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2012's Goals.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012's Goals!
Read 15 new books. I don't read as much as I'd like. As I mentioned in my review of Geek Love, I'm a super picky reader. But in 2012 I'd like to try to branch out and not be such a harsh critic of anything that isn't Palahniuk. I already have 7 or so books picked out that I'll be reading, I'm pretty excited. I'll definitely be blogging about this goal's progress and the books I'll be reading.

Try 7 new recipes. In 2010 I baked a lot, 2011 not so much! I need to get back in the groove because I love baking. "7 new recipes" isn't confined to just baking though, it can be any type of food.

Get my license...finally. I think I'm finally ready to get my license. I've been feeling awfully trapped lately and spending lots of time dreaming about what it would be like if I could go places on my own and what I'd do (volunteer at the cat sanctuary!!). I'll definitely be waiting until spring (I'm not learning in the snow!) so I have time to keep talking myself into it. I know in the long run, no matter how scary it seems now, driving will really be best for me.

Go bowling more! Does this need an explanation? I love bowling, Kevin and I both have our own balls, we don't live too far from the alley, why aren't we there more often?!

Hang things in the bedroom. If you looked in my bedroom you'd probably presume we just moved in. After two years we still haven't hung anything in there! 2012 is the year we'll finally decorate.

Take a photo an hour once a month. Photo an hour posts are one of my favorite things here on the blog. It's so much fun to be able to look back on a day in such detail. They're time consuming and often get forgotten midday but I'd like to do at least one each month.

Make new friends. Online and in person. I'm stupidly shy, don't let my blog fool you. I can never muster the courage to approach people that look interesting in public, I'd like to do that at least once this year. (PS. Anyone out there near Cleveland, OH or Erie, PA want to hang out?:))

Send more snail mail. Who doesn't like getting mail? I want to send more just for fun mail that don't have to do with business. I fondly remember getting letters from grandpa when I was little, maybe I should write letters to my nieces in Missouri.

Save a little month each month. This is my first year ever making a goal to save money, I guess this means I'm a real adult now. I just want to put away a little bit each month - maybe it will be for a car, or a vacation, who knows. I want it to be used for something fun at the end of the year (or maybe in the summer). It'll be much easier to save if I know it's for something like that.

Clean the basement. If you've been a long time reader, you might remember when my craft room was in the basement and it was completely amazing but then it flooded and I had to move into the spare bedroom (which actually turned out to be really awesome).... Well, long story short, our basement is a mess. It's going to be a huge task but I really do need to do something about it.

Camp more often.
Another one that doesn't need an explanation. We love camping so why don't we do it more often?

Shoot more film (& learn to develop it)
This was on last years goal list too and while I do feel like I did shoot more film, I want to shoot even more this year! Also, last summer I bought all the supplies to develop my own film. I chickened out and never ended up trying so that's definitely something I need to do this year.

Take nieces and nephew on one on one dates.
My nieces and nephews are growing up way too fast. My nephew will soon be getting to the age where he's too cool to show love to his aunt and uncle (or maybe he'll never get that way, which I would looooove) and I really want to spend lots of time with him. My nieces still have a while to go before that happens but of course, I want to enjoy every second of their childhood. I want all the kids to have good memories of Kevin and I from their childhood as I do with my aunt. I'm thinking the zoo, natural history museum, aquarium and movies all sound like great ideas!

How about you, what are you 2012 goals?

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91 thoughts

  1. Great goals Kaylah!
    I think I'll put saving money(and keep it up, somehow I only manage to do this for one month a year xD), developing film and getting my licence on my goals list too.

  2. good goals! but...you forgot one. Get your passport ;)

  3. All of my goals for 2012 are baking related, but I really want to branch out and practice a lot of new techniques!

  4. I'm gonna get my licence at last also. :$

    What books did you pick out? I'm trying to find books as well, but I'm too lazy to Google the most popular / bestsellers.

  5. I love that hanging out with your nieces and nephews is on your goals! I've never lived in the same country as my aunts and uncles, so I totally missed out on this and while I never missed it as a child, I really wish we'd been able to spend time with them now. I only have one goal this year: to climb Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money for a children's charity. Everything else kind of works towards that...I'm nervous! But also super excited!

