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Book Recommendation / Review : Geek Love

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have a new book to recommend to you today! (see the last one here) But this time it's a novel.
Let me preface by telling you this : I AM THE PICKIEST READER EVER. No joke. In high school I read a lot because I was bored. Extra time in class? You could find me reading. Study hall? You could find me reading. On the bus? You could find me reading. I read a lot of serial killer books (loooved Helter Skelter!), Hunter S. Thompson and biographies on Kurt Cobain. (I have literally read every book written in English about him/Nirvana). But somewhere along the line I got picky.  I now find it really hard to get interested in a book. If it isn't weird, gory or shocking - I'm not interested.

I discovered Geek Love by Katherine Dunn by finding it in a book of lists. It was in a list titled "Top Ten Disturbing Books" along side a few books from my very favorite author Chuck Palahniuk. I immediately ran over to find it, and read the back. It peeked my interest but not enough for me to buy it right away. Eventually I got desperate enough for a good book that I went back and bought it. After getting started I tore through the book, completely engrossed and intrigued.

The plot (quoted from Geek Love's wikipedia page);
"The novel is the story of a traveling carnival run by Aloysius "Al" Binewski and his wife "Crystal" Lil. When the business begins to fail, the couple devise an idea to breed their own freak show, using various drugs and radioactive material to alter the genes of their children. The results are Arturo ("Arty"), a boy with flippers for hands and feet; Electra ("Elly") and Iphigenia ("Iphy"), Siamese Twins; Olympia ("Oly"), a hunchbacked albino dwarf; and Fortunato ("Chick"), the normal-looking baby of the family who has telekinetic powers.
Oly tells the story of her family in the form of a novel written for her daughter Miranda."
Sounds completely ridiculous right? That's because it is, but in the best way. Katherine Dunn has such a way with words and you will be able to picture each character perfectly right down to the smallest details. The way the characters all looked (perhaps even felt?) to me was so incredibly vivid.

It's been about a month since I finished the book but I really did want to blog about just in case someone is in the same picky book reader boat as me and has trouble finding things to get lost in. (plus I can't get it off my mind!) If at least one person reads this post and goes "oh my gosh, that is so my style of book" - because it's certainly not a book for everyone - I will be one happy little kitten!
I liked it so much it even earned a spot on my special shelf next to all my Chuck Palahniuk books. ;)

You can find Geek Love here! If you read it let me know what you think! that is if you're not totally freaked out by the whole plot to begin with! ;)

animals and nature

It's the little things...

Monday, August 29, 2011

like feeling a caterpillar walk all over you!
After checking out my fingers and hand he walked up my arm and hung out a while before I decided I couldn't handle the tickles anymore and placed him back on a leaf.

animals and nature

Pymatuning Deer Park.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

On Wednesday my mom took my nephew, two of my nieces and I to Pymatuning Deer Park, it's like a family owned mini-zoo. They have over 250 animals including lots of goats, a lion, some black bears, a zebra, cougars, some monkeys, a bunch of birds and more! It was probably one of the last few times I'll get to spend time with the kids before they go back to school (plus I can never resist an opportunity to take photos of animals) so I took the day off work.
The only animals that had me ooh-ing and ahhh-ing were the....
They were absolutely precious. They had tons of room to run and play but seemed to mostly enjoy being up close and personal with park visitors. At the front gate crackers for the animals were sold, so we had fun trying to only feed the smallest of each kind of animal - the big guys were so pushy!

hair and beauty

What I wore; a walk in the park

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The details;
hat - thrifted / stolen from Kevin
dress - thrifted
belt - forever 21
shoes - forever 21
ring - c/o Maie Dae
pin - thrifted
camera bag - JoTotes
I dyed my hair! (obviously!) Let me let you in on a little was supposed to be brown, but apparently brown and purple make green...? Why brown? I was just ready for something different, after almost 4 years of colorful hair I thought I was ready for a break, something low maintenance and less obnoxious. At first when I saw that it didn't turn out brown I was really upset (think tons of tears!) but I absolutely adore it now. Change is good! It's nice to break away from my normal blues and purples for a little while. But I've realized I'm not ready to go to a "natural color" I love my fun colors too much, I'm so so so thankful it didn't turn out as planned. Brown hair will not be making an appearance on this lady aaaaanytime soon!

And since I can't seem to take outfit photos without taking a few jumping pictures here's one!
Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


It's the little things...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

like a sleepy Squid who can barely keep her eyes open...
It's been far too long since I did a "It's the little things..." post. So many that I think of posting are cat related (hey, I really like my cats, okay!) but I couldn't resist posting this one because for one - Squid never gets enough love from me on the blog. Two- how sweet is she!?!

Every morning when I wake up I head to the couch to try and catch a couple extra winks of sleep before Kevin goes to work and I head to my office and every morning Squid comes over, greets me with a dainty little half meow and curls up with me. It's really hard to not fall back asleep when you have a warm purring kitten on your tummy. She's the best!

