October 2011 - The Dainty Squid
what i wore

What I wore; Mouse Belt!

Monday, October 24, 2011

the details:
dress - vintage
belt - vintage / gift from my mom
tights - target
boots - thrifted

This is by far one of my favorite dresses! I found it at Goodwill for $2. It's kind of night gown-y especially since has  a zipper in the front (at least it has buttons that cover that!) but I'm clearly a firm believer that a belt can fix anything. Speaking of belts, how precious is my little mouse belt?! I found it when we went on the annual "antique til you can't walk anymore because it's Kaylah's birthday" trip. I love belts with animals on them, I wish I could find more of them.

On an unrelated to this outfit note;
I'm still on a thrift high from this weekend. Kevin and I hit up two estate sales. The first one was a bust, the house was packed with people and you could barely move. Despite being discouraged we headed to the next one where we actually had to wait in line to enter the house. (I know that's common in more populated areas but I've never seen it around here) The wait was so worth it. I got thirty (30!!!!) new pieces of GORGEOUS vintage clothing. This lady had amazing style. I was eavesdropping on some folks in front of me while we waited in line and apparently the woman could no longer take care of herself and had to be put in a nursing home. I wish it wouldn't be completely creepy to send her letter (not that I even have her address...) telling her how thankful I am that I was able to raid her closets (there was literally at least 7 of them!) I can't wait to start washing everything up today.

Hope you're having a great Monday!

3 favorite recent finds...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Instead of doing a thrifty finds post like I normally do, where I show everything off in a big pile, I'm going to show three of my favorite finds from last weekend and tell a little about them.

1 // This beautiful table. We're kind of working on redoing our living room in a style that is more suited to us. We're approaching two years in this house (so crazy!) and I'm bored with the living room decor. My style is evolving and I'm figuring out more and more what I like. This table is exactly what I was looking for, so you can only imagine my excitement when I found it for $5.99. Yep, FIVE DOLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENTS. I still can't believe it.

2 // This little skunk avon bottle. I found this in Goodwill along with the rest of a MASSIVE collection of avon perfumes and aftershaves. All were in their original boxes and in amazing shape. I'm not particularly attracted to avon things, but I'm crazy for any collection of things no matter how silly they are. Kevin and I went through every single one of them admiring how neat they were and what unique shapes the bottle were. a ship, a gun, a deer, a cat, a cannon, a donkey with a bonnet, a train, etc. But this is the one that caught my attention. I absolutely adore the packaging. Plus it smells so good, kind of like my mom. It's a very comforting scent. I'm really excited to bring home a part of someone's treasured collection, it's like having a unique connection with a stranger.

3 // This cat watch!! I've been looking for this watch for a few months. I saw it in at least two fellow blogger's thrift finds and knew there had to be one out there waiting for me. So I started looking in the jewelry counters at thrift stores, a place I normally try to avoid (I don't want the inevitable "can I help you"). Finally over the weekend I found it and at 99 cents I had to bring it home despite the fact it doesn't work. I'm definitely going to look into getting it fixed. My favorite part, other than the mouse the moves as the second hand, is the fact it's on a nice band. It doesn't look like it was made for children, it was meant for a cat lady!

We also bought a new couch last night! I'm so very excited, yet completely nervous since it'll be a big change and we're not quite sure what to do with out massive couch that we have now. I can't wait to bring home our pretty new golden, vintage couch!!

animals and nature

Camping in Cook Forest, PA

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Earlier this week I shared some film photos I took at Double Diamond Deer Ranch while we were camping in Cook Forest, PA earlier in the summer and now I want to share some of the other photos I took that weekend.

I shot mostly with my Canon Rebel T2 that weekend (all of these are from that camera) and I'm actually really glad I did. I only got out my digital camera a few times to take photos of mushrooms. It was a bummer to not be able to see the photos right away but when I finally did get the film developed they were that much more special to me.  One of my new year's resolutions this year was "shoot more film" so that might one thing that actually gets crossed off (seeing as "get my license" and "cook more often" don't seem to be happening anytime soon...)
Cook Forest is literally one of the prettiest places I have ever been. If you're anywhere near the area, it's somewhere you have to visit! I would really like to go back and camp again, do some more exploring, and visit more little shops.

Camping is also one of the reasons I kind of miss summer already. I definitely don't feel like we went enough times this summer. This weekend would have been perfect, too bad we didn't know in advance. It's so warm out today!


Double Diamond Deer Ranch!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Remember back when we went camping with Kevin's parents? Well I finally got the film developed! I have so many photos I want to share. First I'll start with the ones from Double Diamond Deer Ranch.
I originally wanted to stop here just because of the huge deer sign but once we pulled in for me to take the photo I realized we had to go in. Let me tell you the five dollar per person admission is so so so worth it.

The deer were absolutely adorable and they were so friendly! There were a few who just wouldn't stop licking my hand, it was heaven. I might have even cried a little bit.  (Yep, crazy lady over there getting her hand licked by a deer with tears rolling down her cheek, that's me!) It was such an awesome time.
(in the photo above you can kind of see how slimy my hand was from deer slobber)
The deer had tons of room to roam and play. It was awesome, you could tell they really loved the deer!  It was amazing to be able to get so close to the deer and touch them. I had no idea their antlers were so soft and warm!

The deer on Double Diamond Deer Ranch live out their whole life on the ranch. All of their antlers are collected after they shed them and after the deer pass they're mounted too. The second part of the ranch housed all the mounts. It was really neat room!
All the deer had a little name plate and had a short little blurb with their story. It was so awesome. I also might have cried a little in here too, not because it was sad but because it was so sweet to read all their stories and learn about what a lovely (and for most of them, long!) life they lived.

Long story short: if you're anywhere near Cook Forest, PA - head to Double Diamond Deer Ranch. It's literally one of the coolest places I have ever been!

for those curious; all the photos above were taken with my canon rebel t2.

what i wore

what I wore: a random warm day in fall

Monday, October 03, 2011

the details:
dress - thrifted
vest - thrifted
camera bag - Jo Totes
socks - c/o We Love Colors
boots - thrifted
brooches - thrifted

The lack of detail shots in this post is kind of bugging me, but honestly, I'm happy to have any photos of this outfit/day. The mosquitoes were having a field day on this one random warm day in fall. I was covered in bites in literally seconds. I don't think I've ever seen them as bad as they were then, it was horrible. But it did lead us to the beach where I figured there wouldn't be any mosquitoes. (I was right too!)

It's a given that if I go to the beach I'm going to get my feet wet, I just can't fight the urge. So as usual I took of my shoes and kicked around in the water. The waves were larger than normal and ended up splashing my dress. It felt so good! I yelled to Kevin who was skipping stones (and clearly sneaking photos of me) to join in. He eventually took off his shoes and came in with me.
It was so much fun, I felt like I was in a commercial. Ya know, the kind that has someone doing something that is completely irrelevant to what they're trying to sell, so maybe this was a tampon commercial or something. I told Kevin that it felt good to let loose, to which we both cracked up because I really don't lead a very stressful life. But really, it felt great to just let the waves crash up on me, not caring that my clothes were getting soaked. You should try it! probably not today though, it's freeeeezing!

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