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Friday, December 2, 2011

Such a pretty camera strap. I'm on the hunt for a new, pretty camera strap - but how comfortable it is is also a priority. My neck tends to get really sore and I get headaches after wearing my camera for a while. Anyone have any awesome camera strap suggestions?
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Love this calender. Just about this time of the year, always, I get bummed out that I've already bought my calender for the next year because I find an ever cooler one. 
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Positively swooning over this dress from Little Ticket!
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What pretty pillows!
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Eeep! The only way this panda mouse and pad set could be cuter is if it were a kitten. (A corded mouse might be really nice for a change, I'm apparently a slaughter-er of batteries!)
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In love with this collection of sea treasures.
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This calender has been on my "to thrift" list for a very long time.
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This dress is so gorgeous, that scalloped bottom is just stunning. 
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So pretty! 
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I adore this satchel from Romwe. So so pretty!
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The collar on this dress is so charming. It looks like the perfect dress for a Christmas party. 
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I love these bone tights. I love that they're not so obvious and attention grabbing as my other pairs of skeleton tights!
Jodie of Apple Noggin sent me this really amazing link to a console TV turned dog bed. I LOVE it. Really wish we had room for one!
Totally jealous of anyone who grabbed a pair of these before they sold out!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!


  1. great finds. i especially love the scalloped dress.


  2. Check Couch Guitar Straps (http://www.etsy.com/shop/couchguitarstraps?ref=ss_profile). I have one of their camera straps and I love it!

  3. I LOVE that purple dress sooo adorable!


  4. I have never liked camera neck straps; i got a wrist strap for my canon g12 and couldn't be happier! I do have a dslr though so let us know if you find a good one :-)

  5. I have a Mod camera strap and I L-O-V-E it! I got it two years ago in a random camera shop and it's lasted me through two months trekking around Ethiopia and 10 or so full wedding days. I do wish they had more designs to choose from, but overall I'd still recommend them!

    And that dress with the scalloped hem…ahhh!! :D

  6. The scalloped dress is gorgeous!

    Gyl Pottinger is the maven behind Rhembein and makes gorgeous camera straps. As a photographer herself, she understands what you're looking for. Check her out here: http://www.rhembein.com/. You can email her at rhembein[at]yahoo[dot]ca.

  7. I love the camera straps on this etsy shop--and they are so cute! http://www.etsy.com/shop/iMoShop

  8. This camera strap is a little pricey, but it is made with the female form in mind. I do not own one (YET!) but I have read nothing but wonderful things from female photogs. At least check it out!!


  9. all the dresses are fun! those shoes are really something special. i wonder if they'll make more?

  10. This camera strap is a little pricey, but it is made with the female form in mind. I do not own one (YET!), but I have heard nothing but wonderful things from other lady photogs.


  11. Lovely post! That camera strap is gorgeous!! So is the purse!

  12. I bought my sister a Lens Loop camera strap for her birthday this year. It's tough, practical and you can wear it like a sling so no more pressure on the back of your neck. She loves it!


  13. My favorite FF since I've been following! I love the little dress from Little Ticket... and everything else. Wonderful post.

    xoxo Jessa

  14. I need a camera strap, too. I have a tiny neck, though, haha. I also get headaches and it bugs the crap out of me after awhile.
    Try this shop for a strap: http://www.etsy.com/shop/iMoShop

    Hope it helps!

  15. Oh my gran used to have one of those little globe calendar things. Not sure where it is now tho :S

  16. I found a great etsy store that makes and sells camera straps. http://www.etsy.com/shop/couchguitarstraps?section_id=7010143

    I use a cross-body strap because it is infinitely more comfortable! I can wear my camera all day with no problems. Check them out :)

  17. http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/tulip-farm-tasmania/



  18. I really love the satchel, it's so pretty! I've been looking for a new one for a while now, but can never find the perfect one. this comes pretty close though :) thanks for sharing!

  19. I really enjoyed seeing all of these selections. I really groove with the little sea treasures and little ticket dress.And oooooh the satchel with the pretty colored dress! so into collars lately.

  20. A friend and I were just saying the other day how it would be awesome to get children's clothes sized up to fit adults - all the awesome colours, prints and cuts - I should have known you'd know where to find exactly that! :D

    As for camera straps mine is from optech - comfy but sadly no beauty.

  21. Everything is so cute here! But my favourite got to be the panda mouse and mouse pad. It's cute as it is, but still I wish it's in a frog instead. lol.

    Fang Ting
    Enter our Christmas giveaway!

  22. OH MY GOD! I love that calender! I'm such a calender nerd. ^_^ Also, that panda mouse and mouse pad set is freaking EPIC. LOVE IT!

  23. I asked for this strap for Christmas since it's specially designed for women shapes.


  24. Try http://souldier.us/index.php for custom camera straps with very nice design options. Super durable since they are made from recycled seat-belts. You'll love the owl design, I have every color combination! They also have an etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/souldierstraps

  25. Another excelelnt list! :) The Little Ticket dress is amazing- I love how the little loops of bunting make up the scallop pattern. So pretty!

  26. Hi Kaylah,
    That bunting dress is so damn lovely!

    I swear by Couch Guitar for my guitar straps, and have just recently bought 2 of their camera straps, and they are AWESOME! So comfy! Also extra durable & cruelty-free. They strive use 25% recycled materials in too.



  27. I love the little global calender!

    As are as camera comfort goes, I tend to wear mine crosswise over one shoulder. That way you can push it away from the front of your body when need be.

  28. Thanks for all the recommendations! :D

  29. I have one of those little turnable calendars like the globe one, it gets jammed sometimes but I love it!

  30. My friend, has exactly the same calendar...I think she has it after her grandma.

  31. I wear my camera like I wear a totebag: over one shoulder. If the strap is long enough you can easily take photo's without having to pull your arm back out of the strap. And when you're walking, your camera doesn't swing back and forth against your stomach/chest all the time. Just perfect :)

  32. Oh my gosh. That romwe satchel and little ticket dress have my heart! How cute.


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