolate milk • the beach • lake erie • living so close to the beach • my imac • auctions • strawberry banana smoothies • estate sales galore • Elycia • friendly stray cats • chuck palahniuk • the beautiful magnolia tree in our front yard • kind strangers • ebay • surprises in my po box • flowers blooming • our cute little window garden

Hope you're having a great Monday!

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27 thoughts

  1. Beautiful blog! I always read you :)
    March was such a wonderful month for you..

    Love from Italy

  2. I am so jealous of your weiner dog find! I haven't been able to go to any estate sales lately because of my work schedule, and I miss them a lot! I watched Dive on Netflix last month, too, and I thought it was really fascinating. I was surprised that companies that seem to be committed to community were throwing away so much good stuff that could really help people out. I had always heard that TJ's had really great dumpsters to dive in, though!

  3. Sounds like you had a great month! :)

  4. <3 I'm thankful for you too my friend!

    Also, what is with you making me burst out laughing in every post? Up to nothing for 17 years.
    I think we DO need to make a sitcom together, forget vlogs!

  5. I actually spotted Tucker and Dale vs Evil scrolling through netflix one day, but didn't watch it because I thought it was a Bill and Ted rip off. Will definitely have to check it out now. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. kaylah, i like this post! i may steal this idea, then again, i may not. ;)

  7. I love your thankful list!! Here's to an awesome April!

  8. Check out the teeth of the crabeater seal

  9. Checking out those blogs now! Looks like you had a pretty productive and entertaining month : )

  10. I love Tucker & Dale vs Evil! The best horror spoof in the creation of spoofs!

  11. Tucker & Dale vs Evil is so amazing! My sister and brother in law saw it at the film festival before it went into production a couple years ago and couldn't stop talking about it. When it finally came out, they were beyond excited. It's so hilarious!
    <3 Sequins

  12. I love this. I need to start recapping my months also, this is rad to sum up each month. I added all of those movies to my instant queue! I love movie suggestions.
    Also, I love these nail posts you've been doing! You inspire me to become a pro nail painter (Currently I mess up my nails before they dry every single time I paint them.)
    keep on keepin on


  13. Thank you,Kaylah! I'm excited too. Hopefully we can work on a couple projects together! Much love to you.


  14. I just saw a movie I thought you might really like, its called Mystery Team. It might be a bit weird to recommend a movie this way, but its sooo good I just have to spread the movie love.

  15. I am so in love with your scratch off coupons!!!

  16. I love your photographs. That's what usually draws me in to a blog, which is ironic because mine doesn't have a huge amount of them. I think one of my favorite things you do are your "in review" posts. I hope you don't mind that I stole that idea from you for my blog-- it really helps to pull the month together and keeps what I like blogging about in focus. :)

    PS> Your hair is awesomesauce!

  17. You've had such a creative month! I really need to think about recapping mine too so I can appreciate all the neat stuff that's happened. I really love your polka dot nails by the way! And I'm definitely going to try your tutorial with the scotch tape some time.

    Keep bein' awesome and doin' what you're doin' :)

  18. Ugh, I say "nothing" a lot too...sometimes I also think that explaining what I've really been up to is a long story moreso than a short that a word? So I feel like 'nothing' is easier :( I love Dive! and am also thankful for clean houses. I just feel so much better when I look around and can concentrate on something other than mess!

  19. I LOVE your months in review. They inspire me.

  20. Yeah.. I really hate it when someone asks me "what's new?" or "what have you been up to?" and all you can say is "um... nothing!" I actually decided recently that i'm going to make notes on my iphone of things i think people would find interesting, so that when someone asks me "what's new?" I can wack out my phone and voila! Never a dull conversation or awkward situation again! x

  21. Tucker & Dave VS Evil is one of the most ridiculous movies I have seen lately, but I looooooved it!
    Dive! was an eye-opening movie. I've dumpstered before, but never to the extent that these folks do. The only things I've "liberated" have been dented canned goods, Crest white strips and slightly broken candles.
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  22. I always look forward to these posts.

    Such a cute idea.

  23. tucker and dale vs. evil has been on my netflix recommendations for a while now. i guess i'll have to try and watch it soon!

  24. I love that you mentioned Jill's blog! I went to first grade with her :)

  25. a) Tucker and Dale is such a great movie! It's hilarious and kinda precious! b) As creepy as this sounds, the way you feel about Jillian, is the way I feel about you! haha

  26. How funny - I totally understand the "nothing" response! I had one of those experiences just last week. My apartment manager was in my apartment since I needed something repaired and as we were chatting, she asked what I was up to. The only thing I could think of was work, probably one of the most boring things I can talk with some people about. Meanwhile, we're standing in my apartment living room (aka art studio) with walls and tables covered with art projects and the repair men are pausing to look at various art pieces as they complete their work. I don't know what causes me to be so brain dead in some instances.


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