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A little challenge!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Over the weekend my camera died. That's a sad, sad sentence to type, my friends! Kevin and I were out and about exploring those pretty ledges I blogged about a while back when all of a sudden my camera stop taking pictures. Rather, it started taking plain black photos. My first thought was "Oh no, my expensive lens!" so I changed lenses...still black. Changed all the settings...still black. Changed the settings some more...still black. I did every single thing I could think of (like the things you do with your phone or computer when it acts silly - remove the battery, turn it on and off, etc) still nothing. I was in tears. I rely on my camera so much. I rarely go anywhere without it. It's basically attached to my neck at all times.

I called Canon and they're having me send it out to them to get fixed. (They think it's a sensor issue) While I will get my baby back in the not too distant future I'm going to use this really unfortunate situation as an excuse to shoot more film! That's something that has been on every single new years goal list for a few years. Each year I shoot a little more but I'm going to use this time to really, really play with all my film cameras.
So I made myself a little goal. I want to shoot ten rolls of film before I get my digital camera back. Not rules other than that. They can be of anything and with any of my film cameras - instax included.

I'm very excited. I've already shot two full rolls (and finished off another that was half way done already) since Saturday. I can't wait to get them plus whatever else I shoot developed! I'll definitely be sharing my some photos from my little challenge as soon as I get them back.

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27 thoughts

  1. I've only shot about 4 rolls of film with my holga/diana. The place where I was getting mine developed at stopped processing 120 film. I suppose I could switch the backs and used 35. I did find a new camera store-but the guy was such an obnoxious camera snot that I don't ever want to return.

    Good goal though! I'm going to take mine out this weekend too.

  2. Ooh great idea! Funny how sometimes everything adds uo to give a kick in the right direction hey?! Looking forward to some dreamy film pics!
    Sway x
    Ps. Hoping your Canon baby is ok!!!

  3. I always use analog cameras. My small digital camera died in December.My analog cameras are still take better pictures than my compact digital cameras.
    I also like to waiting for the film developing! It is very exciting. The result is always a surprise.
    I am waiting to a professional DLSR camera, and i hope I get one from my parents because my birthday is very close!
    Enjoy the analog world and Good Luck!

    ps. Sorry, but do you get my letter from Hungary? :)

    xo Juci

  4. I would break down if my camera broke, but at least something good is coming out of it! I can't wait to see you complete this goal!

  5. I just purchased 5 rolls of b&w and 5 rolls of color 120 film for my Duaflex to shoot once Portland weather agrees with me. Seems we might get a rain break this weekend so I'm with you (my DSLR works though) in the film realm this week!

  6. It's a god awful sentence to type. Mine died last week too and it was crushing to say the very least. Unfortunately I didn't have a warranty beceause I bought mine used. So instead of spending my savings on refinishing the ugliest floors in the world I will have a brand new Canon.

    In the meantime I think I'll try to utlize my film options as well. I have lots of Instax in my craft room and I even have that old school Polaroid 210 (a very Kaylah inspired purchase).

    Looking forward to seeing your prints :)

  7. That's terrible about your camera, but luckily Canon is great with their replacements and warranty. I am so excited to see more film! Where do you get it developed?

  8. It is very unfortunate what happened to your camera, but so cute that you always see the bright side of things.

  9. How funny, I am shipping my camera to Canon today too because it also died. My problem is a little different from yours but using film again is a great idea. I've just been using my iPhone for Etsy photos, it's sad lol! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  10. I hope you have a holga and some black film to play around with!

  11. There is nothing quite like shooting film. That is a fact. Glad to see you're getting back to analogue - technology failures are kind of awesome that way. But I'm sorry about your dslr issues - i hope canon can fix that all up for you.

  12. I have that same exact Diana. I don't know if I'm loading the film incorrectly or if the camera itself is messed up, but every single time I attempt to use it, the film comes out being shifted over about an inch each time. Do you have any tips? I've already watched videos on how to load the film and everything so I am really at a loss.

  13. It breaks my heart to think of my Oscar (Nikon D90 to everyone else) being sick. =( I can sympathize with your tears! But I think the film challenge sounds fun: I almost miss those days of having to wait to see what your pictures look like. Almost. I've thought of picking up a fun film camera- Holga, maybe- or Instax or Diana- to play with. Maybe for my birthday this year?

  14. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  15. I've had the exact same problem with my used canon eos 300d last year. I didn't do anything about it at the time because I couldn't afford to get it fixed so I just stowed it away. I only just took it from the shelve abouth a month ago...just to find that it was working perfectly! I still don't know what was wrong with it but I've been using it almost every day for a month now and it's working just fine.

  16. What a great opportunity (but how heartbreaking about your camera!) I've got a film camera sitting on my bookshelf and I keep staring at it, I think I should use this post as inspiration to go out and about with it this weekend! I'm really looking forward to seeing your analogue photos :-)

  17. I prefer shooting with film for art projects, but it's so dang expensive to develop! Good look with shooting. I can't wait to see your photographs!

    xx Adrian

  18. That's too bad about your camera, but definitely a great chance to take more photos using film! Can't wait to see how the photos turn out :)
    xo Heather

  19. I teach high school art, so I am counting down the days until summer break. Just like when I was little. Kinda cool. But I have collected nearly everything I need to set up my basement darkroom. Just a few little odds and ends and then I am my own boss. Can't wait. I've been shooting black and white like a crazy person.

    I've also been doing multiple exposure swaps if that sounds like a project you would ever want to get in on.

    Happy shootin!

  20. To bad.. but the good news is your challenge :D everything happens with a good
    reason! I have a mini Diana but in white and I love the results

  21. I'm so sorry to hear about your camera! I would freak if that happened to me! I definitely need to clean my lens soon, anyhow.

    I'm really excited to see what you come up with while shooting film. I don't have much experience with it, but would love to try it out more in the future. Best of luck! :)

  22. Gosh! How terrible :( I hope this never happens to me, I may die! :P hope it gets fixed soon!

  23. Hey, I'm glad you're finding a good side to this! I'd be heartbroken. And I'm looking forward to seeing the results. :)

  24. I'm not photographer but I've worked in supermarket-style photo development and was so disappointed to find that we didn't offer film development anymore, only digital reproductions. On the other hand, it was always really fun when people brought in old, old film (or slides!) and we shipped them off and got them back and looked through them with the original owner. There were always interesting stories attached to them. My favourite one was always "Gee, I don't know who any of the people are in this picture, but it looks like we were having a good time!"

  25. Oh my God reading that made me feel so bad! But, glad you've got something positive out of it :) It's a really good idea, can't wait to see!


  26. I have a Diana with an instant back, too, but most of the instant photos come out really bad ... I wonder what I'm doing wrong :/.

    Have an awesome weekend! ;D


  27. Nooo! That stinks!! But what a great opportunity you have now! I'm trying to start a collection of film cameras. I bought my little sister the Diana for her birthday. They're so fun. Instead of taking shot after shot to get the perfect one I'm more concerned with getting a great shot in one take. It'd take some getting used to to not have instant gratification, though. I can't wait to see what you shoot!


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