  6. Great goals!
    I want to get my license, too and of course it wouldn't be that bad to save some money ^^"

    I just wantet to say THANK YOU for your wonderful blog. Everytime I read your blog I start thinking that you are maybe the most wonderful person on earth.
    You and your photos look great, it's so idyllic to see you in the wood and just... wow. I don't know what to say, but thank you!
    Good luck in this new year for you, your family and all your beloved friends!

  7. Your goals are fantastic... I am with you on the shy one..My shyness in the real world really holds me back! So this year I need to be more oblivious of what people think or are saying about me and just have fun... I also need to just make new friends..Go for it! I love your blog so much.. Kitty x

  8. These look like great goals :]
    I think my main goal this year is saving money - all my other goals mostly involve having money. (Buying a new camera, laptop etc.)

  9. I got some similar goals, but I can't wait to see how you progress through the year! :)

  10. These all sound like really positive ways to spend 2012. My main goal is to look after myself better, but I just have to figure out how I am actually going to do that! Jen x

  11. I want to go bowling more too! I should bring my niece and nephew on one-on-one dates too but I always get so nervous since they're around 10. I always think they're still into baby/too young of kid stuff and apparently they're super cool now. Who knows :p


  12. wow thanks for sharing! I'm working on a '12 things to do in 2012' post right now and it includes thngs like reading more, trying new recipes and food, start doing outfit posts (I've never done one before) and work out more. let's see if I can come up with 12 things in total to achieve this year!

  13. I am in Bloomington, IN... only 6 hours away!! I'd love to figure out a halfway point and meet up for a day of thrifting and cat stories!! :)


  14. Your goals are great Kaylah! And I think it's highly possible that you will reach all of them! :) It's kinda funny how much your goal list looks like mine. I also want to get my license this year. I already started with driving lessons and I was so afraid of the thought that I would be driving. And I will tell you a little secret.. It's actually pretty fun! ;)

    And I really need to read and cook more often and I'm so bad at saving money. :p Oh, I forgot to put another goal on my goal list.. I definitely should make more friends, online and in real life. And I still need to see my online friends in real life, that would be fun! :)

  15. Oh my heck! I am so glad to know I am not the only girl who doesn't have her license. I would way bad anxiety and panic attacks when I tried to learn to drive. I am not 23, and havent tried again in a while. Maybe on of these days, I will make that a goal!

    Good LUCK with your goals love them all!!!!



  16. Hi, all excellent goals. If you would like an online friend I could maybe help? :) I have a blog which I am trying to get in to more, you can pop over and see if you like xxxx

  17. Great goals! I think the photo-an-hour posts are really cool. I set myself a goal of 15 books too. Must be a good readin' number. :) I'm a little ashamed to say I'm still too nervy about cars to take on driving yet though...

  18. I'm just started learning to drive, this morning was my 2nd lesson. I'm still a bit stressed when I'm driving, but I'm getting better at it :)
    And I'm really shy too! I'm trying to make some new friend too :)

    Also I started baking couple of months ago, so one of my goals is to try new baking recipes and blog about it.

    Good luck with your goals and happy New Year!

  19. Happy new yeah Kaylah!
    This year should be fun if you achieve everything on your list.

    I like te idea of 1 hour/1 photo, I think I'll try it if I have a good opportunity (I guess it's not that fun on a boring casual day :/)

    Have fun and keep us posted!

  20. i loved reading your goals. you seem like such a positive, fun person! :) happy new year!

  21. Author wise, have you tried J.D Salinger?

  22. Awesome goals! It's so funny, I'm trying to overcome my shyness and try to make more friends as well, but you know it's so hard because where do you do that?! I live in Rocky River, really close to Lakewood, maybe we can get some coffee and hang out? I'd also like to volunteer more, especially at the kitty sanctuary (are you talking about the one in Vermillion??) or at the APL where we got our dog and guinea pigs. Email me sometime and we can totally get together! (Agh, so much anxiety about this...stupid shyness! I am 23 and way too old to by shy anymore!)

  23. It's interesting for me to hear that you don't drive yet, since I don't either! I wonder if it's a shy people thing, I have a lot of friends who haven't learned yet and they're all a little shy. It's certainly a daunting endeavor for me and many!

  24. These are all great!

    I recently just moved from Cleveland to Indianapolis. :-( But if there's ever a weekend blogger meet up, I would love to meet up. We should organize something! I usually go travel home to Cleveland once a month.

