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What I wore; Bows and Arrows

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the details:
dress - vintage/thrifted
ring - handmade (you can find them here!)
belt - taken from another dress
tights- target
shoes - c/o Blowfish Shoes

Sometimes taking outfit pictures feels so strange, especially when I'm just hanging out on my deck taking them. (I wonder what my neighbors think...) But I'm just trying to document what I wore that day. Most days I don't leave the house (remember I work from home!) and getting dressed is my way of making work feel more like work which it most certainly does when I make myself get up early, shower and get dressed. It's been so fun to look back on outfit posts even now, I can't wait til these are a little bit older and I can watch how my style evolves even more.

I wish I had been taking them my whole life. I'd love to laugh at my outfits  over the years. 7th grade where I wore tripp pants and a whole lot of black, or my whole high school years where I basically only wore Kurt Cobain shirts and ripped jeans. Lets not even get started on how funny my hair would be. There was a period in middle school where making sure my bangs and the bottom of my (blonde!) hair was curled was the most important thing to me. I'm not talking about having curly hair, I'm talking about my naturally pin straight hair had to have a little flip at the bottom. I'm sure it didn't look so hot with my chubby face. I'd kill to have outfit pictures from back then!!

Hope you're having a great day!

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40 thoughts

  1. I LOVE that arrow dress. What a great find. xo, rv


  2. I love this outfit! Those boots are awesome ♥
    As are the photos.

  3. Your hair, this outfit and yor nails...What can I say, love it!

  4. I avoided cameras like the plague when I was younger and now too wish I had some more pics of back then. great dress by the way :)

  5. Cute! And I love the owl pots on your porch! I wish you would do a post about all your tattoos..with photos and thoughts about them (maybe if some have special meaning to you..) :)

  6. You seem to be so lucky with finding vintage dresses! That arrow print is adorable and it looks great on you!

    I totally agree with you on the outfit thing! I would laugh out loud to see what I wore a few years ago when I wore bandshirts and bright coloured jeans with funny looking hair. About the hair.. I'm really curious how you would look with blonde hair!

  7. Cute! What do you use to take photos? A tripod and remote picture-taker? Right now I just use a big stack of books on my bookshelf to find the right height and self-timer and I would like to find a more professional method. Could you do a blog some day about taking outfit photos? :)

    MaDonna xoxo

  8. haha tripp pants. Oh my.
    I remember wearing jnco jeans with the long pockets. And those tattoo necklace chokers!


  9. I super duper love your pretty purple hair!! The dress is pretty fantastic, too :)

  10. I love your dress it's so pretty! You have one of the nicest vintage collections I have ever seen! You're a very lucky girl!
    XO Sarai

  11. That dress was MADE for you!! It totally matches your blog! :) And your nails are adorable! I really want to get more creative with my nails, and yours are always so inspiring!

  12. Supercute! You look gorgeous, that dress is fab!

  13. i swear you pull off that pretty purple hair so well. and it suits your personality perfectly.
    wish everyone was this daring and fun with their look!

    xoxo katlin

  14. Haha you just described me in junior high! i wore the most ridiculous tripp pants and ripped clothing. The choices we make as teenagers! :P


  15. Kurt Cobain t-shirts and ripped jeans (+ checked shirts) = all my adolescence :)

  16. I hear you on getting showered and dressed, it helps me get moving on days when I don't wanna! :) Absolutely love the print on that dress, so sweet.

  17. Sound like you have quite an evolution of style!! I really like the dress you're wearing :)

  18. You look amazing here, but be glad there are no pictures from your High School days.
    My parents have so many pictures of me (even school pictures) where I look absolutely RIDICULOUS, but I thought I looked great. Oh my god. I cringe at the thought!

  19. I agree with you. I wish I had taken photos of my outfits earlier. I get sick of trends really quickly & have a high turn around in my closet (thanks to eBay!). And yes, I often wonder what my neighbours think when I take outfit photos.
    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  20. I think that's my favorite part of blogging! Having this source to look back at that chronicles so much of my life. Seeing all the changes I've gone through.

    Also, that shade of purple is so cute! Gah! I wish they'd let me dye my hair at work. /I Have Strict Bosses :(

  21. You always find the best stuff - that dress included!!


  22. Your style is the cutest Kaylah! And I totally used to wear those pants in 7th grade too! My boyfriend wore them in high school. hahaha I think everyone tries that out sooner or later.
    Love and Turtledoves,

  23. lovely outfit! i like how you matched the pattern of the dress with your nails. the belt & tights look perfect. i wish i had photos too. i used to write down my outfits in a notebook. for awhile, i even drew them.

  24. those shoes look gorgeous with that dress! AND I REFUSE to believe you ever wore those pants D:

  25. Your dress is so fab, and I'm loving that gorgeous pattern + the booties & belt are so lovely with it!! Haha, yes I would also love to see my outfits over the years - my goodness I went through SO many phases. Hope your week is fantastic. xo veronika

  26. oh i love that dress!! that outfit is awesome, you look so great!

  27. MaDonna, yep, a remote and tripod! I'll definitely think about making a post. If you have anything specific you'd like me to mention shoot me an email so I can write it down!

  28. Oh Jesus, I am so glad I don't have that many pictures of me from highschool. I was obsessed with Roxy Quicksilver for some reason. And JNCOs. Oh and I did the flippy thing with my hair too. I think I started doing it after I saw Jenny McCarthy with that hair on Singled Out ..way back in 1996 ;)

  29. Kind of hilarious, as I also wore tripp pants all through middle school (I only had two pairs! ughh). I had a bad goth phase. :)

    I love your current style and I sure am glad you document it for us.

  30. You're a beauty. That shade of purple is just so perfect, and your hair always looks so healthy.

  31. In every single outfit post I want to comment and tell you how cute you are, but then I realize I've already said it before :)

  32. Geez I am so in love with your hair color, it's beautiful! And I know what you mean, I'd love some photos of how I dressed in middle school. I had a pair of plaid flare pants......PLAID. FLARE. PANTS. And I loved them and wore them as much as I could....what the heck was I thinking? Haha.

  33. I can't get over how purple your hair is!
    I love looking back over photos from when I was younger, it's fascinating to see how much people change.

  34. That dress is TO DIE FOR, I LOVE it! (Haha, sorry for the caps, but I occasionally get really excited about dresses... and that one made that happen.) Love the print!

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