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Friday, March 30, 2012

Look at these gorgeous dresses from Kling! I think the first one is my favorite, but it's tough to pick because those big pink polka dots are just too cute!
 (via: Kling)
Positively melting over these shoes from Tonic! The colors are perfect plus I love a good pair of cut out shoes!

(via: tonic)
Eeep! I wish I was more confident about ordering shorts online! (I am so so so picky about how shorts fit) These are so snazzy.
(via: modcloth)
I am smitten with these embroidered old photos by Jose Romussi. So beautiful!
(via: Jose Romussi)
Love these old watch makers vials. I want a few to fill with teeth, feathers, and other little things to put on my curiosity shelf.  I'm hoping to find some out one day at a flea market, or something where I can relate a memory to where I got them. That way they'd be a little bit more special.
(via: A & N Sundries and Supplies)
One of my favorite things to do is watch my favorite movies on TV where they edit out all the "bad words". The Big Lebowski is particularly hilarious at the part when Walter smashes what he thinks is Larry's car and they change the offensive language to 'Do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?!" (You can watch a clip of it here, as well a bunch of other funny ones. They are NSFW, of course) I saw this one on  Eartha Kitsch's blog from Snakes on a Plane and just about had rootbeer come from my nose. I watched it about ten times and then another ten times with Kevin when he got home.
(Monkey Fighten' needs to be a regular saying for me now. It's too funny not to use everyday!)
Oh my gosh, what a precious kitty! I love catching animals making dumb faces in pictures but this kitty seriously takes the cake.
I love these two handmade polishes from KBShimmer! Chunky glitter polishes are my favorite when it comes to just painting my nails one solid color. The white one kind of reminds me of cake batter with sprinkles mixed in, yum!
(via: KBShimmer)
Mirror bunting?! So awesome. I wish I had a place to put this. 
(via: Fluxglass)

Hope you have a fabulous Friday! I'm going to finish up organizing Aprils ads (it's not too late if you'd like one, just email me!) and then step away from the computer. It's been headaches galore over here lately so a day away from the computer will probably do a world of difference for me.


  1. MIRROR BUNTING!!! Oh my gosh. I love bunting. I love mirrors... Oh my gosh! Also: that kitty!!!

    Also, I know exactly what you mean about movies that cut out the bad words... Some are just downright hilarious... Utah's country radio station does that as well, like we love the song "Red Solo Cup" which has a line that goes: "Now a red solo cup is the best receptacle For barbecues, tailgates, fairs and festivals And you, sir, do not have a pair of testicles* If you prefer drinking from glass"

    It's a fun party song... Not exactly offensive... But what does our radio station change testicles to? VEGETABLES! Jen and I broke out laughing, so so hard.

  2. I love those dresses at top! I think the dotty one is nice, but the pinstripey one would be really flattering! =)

  3. Those mother fighten embroideries are killing it this morning. One of the best things I've seen in a while.

  4. I like the clothes that you find. Have a great weekend :D

  5. Haha TV edits are hilarious. I especially loved watching Dexter when it ran on regular channels a couple of years ago. "Hey you motherlover!" ;)

  6. Fluxglass has the most amazing mirrors. He has a booth in the Woolworth building up in Asheville (nc) I hope some day to afford one or two or all of them! hehe.

  7. THOSE SHORTS! And the mirror bunting! So much awesome in here that I can't handle it.

  8. I demand having that red dress in white stripes, and those shoes as well. The first dress is also not bad (!)
    I want.

  9. Ok, that Snakes on a Plane edit is probably my most favorite edit EVER. Sometimes I remember it and randomly start laughing!

  10. 'Do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?!" --oh my gosh! I totally forgot about that, lollololol. I remember watching that on regular T.V. and I almost pissed my pants. So funny!

  11. Loving those dresses! And those vials are calling my name. Happy Friday!

    ♥ sécia

  12. those white glitter nails remind me of funfetti cake for some reason :) happy friday kaylah! xo

  13. Oh no, those shoes <3

  14. Definitely loving that dress with the big pink polka dots. The cut of it is so cute! And the geometric pattern and the bow detail on those shorts are pretty awesome.

    xo, Megan

  15. I LOVE the polka dot dress! It looks like it would fit in all the right places really well. And that kitty is just hilarious! I wouldn't want to wake up with that staring in face LOL!

  16. Great post, really in love with that first dress too. So beautiful. Also those dubbed movie clips are so so so great and oh my gosh I love that kitty so much! I wish my kitty would look at my like that every morning at 5:30 am when she wakes me up for breakfast. It sure would make it easier being awake that early.

  17. AH! I love those shorts ever so much!

  18. I had no idea about the tv censorship, how funny! Over here (uk) the film either gets cut or just played later.
    Those embroideries are stunning.

  19. These are so cool! I love the first two dresses!


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