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Scenes of Christmas around the house...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It almost feels wrong to be decorating for Christmas already despite the fact it's rapidly sneaking up. We had an extremely mild November. It only snowed once and it didn't even accumulate. Normally by this point we've had a few big snowfalls. Without the snow it just feels like it's been a long Fall. Getting out all my Christmas decor felt weird and kind of like I was doing it in the totally wrong month but now that it's up I'm starting to get really excited. I can't wait to spend time with family, and open presents!!

Here are some peeks from around the house! It feels so cozy with all the decorations up.
Oh, and big mugs of hot chocolate are definitely making it feel a little more like winter too! ;)

Have you decorated yet?

3 Recent Favorite Thrift Finds...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here's another edition of "3 Recent Favorite Thrift Finds", you can see other ones here and here. I'm having so much fun doing these posts!

1 // This gorgeous vintage stool! I found this at an estate sale a few weeks back (I know, supposed to be recent finds, but it's too pretty not to blog about!) when Ivan and Elycia were out visiting. I spotted it in the main bedroom and awkwardly carried it through the rest of the house while we shopped. It's been absolutely perfect to put out feet up on while obsessively playing Zelda this last week.

2 // This stunning vintage cape! Kevin thought that I had been stung by a bug that was hiding in the rack due to the ridiculous noises and foot stomping I was doing when I found this baby. My eyes lit up and I shoved that sucker under my arm, guarding it like someone else in the store would actually steal it from me let alone be interested in it. As if it wasn't already love at first sight the price tag was $2.50 PLUS it had the color tag that Goodwill deemed 50% off that day! SCORE!

3 // We walked into Salvation Army fifteen minutes before closing time last week but somehow managed to grab one massive haul of beautiful dresses but these shoes were definitely the highlight for me. You know I'm a sucker for fun shoes and these are no exception! I seem to have really great luck thrifting shoes *knock on wood* because my shoe size (7.5 or 8) seems to be the most common size I see. It's really rare that I see a pair of shoes at the thrift store that I like that don't fit.
I wore them the next day to an estate sale where a complete stranger complimented what cute shoes they were and told me I had "dainty, little feet" Hah!

Have you found anything awesome lately?

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3 tips for staying motivated while working from home!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Staying motivated while working for myself is the biggest obstacle I face business wise. I have a habit of getting easily distracted and yanked away from my work. Oh there's a cat beside me meowing? Time to pet it. The living room is a mess? I should just stand there and stare at hoping it will clean itself. But over the last few years I've figured out what the top three things are that keep me motivated to work and help me accomplish things. Despite being really simple they make a big difference in my day and I hope they can help you too.
1. Have a full queue of movies ready. Netflix is a must for me. If I have my instant queue full of movies that I'm excited about and can hit play one after another when one is finished then I can easily sew all day without thinking "Man, today is going so slow". Before I had netflix I'd bring a stack of DVDs into my craft room every day to just pop them in one after another. Movies really help me stay in the zone.

If you don't like to watch movies while you work, try pandora! It's my go-to app when I don't feel like watching movies (I have my ipad hooked up to cheap speakers so I can have mini dance parties at work!) It's taken a little bit of time but almost all of my pandora stations are so finely tuned from listening so often that I rarely have to skip a song.

2. Get out of your pajamas and get dressed. I spent the first few years of self employment in my pajamas. But last year I realized it was really bumming me out. So my 2011 list of goals included "get dressed at least 6 days of the week". I can't even describe how much more motivated I feel now that this is part of my daily agenda.

3. Have a well planned day. Keep a schedule, or running to-do list for each day so you don't finish a project and forget all the other little things you needed to do. If I don't keep a list of everything I want to accomplish in a day I'll most likely finish a project and call it quits for the day.  I find my best lists are very specific too. For example on days I write something like "finish three blog posts" as opposed to "work on the blog" I'll feel a lot more accomplished.

I also like to leave my craft room with all of the next work day's supplies laid out so I can get right into it instead of spending my time searching.

Make sure lunch is on your agenda too! Nothing worse than being hungry at work, it's so distracting. I like to go to work in the morning knowing what I'll have for lunch that day so I don't spend an hour in the kitchen staring at the fridge waiting for something magical to appear (are we seeing a pattern here? I seem to just stare at things when I want them done!)  

Anyone else have any great tips?


Gratuitous Nail Polish Collection Photos...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just like the title says - just some gratuitous nail polish collections photos because I bought myself a pretty new rack for them! I wish I had a before photo of how disgusting they all looked shoved in a basket. I had so many ignored colors! Now I can see them all when I choose to do my nails, which as I've mentioned before is literally every other night (sometimes sooner!)

