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Hair Tips and Tricks. Part Three: Miscellany.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Find Part One: Bleach here and Part Two: Dye here.
Making it Last.
If you've bleached your hair, and left the hair dye on for more than two hours you're already on the right track. A few more tips;
• Always, always, always rinse with cold water! (This will also help reduce bleeding if you have more than one color) As cold as you can possibly stand, it'll be worth it!
• Quick showers! No soaking in the tub and no standing under that hot shower for long periods of time anymore. You want your hair to be wet for as little a period of time as possible. Personally I like to hop in the shower very quickly wash and condition my hair in the cold water than put my hair up in a towel and finish washing the rest of my body that way I can still take long, hot showers.
• Use shampoo as little as possible and only use sulfate free shampoos.
• Mix a little bit of hair dye into your conditioner so when you condition you're getting a quick touch up.
• No chlorine! It sucks not being able to swim in pools but chlorine murders hair dye.  

Products I use & love.
Hask Placenta. Yes, you read that correctly, placenta. Made from sheep placenta, which is normally discarded anyways, this product doesn't harm momma sheep or baby. While it might be kind of intimidating to put a product that has placenta as a main ingredient in your hair I highly recommend this stuff. It smells really good and makes my hair oh-so-shiny!

Biotin. It helps promote healthy hair. I've been using biotin on and off (off because sometimes I forget) for about a year and a half and definitely feel it helps my hair.

Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo . I've tried quite a few dry shampoos and this is the only one I've liked. Like I mentioned in part one: bleach I have greasy hair and to maintain such a pretty color I can't wash it every day and this is the perfect product to allow me to not wash my hair but still look great.

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner. This is my personal preference for conditioner. I think it smells really great and it leaves my hair reeeeally soft.

Those are all the products I use in order to keep my hair soft and healthy. I don't have a personal preference for shampoo as of right now.

Regarding hair dye staining everything-
I use Comet to clean up the sink and tub. It works wonders and normally if the dye is cleaned up within a few days of staining it looks like nothing ever happened. (Don't put off cleaning just because you think it will come up just as easy later, it's always best to clean up hair dye messes ASAP)

I personally, have never had problems with dye staining my clothes, pillowcases, etc as long as my hair was rinsed well after dying. The first few times I used Special Effects it stained my finger nails but for some reason it doesn't do it anymore (...?).

Conditioning Caps -
In between colorings, or if you accidentally over bleach your hair you should do a conditioning cap. All you need to do is wet your hair, towel dry it, slather in conditioner of your choice and put on a shower cap. Leave it on for 3-4 hours then rinse. This will fade your hair significantly and should be done when you're going to change colors, or touch up it.
*Tip: don't bleach your hair, do a conditioning cap then try to dye it. Remember you want your hair to be porous when you dye it.

On having bright colored hair.
Something to keep in mind is how people will react to your fun new hair. There isn't one time I can think of in the last few years where I left the house and didn't have someone mention my hair or stare at me. Sometimes it's a compliment, other times it can be not so polite. I've had people pet my hair, had people ask if it was an accident, and had people yell at me. If you're someone who just likes to blend in, maybe a full head of colored hair isn't for you. Try adding just a few peeks of bright colored highlights. Try to remember that if you love your hair, that is all that really matters.

In closing...
I hope this short series of posts helped, or inspired at least a few people. If you want to dye your hair, even just a few pieces of it, GO FOR IT. You're never too old to have a little fun! ;)

hair and beauty

Hair Tips and Tricks. Part Two: Dye.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

In case you missed it find part one: bleach right here.

So your hair is bleached...now what?
When to dye your hair? 
As soon as your done bleaching it! I like to wait for it to dry before dying it but it isn't necessary. There is no need to wait a week, or a even a few days before using any of the four dyes I'll talk about in the next paragraph...

What kind of Dye?
The question I get asked the most regarding my hair is "What brand dye do you use?" It all depends on what color I'm trying to achieve. I don't think there is one brand that is absolutely perfect in every color.  The four brands I use the most and that I'll recommend are Special Effects, Manic Panic, Beyond the Zone and Punky Colours. There, of course, are other brands but these are the ones that I've used with success and feel comfortable recommending (Punky Colours especially!)

You shouldn't write off a whole brand because you didn't like one color.  For example, a lot of folks bash Manic Panic claiming it doesn't stay long. In my experience their shades of blue have never last long in my hair but when I dyed my hair Electric Banana and Electric Lava it lasted for such a long time. The photos below span from the time when, on the left, it was fresh to, on the right, when it was two months old.

Special Effects, on the other hand, has completely impressed me with their blue shades. Their blue lasted me nearly two months with no touch ups and could have lasted longer had my roots not been so darn long!

Dyes like the four brands I mentioned above do NOT hurt your hair. It's absolutely fine and I recommend leaving the dye in for much longer than the bottles direct you to. Leave the dye in for a minimum of one hour but if you have the time and don't mind - leave it in for longer!

When dying my hair I use one part conditioner for every three parts dye. It's a good way to help repair any damage done after bleaching and your initial rinse will almost be clear. After I'm done applying the dye I throw all my hair up in a shower cap and leave for around three hours.  (This is with Special Effects, using Manic Panic I normally leave it in for anywhere from 4-8 hours) Sleeping with the dye in is also fine as long as you have a shower cap on so it won't dry. Then rinse! Despite what the bottle says it doesn't have to rinse clear and it most likely won't! Use your best judgment, just like when shampooing, if it feels like all the product is it out than it is.

Pastel Colors.
To achieve a light, pastel color mixing conditioner and hair dye is also the answer.  (A mixture of half and half or more depending on what color you're trying to achieve) I will admit I really have little experience in dying my hair pastel colors, the majority of the pastels I've ended up with were a result of fading.  (But boy, oh boy, they were pretty!) Below is my absolutely favorite color which was a result of diluted Beyond the Zone's Not So Shy Violet that was applied over (a very faded dye job of) Manic Panic's Atomic Turquoise

Mixing Dyes.
Can't find a color you like? Want a 100% unique color? Mix a few dyes yourself! I personally always do this. Use an old bowl you no longer care about and put a little bit of a few colors of your choice in and stir, simple as that!

Mixing dyes is also fun because when you mix two dyes of different brands one will most likely fade quicker which will leave your hair a bunch of different beautiful shades of that color. But mixing two brands is also something to keep in mind if you're trying to maintain a solid color.

How to do to different colors? 
To get two different colors in my hair like the pictures below I separate the pieces I want to be a the accent color, apply the dye, wrap them in foil and then finishing dying the rest of my hair the other color. Easy peasy!
*Tip: Make sure to consider the fact that when rinsing the darker color will bleed into the lighter so putting darker colors on the bottom makes the most sense!*

Next week I'll post the conclusion of this short series which will include some tips to making color last, products I love and more!

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