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This year I...

Saturday, December 31, 2011

found a new favorite hobby - pressing flowers...
did lots of exploring and appreciating of nature...
made lots of new animal pals...
met a great new friend who I can hopefully continue to grow closer to in 2012...
got braces and watched my teeth rapidly change...
was honored to be one of modcloth's bloggers of the moment...
made lots of pretty things for The Dainty Squid shop and even started up a new business, Circus Bear Vintage,  selling vintage...
just like last year, dyed my hair lots of pretty colors...
found and identified lots of mushrooms...
2011 was a great year! I can't wait to see what 2012 brings! Here's 2010's "This year I..." post if you'd like to check it out. 
I have two more year end round up posts for this weekend so stay tuned! I hope you guys have a wonderful (and safe!!) New Years Eve!

tips and tutorials

DIY shoe fringe

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm a total sucker for shoes with fringe, even the ugliest of shoes is somehow charming to me with fringe. So I decided to give it a go and try and make fringe that I could add to make all my already awesome shoes just a little bit better!
Supplies needed: ♥ pinking shears ♥ scissors ♥ hold punch ♥ vinyl (or leather) ♥ a pair shoes

Use the photo below to make sure you have the right kind of shoes as some kinds are not suitable to add this fringe too.
The flaps (for lack of a better word, I'm no shoe expert!) that the laces tie into need to be not connected. In the first picture you can see where the flaps are attached at the bottom to the shoe, in photo number two you'll see that they are not connected. Basically you just need to be able to insert something from the bottom of that area for them to be the correct kind of shoe for this tutorial.

Got the right shoes now? Here's how to add some fancy removable fringe!
1 // Unlace your shoes and measure how wide the area is at the bottom of your lace flaps and how long the tongue is, add 1 inch or so to the length for fringe then cut out a piece of vinyl using those measurements.
2 // After it's cut make sure the piece fits and trim, if necessary.
3 // Using your pinking shears cut just enough off that you're able to get the pretty little zig-zag design. After that's done, using regular scissors, cut one inch up each one of the peaks made by the pinking shears.
4 // Insert the vinyl piece back in the shoe and use a marker to mark your bottom holes. Make sure to make both of the shoes the same!
5 // Punch holes where you marked in the previous step.
6 // Put your shoe lace through the vinyl piece as shown in the photo, with the laces coming out the front.
7 // Lace up your fancy new shoes and enjoy!!
grey shoes pre-fringe c/o Blowfish & heart tights from ebay.

Some tips and ideas!
Try different lengths for a different look! A shorter fringe would be less eye catching and more like secret pizazz!
♥ Use a contrasting color fringe to add a bold pop to your shoe! 
♥ Make multiple fringes in different colors to make black shoes coordinate with any outfit! This fringe only takes a few minutes to make.

Let me know if make some removable fringe for your shoes, I'd love to see a photo!

what i wore

What I wore: Blue All Over

Monday, December 19, 2011

the details:
cape -
thrifted / vintage
shirt - target
tooth pin - Rachel O's on etsy
jeans - target
boots - thrifted

So absolutely in love with this cape. I found it mixed in with winter coats at Goodwill a few weeks back. It had little buttons on the sides so that it had these weird makeshift armholes, but they were totally awkward and luckily easy to remove. I love the color, length and hood but my favorite part has to be the tag! I'm not quite sure if it's one of those tags that you get from a craft store and sew in or not but it doesn't even matter, it rules! (Ok, that might be a lie, if someone's cute little old "grammie" made this I'd love it 10000x more, if that's even possible!)
Well, I've gotta run now. I have presents to make, presents to wrap, and some orders to pack up! (PS. Thank you times a million to everyone who purchased or even took a peek at my new vintage shop, Circus Bear Vintage! I'm so so so excited!!)
Hope you all have a fabulous day!

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