Don't they look so pretty organized by color? I've called Kevin into my craft room at least fifteen times to ramble on about how nice they look. I'm just crazy about it.

Since I really couldn't find much online about racks (I was mostly looking for decent photos to get an idea of what they looked like) I was hesitant to spend over 15 bucks on them but I took a risk and couldn't be happier! I bought this one, it is supposed to hold 90 nail polishes. It's currently holding 89 and, as you can see, has room for a few more.

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!!

what i wore

What I wore; Party Time!

Monday, November 21, 2011

the details:
coat - forever 21 (from at least 5 years ago!)
skirt and shirt set - estate sale (FIFTY CENTS!)
belt - modcloth
sweater -thrifted
tooth pin - Rachel O's on etsy
acorn pin - c/o Sugar Cookie
shoes - Soho c/o Wanted Shoes

This is what I wore to my grandpa's 80th birthday surprise party last weekend.  I tried to pick out something at least moderately conservative (read: tattoos covered) Some days you just don't feel like talking about them, especially with all your great aunts who don't have filters from their brains to their mouths. The party was great, my grandpa was totally surprised and had a blast! He can't stop talking about it!

Before the party Kevin and I had a few hours to waste, so we headed to the cemetery. I figured there would be somewhere in there pretty to take outfit photos. Plus it was a beautiful day and I love exploring cemeteries! I love looking at all the old headstones, calculating how old they were, and imagining what they were like. Lets not forget what awesome names everyone had, so strong and powerful - I'm pretty jealous! I took a bunch of photos but afterwards realized I'd be much happier if the photos were film, not digital! I guess that just means we'll have to go back again! 

Hope you're having a great Monday! I've got a busy one. Thanksgiving is sneaking up and I have so much to do before taking a little holiday break. (Don't worry, I'll still be blogging daily!)

what i wore

What I wore; Bows and Arrows

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the details:
dress - vintage/thrifted
ring - handmade (you can find them here!)
belt - taken from another dress
tights- target
shoes - c/o Blowfish Shoes

Sometimes taking outfit pictures feels so strange, especially when I'm just hanging out on my deck taking them. (I wonder what my neighbors think...) But I'm just trying to document what I wore that day. Most days I don't leave the house (remember I work from home!) and getting dressed is my way of making work feel more like work which it most certainly does when I make myself get up early, shower and get dressed. It's been so fun to look back on outfit posts even now, I can't wait til these are a little bit older and I can watch how my style evolves even more.

I wish I had been taking them my whole life. I'd love to laugh at my outfits  over the years. 7th grade where I wore tripp pants and a whole lot of black, or my whole high school years where I basically only wore Kurt Cobain shirts and ripped jeans. Lets not even get started on how funny my hair would be. There was a period in middle school where making sure my bangs and the bottom of my (blonde!) hair was curled was the most important thing to me. I'm not talking about having curly hair, I'm talking about my naturally pin straight hair had to have a little flip at the bottom. I'm sure it didn't look so hot with my chubby face. I'd kill to have outfit pictures from back then!!

Hope you're having a great day!

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Where I work. Part Two.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last week I shared some photos of my craft room (you can find them here), and here's part two of all the photos...
Already I've made a few little changes since these photos. I'm working on making my desk the perfect clutter to cleanliness ratio. I love organized clutter, which I've got down pat to the right side of my iMac, but the right side I just can't get it perfect (hence why it's not really shown in these pictures!) I love the constant evolution of my home. Its fun to see it change and slowly become "perfect" even if it's only viewed that way by me for a short time before I change my views on what perfect is.

what i wore

what I wore; fancy fall

Saturday, November 12, 2011

the details:
faux fur detachable collar - estate sale
sweater - thrifted
belt - thrifted
ring - handmade (you can find them here!)
tights - Target
shoes - thrifted

Oh my goodness, let me just tell you about how much I LOVE this detachable collar! I found it at that estate sale a few weekends back where I got all the clothes that fit oh so perfectly. I found it in one of the basement closets, quickly shoved it in my basket and kept shopping. On the way up the stairs about a half an hour later I accidentally dropped it and didn't realize. Kevin and I were standing in line when he overheard someone asking one of the workers what the collar belonged to and where to put it. Luckily I had showed it to him right after I found it so he recognized it as something I intended to buy and called out that it was ours. It set me back fifty cents and it was worth every penny. I'm a big fan of faux fur trim on coats, something about it immediately makes me feel fancy. I'm so so so excited to try it out with a bunch more outfits.This is like the perfect accessory for all my sweaters and collar-less dresses. 

Today is a day for baking! My grandpa turned EIGHTY(!!) earlier this week and we're having a him a surprise party tomorrow so I've got some yummy treats to bake up.  
Hope you're having a great Saturday!

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