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November in Review.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

new blogs I found & enjoyed:
Girl and Closet.
Lizzy Pancakes.

new (to me) movies I watched:
Sons of Tuscon. HILARIOUS. I had heard of the show before but didn't realize it was a comedy, netflix kept recommending it to me and I finally gave in. I watched all the episodes in less than a week!
Me and You and Everyone We Know. I'm totally unsure how to feel about this movie. It made me feel kind of awkward but I was totally enthralled the whole time.
Cleaner. Oooh, great movie! I highly recommend it!
Some others I watched but don't really feel like writing anything about but are still really great noise if you need something to play in the background while you work: Riding in Cars with Boys, The House of Yes, Girl, Interrupted, The Glass House, Curdled, and Paul McCartney Really is Dead.

some of my favorite posts this month:
Where I work: Part One & Part Two.

exciting happenings on and offline:
• Um, in case you've been living on another planet the newest Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword, came out mid-November. I've literally been waiting 5 years (since Twilight Princess) for a new game to obsess over and I couldn't be happier that it's finally here. We had plans to go buy it at midnight but fell asleep. Luckily Kevin is super sweet and snuck out of the house the next morning before I woke to go buy it for me. We've been playing nonstop since! I don't want it to ever end.
Elycia and Ivan visited in the beginning of the month. It was so much fun having a "sassy wig party" and visiting estate sales with them. I want to be able to write something similar to this every month, I truly wish they lived next door.

a tiny (and incomplete!!) list of things I'm thankful for this month:
• small business saturday & everyone who helps support small businesses • pandora • netflix • my parents •  coleslaw • thrift stores • the internet • kind strangers •  root beer • my blog & all it's allowed me to do • snail mail • snow • long drives • estate sales • Ivan and Elycia • good books • my grandpa • the beautiful rose bush in our front yard that is still blooming despite the cold • zelda • cuddly cats • finding new places to hike • hot chocolate on cold nights • the mailman • mashed potatoes • our cozy little home • the funniest cats ever •

I can't believe 2011 is basically over. December is always gone in the blink of an eye but let's make it an awesome one!!

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17 thoughts

  1. i like this post!

    ciao from italy :)

  2. This post made me happy! (And aahw, how sweet of Kevin!)

  3. I've just discovered your blog and I like it too much! :) Follow you!
    un bassin

  4. i love your movie picks. i added them to my queue!

  5. House of Yes is one of my favourite movies of all time.

  6. I just watched Girl, Interrupted a week or two ago! And ordered the book the same night, because I decided I finally needed my own.

  7. I only wish I had ever been able to get over my Super Nintendo Ocarina of Time obsession... hope the new Zelda is lovely!

  8. That whole "Paul McCartney is dead" fiasco is pretty scary.
    I want to get a Wii just to play Zelda!

  9. Steven Andrew, I KNOW! I'm still not sure where I stand on the conspiracy but the idea that people really, truly believe that freaks me out and makes me feel weird.

  10. Great post! I def need the new legend of Zelda game, but I cannot but it until this quarter is done, or I would not get any school work done! =)

  11. I love Riding in Cars With Boys! I think it's waaay more than just background noise. If you like Sons of Tuscon, have you ever watched Raising Hope? It's by the creators of My Name is Earl and it is hilarious!


  12. Zelda owns. Enough said. Amazing to find other bloggers that love the game as much as my fiance and I.

    My fiance has been playing The Legend of Zelda since he was a kid and he's been dying to get Skyward Sword for a while now.

    Just wait until he knows that I'm adding Zelda to our groom's cake. ::shhhh::

  13. Regarding Me and You and Everyone We Know: I went to see Miranda July (the film maker) speak last night, and she talked a lot about how her films (this one and The Future) are meant to cause a bit of discomfort and awkwardness when you watch them. She said that only when we feel that can we look at things differently. An interesting thought for sure!

  14. You are so right, December always seems to disappear crazy quick! At least your November looks like it was a good one:)

  15. I recently just watched Me, You and Everyone We Know and I understand what you mean about some parts being awkward!

  16. I love Riding in Cars with Boys and Girl,Interuppted. I shall check out Sons of Tuscon,seeing as I love comedies. Mashed potatoes + kind strangers + the internet + parents = yes! Have a great night! :)

  17. you are the sweetest and i love, love, love you! Can't wait to hang out again soon (possibly next weekend!!) and i wish we were neighbours too.


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