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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm a little tardy to the party with this whole using paper reinforcement sticker to make perfect little half moons thing but in my defense - I had some vintage ones that apparently weren't the quality that new ones are (that's seriously a first!) and it just wasn't working. But now that I gave it another try I'm mildly obsessed. I have a page in my notebook scribbled with all the different designs I could make with the stickers, I can't wait to have a chance to try them out.
Supplies used:
Essie in Sew Psyched
Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect in Dune
Seche Vite as a top coat
Reinforcement Labels

I'm also a little obsessed with nude-ish colors. I like how it doesn't really look like you're wearing polish at all and makes other colors really pop. I have a few neon colors I'd really like to pair it with!

PS. A tip for the reinforcement stickers, just like scotch tape, they work a lot better and are easier to use after you've placed them on your hand. This way they're not so sticky and come off your nail without leaving residue or taking nail polish off.


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24 thoughts

  1. Very pretty! Love the first picture!


  2. Lovely :)
    I'll have to give them another go - my first attempt was pretty infernal..

  3. Every time I see your lovely nail art, I regret biting my nails. I'm trying to stop, honest!

    Kitty. x

  4. I've been meaning to try a half-moon manicure - this looks great!

  5. Kaylah, they look great! i'm looking forward to seeing the scribbled designs from your notebook. sorry i typo/misspelled your name in the last nail tutorial. if i would have deleted it, i would've looked even more duh. ;)

  6. these are so cool! can't wait to try them out :)


  7. I have to track down that Essie color, it's so pretty! I work in a coffee shop, and we're not allowed to paint our nails, so I usually have to sneak polish on when I have a few days off. It's not awesome.

  8. These look great! And I sincerely hope that you were knowingly and willingly quoting Kim Zolsiack just then. Yeah, I went there.

    1. Pretty sure people have been using that saying forever. ;)

  9. Love this! And oh no you di-n't just say 'tardy to the party!' XD

  10. I'm also a little late to the party on the stickers front, but you have finally inspired me to actually give them ago - the half moons look great! xo

  11. OMG ... can´t believe what I see. How easy. I will try it ... definitely.

  12. Your creativity with the nails really inspired me to try it, and believe me, it was not easy for me. But I finally sorta got it right a few days back (http://sunshineoverthemountains.blogspot.in/2012/03/angles-and-stripes.html) Thanks for all the help!

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  13. OOhhh! Very cute! Might need to try this one
    xo Heather

  14. So cute!! I love all your nail art posts ;)

  15. GENIUS! Why didn't I think of that! I'm now looking at my sticker collection (yes, I'm perpetually 12 years old) to see what else I can use... OMG I wonder if star stickers would work. They would need to not be super sticky though... still, I am inspired! THANKS!

  16. Eep! Love your nails. Def. gotta try those stickers myself... I'm always trying to achieve this look!

  17. I really need to paint my nails more. It looks so cute when you do yours!

  18. I almost bought that Essie color today! So lovely.
    x Hilary

  19. So romantic! Perfect color combination. Thanks for sharing!

  20. That looks so lovely! I really have wanted to try something like this, but I can't find those reinforcement labels anywhere here...

  21. Love it! What do you use on your cuticles? They're so clean!



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