    I need to make a 2012 goal list too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Great goals! I want to finally get my license but lessons are far too expensive and we've nowhere to park a car, so I'm managing to avoid it for another year, I think!

    I just posted a list a couple of days ago of all the books I read this year; you might like some of them - The Waterproof Bible was particularly short and quirky and interesting (I was a bit put off by the name, to be honest, but I loved it).

  26. I love the idea of a photo an hour post! I think I might try that too.

    I love your blog, and I'd love it if you stopped over for a visit at mine sometime! Happy New Year! <3

  27. Great goals. It's really easy to make these things a habit so I hope it goes really well for you I love baking too but have got lazy with cooking recipies there are a lot of staples in our house we rarely deviate from so I might have to implement something like this in my house too.
    I also have to send in my license renewal this year I keep putting it off also so I'll have to try And get that done too.
    I'll have to employ some of your goals too! Good luck with them!


  28. I used to develop my own film all the time (colour and black and white) and it's really not as scary as you'd think. I wrote an article on it a while ago http://photographywired.com/2009/01/20/developing-your-own-film-by-beth-wilson/ One of my goals is to shoot more film so maybe should get the developing kit out again! Good luck with yours

  29. i really want to go camping. i have never been which is embarrassing. and i want to become less of a priss because i have let my prissiness get out of hand. good luck on meeting new people. it used to be super hard for me too, then i had a job where i had to talk to strangers all day. the job didn't last but i learned to talk to people. most people are friendly and a smile can open all kinds of doors. :)

  30. holy crap you live near me!!!! i live in erie pa if you want to email me that be great!

  31. Hi kayla
    I've been a reader for a while now, your posts are always so cute and you seems to live in a wonderful place.
    I'm from Singapore and where I live it's very different from you.
    I used to have penpals when I was very young but now who does that? It's a real shame cause I really love getting a handwritten letter in the mail!
    So maybe if you want to have a oversea penpal (me) I can email you my address?
    If you rather write to people you already knows its totally fine.

  32. These all look like fabulous goals. I don't live in Cleveland but my Dad does. I would totally hang out with you the next time I visit! -Bekuh

  33. Great goals! I want to read more as well. The clearance $4 bin at Wal*Mart is helping with that - I just got two more books to read!

    I'd like to send more snail mail too. I need to start developing my address book of people to send birthday/holiday/random cards to! :)

  34. I need to learn to take better pictures! It seems like it takes a lot of practice. I would really like to also open up a shop and sell something. I'm a stay-at-home-mom and extra income would be awesome!
    good luck on your goals!

  35. good luck with meeting friends! i have a hard time with that too. the older you get the harder it seems to be. i live in an area where there are not many vegans (like me) and a lot of people here think it's weird. but i am in michigan! not really far but too far from you haha.

  36. Those are great goals. And I understand the no decorations in the bedroom problem. I just aways seem to find great places for things in the living room!

    Good luck!

  37. I live in Erie! :) Nice to meet someone else in the blogosphere (heh) that is from this area! Like you, I'm super shy ... but if you're passing through some time, we could hang out and be shy together, lol.

    I'm with you on reading more and branching out genre-wise. I just started the Steve Jobs biography and I'm not normally the type to read that kind of book, but I'm actually really enjoying it.

    - Mandi (www.lifeinbeta.com)

  38. I honestly think "go bowling more" is the best new year goal I've ever heard :).

  39. I'm giggling with delight at the fact that we both put get a license on our goal lists. I've been trying to get mine for what feels like ages, and haven't mostly because I haven't needed it. I can bus everywhere, but it would be sooo nice to hop in the car after a long day and simply drive home. You can do it!
    Much luck,

  40. such adult goals! I hope you take more film photos too, I love when you post them. You should more often.
    I hope you blog about your experience with developig your own film too. I've always been interested in this but im too nervous to try it. My grandpa used to develop his own film, i should have asked him to just teach me.

  41. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. If you're ever in the area, I'd love to hang out!!

  42. I love your list! (I have been following your blog forever... finally got my own so I can come out of lurker mode.)

    Driving is NOT that bad. Once you get used to it, you almost do it subconsciously. Sometimes I will be heading somewhere, deep in thought, and then I will think "Who the heck has been driving my car for the last 30 minutes?"

