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what we wore - super colorful!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

my details
coat - target (many, many moons ago)
dress - thrifted / vintage
belt - thrifted / vintage
brooch - handmade by my dad
tights - thrifted (originally from target)
boots - thrifted / vintage

You can find all the details regarding Elycia's outfit on her blog! She also has other pictures from our outfit shoot. Kevin shot over 600 photos so we both had a ball going through them and picking out favorites to post! There are a ton more that I would to have loved to share but I tried my hardest to narrow it down to only my favorites.

All along Elycia and I had planned to take outfit pictures when she came over for this visit. She even had her most recent clothing purchase shipped to my house so it would be here waiting for her. Buuuut lo and behold the wrong item was shipped and she didn't bring anything else to wear for the pictures so we decided to spend Saturday thrifting to find the perfect outfits! (If you missed it, you can find the thrifting video here. It's still my favorite thing ever right now!) It was a fun little challenge to have to find an almost complete outfit in a day.

We had a BLAST taking outfit pictures together. It's amazing how much less ridiculous you feel posing up a storm in front of people when you're doing it with someone else. I wish we could take outfit pictures together all the time!
I'll be back a little bit later with some behind the scenes photos from out outfit shoot!

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38 thoughts

  1. What a fun photoshoot! And loved watching your video last week. You were so cute how excited you got when you found those boots.

    Kelly xo

  2. These photos are super duper awesome! You guys could be colours kids from Rainbow Brite!


    1. Oh, this comment just made my day! I love Rainbow Brite!

  3. such beautiful girls :)
    you look great and i love theese colours.
    <3 :)

  4. You two Pretty Ladies are sooooo cute! What a great photo shoot!!! Love you both sooo much...thanks for being such an inspiration for me :)

  5. Very lovely ladies :)I'm in love with that white dress...so many color combos can be combined with it! The photo booth pictures are cute too :)


  6. stunning colors! The cat-brooch is also very chic

    snowball-greets from austria ;)

    i follow you now, great blog!

  7. Haha, I just commented Elycia's post !!
    You both make me smile, whenever I come to your blogs !!!
    I love reading how much fun you had on this particular weekend, and thanks to your personnal photographers ^^, this one of the best outfit post I've ever read !!!
    Please, do more things together, like sewing, crafting, etc !!!

  8. This is kind of weird, but after seeing the video and seeing you actually move, you look different to me in photos! Hehe! ;)

    Anyways, that was random...
    I LOVE all the colors. Color is awesome. And having to buy most of an entire outfit sounds so fun! I went thrifting this week, and found an adorable skirt. I need to do a little sewing on it (it's a bit too big in the waist) but it's so cute I couldn't pass it up!

    Oh, and btw, that last picture is epic!!
    That is all.

    1. Hahah! I hope it's not a bad different but I know exactly what you mean, it's so weird to see pictures of bloggers after you've watched a video of them. Just wait and see how weird pictures are after I post Elycia and I's vlog next week! :P

  9. you are super cute!!

  10. Super, super cute! I wish that more people would do interesting color combos. Just looking at y'all makes me happy. And my god, that cat brooch. Your Dad rocked it.

  11. such pretty colors, and i bet it's a lot more fun to have a friend to take outfit pictures with!

  12. You two are so cute!! I love how bright these outfits are!!! And how well they go together!!!

  13. i really enjoy these outfits! haha who do you rope into taking your photos all the time?

  14. Like I said on a previous post, your dad is awesome. I looove that brooch!

  15. Très belles photos, comme toujours! J'espère que tu pourras déchiffrer ce message en français car, depuis Paris, je lis régulièrement ton blog avec toujours autant de plaisir.
    J'ai hâte de lire tes prochains articles :)
    Encore bravo à toi!

  16. Adorable. You both look fantastic and I love the epic jump shop at the end. Love that flower lace lining on your dress as well.

  17. These pictures turned out so nice and colorful! You're both so cute and fuuuuun, I LOVE IT! :)

  18. You two are so adorable! I just spent a week with my best friend and we took outfit photos for eachother, but completely forgot to take any pictures together!

  19. Great colors!! Very playful and happy. Your pictures made me smile. :)


  20. I love the one with the photobooth pictures.

  21. Love both of your dresses and still coveting those boots!


  22. gorgeous, love all the colors

  23. The two of you are way too cute!! Love all of the colours :)


  24. I love the colors! So beautiful!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  25. You both look so cute!! Love that the outfits coordinate but aren't matchy-matchy. :) And that jumping shot is priceless!

  26. you guys are so effen rad. don't stop thiftin!

  27. I love the fact that you have the same boots in two different yet cute colors!

  28. I love these posts with Elycia! You both look like you are having so much fun. :)

  29. I am in love with your blue cowboy boots! Your dress is really cute & I adore the cat brooch.

  30. Wow, you guys are great jumpers! Love that shot. They're all great. Nice colours on the outfits.

    Loulou Downtown

  31. Where are these lovely shots taken? Is that a park?

  32. You two are oh, so cute together! Cowboy boot magic!

    the oBITCHuaries


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