March 2011 - The Dainty Squid


Thursday, March 31, 2011

I think I had the winter blues a little bit worse than I even knew. Remember a while ago when I said I thought it was weird I had only baked once this year as opposed to last year when I was baking nearly once a week? Well as soon as the weather started to get nice here the inspiration immediately hit. I have a renewed interest in all of my hobbies.

I started with some rainbow cupcakes. I tried a new recipe which will now be my go-to recipe, they're oh so yummy. Vanilla with a hint of coconut. These were originally supposed to be for my cousin's son's birthday but we weren't able to make it to the party so we're currently nom-ing on these.
I wish I could share some with you guys through the computer screen!

ps. Here's a little tutorial on how to make colorful cupcakes in case you don't know, or just want to see more of my pretty cupcake pictures!

animals and nature


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Without a doubt, my favorite thing to photograph is animals. So when my dad got some chicks I knew I had to go over and snap some photos. They are too cute for words, and the little noises they make - oh my gosh, they're lucky I don't just squeeze them!
I'm excited to watch them grow. I'm not a big fan of chickens, I actually think they're rather scary but we'll see how I feel about these ones when they get bigger.

hair and beauty


Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm finally starting to feel confident in braces. At first I felt like the braces were wearing me (if you know what I mean...) But now I'm figuring out how to hold my mouth, although sometimes I can randomly be caught making a really strange face and every once in a while my lip will get caught on the bracket and look absolutely ridiculous. All in all, I'm getting used to them and that makes me one happy little lady!
One week down, One hundred and three left!

I'm now eating almost all the food I used to, just a lot slower. Last night I had pizza which was all over my face and stuck between every bracket by the time I was done, I suppose I'll be eating in public A LOT less now.

That's all, I just wanted to share some photos of my teefers and pretty hair, and give a small update. :)

animals and nature

It's the little things...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

like a squirrel with a mouthful!
To tell you what he's stealing from me, you'd have to know that I lazily left up my corn stalks from fall. They were tied onto my deck as decoration and in my defense it started snowing really soon after halloween and I didn't have time to get outside to take them down. Buuuut I'm glad, if I had taken them down I'd have never gotten to watch this little cutie take huge mouthfuls of the cornstalks and take them to his nest. What a cutie!

daily life

A Photo an hour.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yesterday I took one photo an hour for the whole day (well 11 hours of it, from 8am to 7pm). So here is my day in photos;
 8am - sewing pouches that we screen printed the night before. They turned out so cute, you can see one in later in this post.
9am - things I do while I work; watch netflix movies on my ipad and sip on birch beer (the best drink ever, only second to root beer)
10am - things on my desk.
11am - lunch! Bread sticks and yogurt. I kind of forgot to take photos before I devoured them...hey, I was really hungry and they were awfully tasty.
12pm - Straightened up my desk. I can make one crazy mess in just a few hours.
1pm - Packing orders.
2pm - Being annoyed by kitties who jump up on the back of my chair and make it wobble like crazy! I always feel like they're going to pull the chair over (even with me on it) as they climb up to get on.
3pm - I guess he was sorry for annoying me earlier. ;)
4pm - watching me intently as I snack on vegan pepperoni.
5pm - A trip to the new discovered Goodwill.
6pm - Got home from mini thrift trip and photographed what I found; a brand new pair of shoes and a sleeveless baseball shirt for this summer!
7pm - relaxing on the couch and doing my nails.
And that was my day! ...Well, a small glimpse into each hour.

A peek into my living room!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Like I mentioned a few times recently, we've been working on re-doing the living room! Since the beginning of the year we've:
• painted the walls a nice, light green to cover up the ugly gold I thought was a good idea when we moved in.
• painted the ceiling white, also to cover up the ugly gold I though was a good idea.
• thrifted some new wall hangings.
• most, importantly - GOT CARPET! Which is the best thing we've ever saved money for! Anyone who says they don't like carpet and would rather have hardwood floors has obviously never rolled around on my carpet. It's magical. I love it oh so much.

It might not seem like that big of a difference but it's 100% different (and better!) in person. I'm so excited. Here are some photos of it now;

Excuse the lack of window coverings. I had curtains hanging and I was sick of washing them all the time (cat hair!! they're the one thing I couldn't figure out how to easily vaccuum) so I decided to do a blinds and valence combo. The blinds had to be ordered since apparently they're an odd size and will be here any day now and I haven't decided on a valence color yet.

The living room is now my favorite room in the house, I want to spend all my time in it. 

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