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Nail Tutorial: Simple Triangles!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I have a simple, but really cute nail tutorial for you today! I just figured it out the other day and have been completely obsessed ever since. I've got so many color combos swirling around in my head!
You will need // Two colors of nail polish, plus a top coat, scissors and scotch tape.
Step 1 // Paint your nails one solid color and let dry completely. It is extremely important that they aren't even remotely tacky.
Step 2 // Rip off ten pieces of scotch tape (one for each nail) and then cut those in half so you have twenty total strips.
Step 3 // Apply one strip of tape crossways, make sure to press down firm.
Step 4 // Apply a second strip of tape across the opposite way.
Step 5 // Paint the tip of your nail, which shouldn't be taped, in the other color.
Step 6 // Peel off tape & wait for it all to dry!
Some tips:
• Don't try to use packing tape, it won't work and you'll just end up getting mad (experience taught me this one!)
• It is a necessity to wait for each coat to dry before adding another, or applying tape!
• Peel tape off ASAP,  the quicker the better because even if your base coat is completely dry it still might peel if you leave the tape on too long.
• Adding a top coat will blend the two layers so there isn't a step up to the triangle.
• If you'd like to do the triangle in lighter color than the base coat then try adding a coat of white to the triangle area first.

Have fun! Leave a link in the comments in you decide to blog about your pretty nails after trying the tutorial, I'd love to see!!
ps. Don't forget to check out the tutorial I did a while back on how to get perfect polka dots! part 1 & part 2

daily life

Ten things making me smile...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1 // flower buds shaped like stars!! too awesome!
2 // super cute iphone covers (you can find them here!)
3 // finding a new favorite nail polish color! sew psyched from essie
(don't worry my nails didn't stay that boring for long, polka dots were added shortly after! ;))
4 // getting more amazing stitched goodies from Gemma  this is based off the photo of my key collection. so awesome! thank you so much!!!
5 // a box of cameras from one super sweet reader. my favorite is a tie between the on top and the 3-D one to the right of it! i consider this the best early birthday present ever.
6 // the sweetest little boy in the whole wide world napping in a small ray of evening sun.
7 // shirts with cute details!
8 // my new polaroid wall and camera collection display! I love the way it all looks together.
9 // this goooooorgeous moth! i am constantly amazed by nature!
10 // photos of me and the baby.
What's making you smile today?


Instax 210

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's been a little while since I've blogged about my beloved instax 210 so I thought it beyond time to share some photos from the summer so far.
I absolutely adore the colors it produces! I'm still finding that it most definitely performs best on sunny days, which is no problem now since we've been having some absolutely gorgeous weather lately! I'm hoping to take lots of instax 210 photos of my adventures with Elycia this weekend.

hair and beauty

Pretty in Purple!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last week I dyed my hair! I'd had blue hair for six months!! That is probably the longest it's ever been a color since I started dying it fun colors three years ago and it was time for a change. Blue will always be my go-to color and my absolute favorite but purple is a very close second!
snazzy sunglasses c/o Fanaberie

I'm in looooove. I missed purple more than I thought! I left some blue along the underneath of the backside so that it peeks out. You can't really see it very well in these photos but, trust me, it's precious!

In case your curious, this is just a mix of three different shades of purple (Virgin Rose, Wildflower, and Pimpin Purple) over top of my faded blue hair. I didn't bleach it at all (not even my roots which is why they're a slightly different color) I love it because it in certain lights it has the prettiest blue tint.

daily life

A photo an hour...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's been a while since I did a photo an hour for the whole day (here's the last time) It's something I'd really like to do more often, but I usually end up starting then time gets lost while I work and the project is ruined but Thursday I managed to remember each hour!

8am // finally getting caught up on taking photos of my 52 weeks of instax project!
9am // an early lunch. veggie dogs, and a cookie
10am // work, work, work. new triangle pouches and some limited edition screen printed stumps.
11am // cutting fabric for pencil pouches and watching reruns of SNL from the 1990's on netflix.
12pm // so happy with this little design! kind of obsessed with flaps, can't wait to show you this month's clutch of the month design. (it's not this, this is just a one of a kind pouch)
1pm // distracted by candles. I can't help but always stick my fingers in the wax, but yikes, gel candles get sooo much hotter.
2pm // ripping the seams out of a dress I "fixed" years ago. the stitching was beyond embarrassing, my sewing has improved tenfold since!
3pm // took some portraits of the usually shy Miss Squid. She's so beautiful. I'm very happy to have some more photos of her.
4pm // headed outside to watch my mom powerwash my back patio. (she'd been over all morning powerwashing the decks, sidewalk and patios around my house. i think she might be mildly obsessed!)
5pm // took some portraits of a handsome little boy! I'll show you them soon!
6pm // painted my toenails while my dad installed new light fixtures in our hallway. (my parents have been over a lot recently helping us spruce up the house for our house guests later this month. thanks mom and dad!)
7pm. // my parents left, kevin was putting some finish on our new cupboard doors to be and I threw my feet up on the table, relaxed and watched Son-in-law. loooooooove Pauly Shore!

animals and nature

It's the little things...

Monday, July 11, 2011

like catching a jar full of lightning bugs!
....and finally figuring out how to make a GIF in photoshop (even if your first two attempts were backwards! :P )

I hope I never get too old to think that catching lightning bugs is one of the best things to do a warm summer night. Kevin and I had so much fun running around catching them, I can't wait to do it again.

I took a sick day today, which made me feel completely lazy but I guess it was somewhat successful because other than feeling slightly better now, I also managed to get my inbox about half way cleared out, write up a few draft posts, edit a bunch of photos and learn how to make a GIF in photoshop!

I hope you're all having a great day!!


Book Recommendation: Q & A a day

Saturday, July 09, 2011

I have a fun little book recommendation for you today! I found it not too long ago and had to have it!

The book says "365 questions, 5 years, 1,825 answers". It's like a mini journal. Each day it has a question for you to answer. They're just simple questions, things you can answer with a just a sentence or less. Here a few examples;
  • "When was the last time you worked out?"
  • "What did you have for dinner?"
  • "Waking up was _____"
  • "If you had to move to a new city, where would you move?"
  • "What motivated you today?"
And after you've completed a year, you start again with the same questions (the book has five rows of "20__" for your to fill in the year) to see how your answers change! 

You can start any time in the year and in any year since you fill in the years yourself! I can't wait to see my answers change over the years. I've always loved filling out questionnaires and things like that so this is just up my alley!

Is anyone else doing this book or any of the similar ones? I saw a few different kinds, including this one but I felt like the Q and A a Day would be easiest for me to maintain for such a long time.

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