    And as for making new friends... I am right here with you. My social anxiety is horrible. I am the most awkward person on the planet. I am that girl that says things like "You too!" when the pizza guy tells me to enjoy my meal.

  43. I just posted mine but forgot one is to cook through this Betty Crocker Indian cook book. It only has 100 recipes. I think I can do it :)

  44. It's a shame that I live in the Netherlands.

    My main new years resolution is to better manage my time, which in my case means do less things and do them better. Also hope it gives me more time to draw, read and watch more films. Which are other resolutions

  45. I learnt to drive in 2010 and passed my driving test the day before my 26th birthday. I had learnt to drive when I was 17 and failed two tests. I got so nervous driving and just felt like it was so dangerous!

    When I was 18 I moved to a city which meant public transport was so good I had no need to drive. Yet when I reached my mid twenties I felt like it was something I'd given up on. I had a really lovely instructor (which made a massive difference and I had a woman instead of a man) and she helped me build up my confidence. I passed after 6 months - first time with only 2 minors (in the UK you fail with one major, and can have up to 15 minors...)which I was so happy about!

    I soon after got a car to make sure I didn't forget, but as I don't drive regularly it took me a while to build up my confidence.

    I'm still not 100% confident all of the time, but whenever I go on a long motorway journey I always feel proud of what I've achieved. I know I'll get there in time! It's so lovely to be able to have that freedom though.

    Good luck if you decide to learn - and remember to have confidence in your own ability :) x

  46. Ahem ... I happen to be a semi shy chickie who also likes bowling & lives only 45ish minutes from cleveland ... If you would like to hang :) (heather.r.moyer@gmail.com)

    Also, i have some log winded goals up here ---> http://www.heathermoyer.com/imaginationsprinkles/365life/new-years-resolutions/ that involve lots of creative projects, roller derby, & cuddles.


  47. PS sorry for the accidental comment spamming - silly ipad :/

  48. Those are awesome goals! I've yet to set mine...

  49. i have camping, bowling, reading books, and drive in theatre on my list for 2012

  50. I like your goals. I wish you luck with them. =D
    I posted some monthly ones on my blog, and I should write up my bigger ones for the year.

    I'm with you on the send more snail mail, I should probably end some of the letters with 'hope you write back soon'

  51. That's quite the complete list! Good luck :D

    I'd love to learn how to develop film- it would be so convenient and make the film process even more fun.

    Happy new year!

  52. Awesome list! Once you get the hang of it, Developing your own film is fun :) I haven't done it in a long time, but I always enjoyed doing it my self. and good luck on getting your drivers license ;D, it brings you a whole new sense of freedom.


  53. Great goals! I'd like to shoot more film as well. I have multiple cameras and a bunch of rolls just waiting to be used. Not sure what the hold up is on my end!

    I want to craft more! My brain is full of ideas I'd love to realize. I get nervous that my creations will turn out poorly though so I end up not even trying.

    Good luck getting your license! It's wonderful to be able to leave the house and go farther away than walking distance. You find such amazing locations just around your house, I can hardly imagine what you'll find with a car!

  54. I think I love you...blog crush for sure!

    Simplify is my theme for 2012.

    Oh, and driving gets easier. Here's a tip my aunt told me: imagine yourself big and powerful behind the wheel: visualize it before driving.

    –Jaclyn T
    TrickArt Jewellery: Nature Chic
    Giveaway for gift certs to the shop:

  55. Your blog is so inspiring! I am so glad you shared your goals for 2012.
    I just rebooted my blog (it needs serious help however) and a personal goal I set before the new year was to work on it more and more each week.
    I live about 3 hours from Cleveland and only 15 minutes from Detroit, so if you are ever wanting to come up here for anything, please let me know! I would love to be your guide! I know of a few good places for thrifting and some great vegetarian/vegan restaurants. My hubby and I have been known to take a trip to Cleveland every now and again as well.
    I wish you the best this year and can't wait to see your new adventures in 2012!


  56. I need to get my license as well. I have no idea how to drive though D: Good luck to both us!

  57. I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who doesn't have her license. That is one of my main goals for this year as well :)
    Good Luck With All Your Goals!