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!

daily life

A photo an hour; my Sunday

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 am // My little chubbers in his favorite spot and favorite position. He totally knows how cute he is! At this point during the morning I was waiting on Kevin to get ready to leave. He's pretty pokey sometimes.
9 am // On our way to Erie, we had to take the back roads because it was raining so hard but as soon as we got on our way it quit raining and turned into a great change of scenery on the normally boring drive!
10 am // We went to Presque Isle before heading into town. It was such perfect weather. I wore a sweater and could have gotten away with tights too!
11 am // More walking around Presque Isle. I really hate walking in the sand but the trails are so beautiful!
12 pm // One last picture from Presque Isle. I found this gorgeous common earthball (Scleroderma citrinum) PS. I'm having so much fun identifying mushrooms, I wish we would have learned more about this stuff in school.
1 pm // FOOD TIME! We stopped off at the Co-Op to grab some groceries and a bite to eat. Our food of choice? Baked Tofu sandwiches. We've even become known as 'the baked tofu couple' by our favorite staff member since that's what we always get.
2 pm // On the way out of the Co-op these were spotted pushing their way out of the ground. Amazing how mushrooms can thrive just about anywhere.
3 pm // We hit up the junk store. I love digging through the cameras, even if I rarely purchase any. I'd love to build a pretty little display for them (although that would compromise the fun that is digging through them)
4 pm // We started the drive home but ended up getting lost. Lost isn't always bad though. We explored country roads and dreamed about owning a farm someday. It was perfect!
5 pm // Still lost & loving it!
6 pm // Finally home. I think this little critter missed his momma! (or perhaps just wanted fed...)
7 pm // Time to throw my feed up on the couch and enjoy some pita and baba ghanoush
And that was a peek into my Sunday!

I've been working all morning on putting together lots of scrap fabric (I'm still in the process of clearing out all my cutesy prints!) I've got a nice chunk of them listed in The Destash Squid. I'm going to get back at it now, because I've finally started to put a dent in it and now I feel motivated! 

what i wore

What I wore; a walk in the woods

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Details;
sweater - forever 21
tank - TJ Maxx
belt - forever 21
skirt - thrifted
shoes - forever 21

These are from the other day, Kevin and I headed up to a near-by park and wandered around the woods looking for mushrooms and playing apple baseball. Don't know what apple baseball is? That's because we made it up. There were tons of rotten apples on the ground so we grabbed a stick and started hittin' them!
Here's an action shot... 
I missed every single apple while Kevin was taking pictures of me but as soon as the camera got put away I started nailing them! It was so much fun to watch them explode when they collided with the stick.

Well, I'm back to work now. Despite heavy rain showers this morning, it's turning out to be a really nice day.

animals and nature

Why are baby animals SO cute?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Isn't this baby painted turtle just the cutest little thing? I couldn't put him down, I just wanted to keep staring at him and giving him a little squeeze-y hugs. (I never grew out of squeezing animals that I think are cute, don't worry, no turtles were harmed!)
Isn't he precious?! I love how smug his face is when his mouth is closed.

what i wore

What I wore; birthday weekend!

Monday, August 08, 2011

The details:
sweater -  Target
belt - came with the dress
rings - forever 21
boots - forever 21
socks -  Target

I'm absolutely in love with this dress, I'm thinking about grabbing it in it's other color way too! It's super light weight and cool (unless, of course, you're wearing a slip underneath - you'll sweat your butt off in this heat.) Plus I felt super snazzy in it. It's one of those dresses that I just automatically feel cute in no matter what.

I wore this last Sunday (I'm just a liiiiittle behind on posts, blame it on my new iMac). Kevin took me to Cleveland to celebrate my birthday. We grabbed food at Tommy's, which is literally the only restaurant I like, and took it to a park to enjoy. Sadly, for the first time ever, the food wasn't good. I said "no onions"! Buuut that was totally redeemed by the fact I found the biggest mushroom I've ever seen in person in the woods next to our picnic bench and it was from my favorite genus of mushrooms, amanita. The woods were covered in mushrooms, everywhere we turned we about to step on them. It was amazing, truly a great experience. Just thought I should mention - the mushroom photo above is totally unrelated. I found that in the yard before we left for the day. Sadly I didn't take my DSLR with me to Cleveland but I did take some film photos of it which I'll share as soon as I hook my scanner up.

Then we hit up a few thrift stores, and my two favorite vintage stores - Suite Lorain and Flower Child. (If you live in the area and you've never been to both of those - GO NOW.) I didn't find anything but looking really is over half of the fun. I love running my fingers over all the clothes and digging for that perfect object.

Overall my birthday weekend was a success, as was my birthday week! Now to conquer my birthday month! You guys celebrate your whole birthday month right? I sure do!
Well, I hope you all have a perfect Monday!

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