  58. For books to read, you should check out Goodreads.com. I frequently have trouble deciding on the next book to read, and the site allows you to rate books, get recommendations, and maintain a 'to-read' list. They also have lists of similar books... one list has a few of Palahniuk's books as well as Geek Love! Maybe it will help you reach your goal!


  59. I loved reading your goals for 2012. One of my goals is also to get my license this year.

    Tonight I'm having my first driving class and I'm quite stressed out! (I live in Canada, so there is ice pretty much everywhere at the moment.) Anyhow, good luck to you! I'm looking forward to reading about your progress :)

  60. Making new friends is a resolution of mine too! I live in Cuyahoga Falls. It's kind of near Cleveland.

  61. Great goals, Kaylah! I still can't seem to figure out any for my new year. I think I wanna start wearing dresses more often though!
    Love and Turtledoves,

  62. i live in cleveland and am also shy and socially awkward, so i could use some more friends who understand :) i think i told you before i work at big fun. i'd love to go thrifting or to estate sales some time...or even flea markets in the summer! i have way too many books (and cats!) and you're more than welcome to come over and look sometime :)
    erin (you can find me on facebook also if you look me up - brainstew3@aol.com)

  63. Well...I'd love to do a meet up sometime! I live in Mid-Michigan and it would be a 4 hour cruise to your neck of the woods...but I saw another person from MI...so if anyone wanted to road trip..or if you want to meet somewhere halfway...it'd be awesome to meet you in person! My hubby is painfully shy at times, so I get it. I'm not though. I think your list is so awesome and I think you'll find some of them to be very empowering once you've achieved them. I would love to meet you in real life though! Hearts, Janna Lynn shewearscrazywell@gmail.com

  64. Wonderful goals! I'm always reading, and I love to see what other people are reading.

    A couple days ago, my friend in South Korea sent me some candy. Some of them were shaped like little mushrooms, and I thought of you!

  65. I teach high school art and one of my coolest students just went on her yearly birthday adventure with her aunt. Glass blowing! Rad! Be THAT aunt!

  66. Hi, my name is Janet!! I read your blog. I was so excited to see your goal to drive. I was a late driver in life...27, I had health problems that prevented me from driving and then when I was finally able to drive, I was terrified. But, I jumped in with both feet and decided that the freedom was worth overcoming my fears. And I am so glad I did. Less than six months after, my husband left me and my children, and the ability to drive was a necessity to working. Driving is truly a joy for me know. I have been able to go at will--thrifting, to the beach, on holiday, anywhere my heart pleases. Good luck to you as you prepare to learn and don't give up!! I know you will love it once you are on the road!!!

  67. I will be your friend! this is a good list.

  68. I make a list of goals each year too, and one of mine is also working on getting my license. I have ridic anxiety and I've been putting it off forever. Good luck to you :)

  69. My goal is also to get my license this year! I'm absolutely terrified of cars since my good friend was killed from being hit by a car but since I'm 15 every single one of my friends is either just now getting their licenses(I'm younger than everyone by a good 6 months)or very close to it and I still haven't taken driver's ed! I would like to get the courage to get behind the wheel.

  70. Ohh, yes! I am so keen on reading much, much more this year! <3

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  71. I am an AWFUL procrastinator, it's depressing and not healthy how bad it is. My two big goals for bettering myself are to be more organized and take steps towards not procrastinating as much.
    I also gave myself a couple project goals; 52 weeks of crafts and 52 weeks of baked goods towards the cure of de-stressing a high school senior trying to get into college. I'm going to bake one thing and make one craft a week (two things I love and never feel like I have time to do) for the rest of the year. I'm in the process of trying to build a blog over at http://yes-deer.blogspot.com/ to write about how it all goes for me.

  72. I took photography in college and almost got my minor in it.. Developing BW pictures are a lot of fun... you will like it when you don't mind the smell of chemicals.

    I want to be your penpal via snail mail.. ??? Not sure if you are taking any offers

    xoxo Maria from MarMarVintage

  73. We all have goals, one of mine was to start a blog, which I have finally got off my ass and did it!!!! I just have to work out a few things like how to add photos and my favourite blogs to it!!!!
    I am also saving for well something, as I managed to blow all my wages in the sales in a week!!!! Try about £800!!!! And I promised to be good!!!!
    And only buy what I need!!!

  74. Thank you all for the encouraging comments. You guys are the BEST!! <3 (Also, totally can't believe how many of you don't drive as well!)

    Elycia, haha, you're right, that should definitely be on my list. :P

    Tina and Curtis, good luck climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, thats a pretty amazing goal.

    Sammi, no, I haven't, but I will definitely check them out now.

    Lisa Kate, Oh wow, you're not far at all. I've never heard of the one in Vermillon, I was talking about this one: http://carolines-kids.org/

    Lizzy, haha! Yep, everything I thought would look nice hung in the bedroom looked even better in the living room. Dang room stole everything!

    Marianna, I actually already have a goodreads account, thats where I found the few books I have collected for my goal already. :D

  75. I need to get my license too. I'm terrified and I really don't want to do it, but I guess my life would be better if I had it. *sigh*

    Good luck with all your goals! :)

  76. I didn't know that you didn't drive! I think that's actually way cool! Good luck on your resolutions! Mine is giving up soda....for a year.....so sad. Goodbye Coke Zero.

  77. Why don´t you live in Germany? ;-) I´d love to hang out with you. You seem to be a very nice and lovely person :-)

  78. This is a great list of goals. :) I'm excited to see what books you plan on reading, as we have similar taste!

    I'm only a few hours away up in Michigan, I would looove to hang out! :)

  79. Great goals lady!!!

    p.s. just found your blog. i'm obsessed

  80. I just posted my goals up on my blog: www.nicolatingey-reloved@blogspot.com

    Looks like we have some similar ones, like snail mail. I love to send it and receive it :]

  81. I am shy too, I understand that!! I wish people WOULD just go up to people and say 'Hey' more. I need to be brave and do that!
    And I'm with you on putting things in your bedroom. My bedroom, and the whole apt, is bare!! And my sister and I moved in this past July!

  82. Happy new year!

    I just finished a series of three books I thought you might like if you don't dislike cyberpunk or hardboiled detective stories. In some small ways Richard Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs reminded me of Palahniuk's writing although it is really quite different.

    If you're unsure I said a little (but not much) more over at mine

    Have a great weekend :)

  83. Hi again - if you don't have someone closer shout me if you have any questions about developing black and white film.

    Getting it on the spiral takes some getting used to but I always found sitting with it tapping the bottom and agitating it at regular intervals really pleasant. It's really quite zen :D

    Mind you, stop bath smells hideous.

  84. These are some good goals! And I like the stationery you used too. Makes me want to write my own goals out!

  85. I'm 29 and license-less, but it's one of my goals for this year, as well (I've been thinking about getting it for my boyfriend's birthday in April). We're in different states, but if you ever need on estudy buddy or motivational speaker, I'm here! :)

  86. Oh - me again - totally willing to be a pen pal if you're looking :)

  87. I'm 29 and license-less, but it's one of my goals for this year, as well (I've been thinking about getting it for my boyfriend's birthday in April). We're in different states, but if you ever need on estudy buddy or motivational speaker, I'm here! :)

  88. I love your goal list! I need to make a better one :) But really, I think its so sweet you wrote that you want to send snail mail to your nieces. You should DEFINITELY do that. I got some random letters as a kid from cousins/aunts and it ALWAYS made my day. It made me feel special and I loved writing them back too. They will think the world of you if you do that, trust me :)

    Thanks for the inspiration to make a better goal list for they year, I definitely am going to do that now!

  89. I live in Mansfield, OH that's only about an hour south of you in Cleveland. I would love to explore the area with someone who knows it so well. I'll have to message you sometime this spring! Great goals by the way.

  90. I live in Mansfield, OH that's only about an hour south of you in Cleveland. I would love to explore the area with someone who knows it so well. I'll have to message you sometime this spring! Great goals by the way.

  91. I'm way behind in catching up on my blog reader, but...

    I didn't learn to drive until I was 24. My parents wouldn't teach me and I went to one session in driver's ed that was awful. I was forced into learning because my husband was being deployed. I think it's more terrifying and less exciting if you're older, but I also think it's easier to learn. I learned to drive on a military base where the residential speed limit is 20, so that helped. If you have a fair grounds or other slow area that people avoid because it's slow, go there!

    I passed the driving test on the first try, after driving for only a few months. Not long after that, I drove to and around Chicago and it was the most horrifying experience of my life. BUT it made driving around my little town seem like a breeze.

    Good luck!


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